Cloughjordan Community Farm

Cloughjordan Community Farm is also based in the Cloughjordan ecosystem. 

Cloughjordan Community Farm (CCF) is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) initiative. CSAs are about sharing risk rewards and responsibilities in farming and can be farmer-led, community-led or other iterations. 

CCF is a member-owned and operated CSA, with the membership employing producers and facilitating volunteers to grow 60 or so agroecological crops. Members develop the budget and activities in a participatory manner, with members organising the domains of activity the farm engages in.

The farm organises activities in the food hub (Bay one), including a weekly Tuesday Cafe, a fortnightly market (the North Tipperary online Farmers Market) and the EATs and BEATs events.

CCF partners with Cultivate on other activities, such as the annual Feeding Ourselves conference and the speakEATsy events.