What is the Community Climate Coaches Project?

Community Climate Coaches is an exciting, Europe-wide community climate action and climate justice project aimed at catalysing, supporting, and co-creating transformative change at the local and (bio) regional levels through community-led initiatives.  

Who is this for? 

Community Climate Coaches (CCCs) is an approach to train, support and enable community facilitators and catalysts across Europe to coach communities in local resilience in the face of the multiple social and ecological crises, and the opportunities this creates for change.

The outputs of this project are designed to cultivate a deeper connection with nature, build on the strengths of communities, and facilitate participative processes to enhance local resilience encouraging the adoption of more regenerative, circular, and restorative approaches.

The Context for Community Climate Coaching

While community climate action is essential for navigating the transition to a regenerative, low-carbon future, such efforts are often fragmented, inadequately facilitated, non-inclusive, and insufficiently supported.The urgent need for transformative change at local and bioregional levels calls for addressing interrelated ecological and social crises while ensuring a just transition for all.

The CCC project aims to catalyse systemic transformation by addressing the root causes of the converging challenges, to cultivate trust and relationships within the broader community, identify and connect local initiatives, and facilitate conversations that promote increased understanding and drive ambitious action for community-led responses.

The CCC Consortium Partners

The Community Climate Coach project has been developed through a consortium of partners  active in European Permaculture, Ecovillage, Transition Towns and Regenerative Design networks. 

The partner organisations are:

Since 2021, the partners have worked as a Community of Practice to advance Community Climate Coaching as a new vocation that assists citizens and groups to respond to the ecological and climate emergency through a form of community-led regenerative local development. 

For more information or to receive training in this field, reach out to your local member of the CCC Consortium.

For further information please contact Davie Philip  or visit the projects website

Project Partners
Cultivate – Ireland
Centre for Ecological Learning  Luxembourg
ECOLISE – the European network of communities taking action on climate change
CIENCIAS.ID – Lisbon University
Suomen Kylat RY – The Finnish Villages Association
Resilience Earth SCCL – Catalonya
Hrvatska Permakultura – Croatia