The annual Convergence Sustainable Living Festival, hosted by the Sustainable Ireland Cooperative, was a staple event for Irish environmentalists for 19 years. Beginning in 2000 in Dublin’s Cultural Quarter, Temple Bar, the festival brought together a diverse group of individuals and organisations working towards social justice, environmental sustainability, and promoting planetary health and wellbeing.

The festival aimed to raise awareness and understanding of the emerging concept of sustainability and brought together the contributors and organisations listed in the Sustainable Ireland Source Book, which was published at the end of 1999.

Over the years, the festival grew in size and scope, becoming a national series of events that celebrated creativity, provided solutions to economic, social, and environmental issues, and fostered community building. The festival provided a platform for cutting-edge thinking on how to make the transition to a sustainable way of working and living.



Convergence featured a wide range of events, including conferences, seminars, workshops, films, theatre, music, and exhibits, and brought together an astounding variety of people, positive ideas, projects, and initiatives that promote social justice and encourage a more ecologically sustainable way of life.  

The festival brought together experts and technology to restore the relationship between the economy, society, and the environment and helped to mainstream these ideas by showcasing solutions and case studies specific to Ireland.

Each year, a packed program of over a hundred events provided attendees from business, government, and the community access to leading thinkers and networking opportunities as they learned about sustainability in action.

The Convergence Sustainable Living Festival was an important event for the sustainable movement in Ireland for 19 years, and its legacy continues to inspire individuals and organisations working towards a more sustainable future.


Convergence Sustainable Living Festival

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