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Convergence 2012

davie, ben and michael d with villagersMany people are now recognising the need to act and work together to create a more sustainable world. In 2012, Convergence will bring people together to ask what matters most to us collectively and, crucially, what are the values that shape what matters.

It’s been two decades since world leaders and civil society gathered in Brazil for the first Earth Summit. Although a number of groundbreaking treaties on climate change and biodiversity were created there we now realise that working towards a sustainable society is about much more than the environment. A sustainable society doesn’t just consume less, recycle more, use renewable energy and take the train. It is also more community-focused, less prejudiced, more equal, and happier because it values people and the environment.

Values are the driving force behind many of our attitudes and behaviours, this year Convergence will examine the values we need to bring about lasting systemic change. Convergence will also illuminate the most innovative sustainability initiatives and ignite a national conversation on how we can most effectively work together to create a brighter and more sustainable future for Ireland.


Convergence 2012 is launched on June 6th… 

... in Cloughjordan with President Michael D Higgins, who attended the original Earth Summit in Rio, and a special conversation on the theme of ‘Values and Reframing Sustainability’.

The main event of Convergence is taking place on 20 June in Dublin’s City Hall, which will coincide with the first day of Rio +20, the UN Conference celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. On this day people all over the world will be conducting experiments in living differently, in showing what’s possible through the Festival of Transition, which Convergence is a part of. For full details see

A full day focused on the Green Economy will take place in Cloughjordan on the 30th of June.

Would you consider hosting a conversation in your community?

We have created a guide for hosting ‘Conversations for the Future We Want’. This PDF (download) supports a process of bringing people together to talk about the things that matter to them, and to generate action for positive change. Let us know what you are up to by using the contact form on homepage.

Convergence will continue throughout the year with ‘conversations for the future we want’ being hosted in communities across the country. An exhibit showcasing exciting initiatives will be launched at the Global Green area of the Electric Picnic in September. This exhibit, along with Green Economy Incubator workshops, will tour public spaces around the country from September to December.

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