Creatively Building Back Better is led by Cultivate in partnership with Feasta with a consortium of stakeholders that includes QUB, Social Justice Ireland and EHFF who are active in progressing the Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll) Ireland Hub.

The project will strengthen relationships with stakeholders, raise awareness of the principles of community and ecological well-being and highlight national and European policies that support sustainable recovery plans and actions. 

In collaboration with NGOs, researchers, and cultural creatives as transformational catalysts, this project will bring together and engage a wide range of stakeholders to overcome silos and facilitate collaboration to identify the principles and policies needed for Building Back Better for a Wellbeing Economy. 

“The covid-19 pandemic has made the inequalities and absurdities of our current economic systems clearer than ever. Economic policies are oriented towards emergency response and meeting basic needs, and there is no longer an economic status quo available to us. This provides an opportunity to advance the vision of a wellbeing economy, with even more urgency than before the crisis. It has never been more crucial that we focus our systems on delivering wellbeing for all.” Wellbeing Economy Alliance

“New ideas are, thus, now required and, even more, their communication to citizens – ideas based on equality, universal public services, equity of access, sufficiency, sustainability. New ideas are fortunately available in the form of an alternative paradigm of social economy within ecological responsibility, but they must find their way on to the public street.”  President of the Republic of Ireland, Michael D Higgins

To address the shortfalls identified through the pandemic, and find ways to live well within planetary limits, we need to expand public understanding of what the economy is and can be, as well as their role in systems change; illustrating the flaws with contemporary economic thinking; and providing a range of evidence and stories of possible actions that can successfully lead us toward a Wellbeing Economy.

Utilising the holistic approach of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance, we develop a systematic, climate-resilient, and inclusive framework for furthering discussion around a green recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Creatively Building Back Better has three main activities:

    • Launch a Community of Practice (WEAll CoP) 
    • Co-produce a Document  – “Creatively Building Back Better”
    • Host a blended ‘Deep Dive’ Event

We have already hosted a single event on Building Democratic, Inclusive, and Creative Neighbourhoods as part of this project in the WeCreate Enterprise Center in Cloughjordan Ecovillage. Read our event report here.

Project Partners
Cultivate – Living & Learning
Feasta – the Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability