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Vegetables For the Irish Garden by Klaus Laitenberger

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Klaus Laitenberger has been growing organic vegetables for over twenty years in the UK and Ireland.  He was running a four-acre organic market garden in England before moving to Ireland in 1999 where he was the Head Gardener at the Organic Centre in Rossinver, Co. Leitrim for seven years.  He then took on the challenge to start the garden restoration in Lissadell House in Co. Sligo.

For the last few years he works as a self-employed trainer, mentor and consultant in organic horticulture.  Last year he completed his PgDip in Organic Farming (SAC Aberdeen and University of Glasgow).  His first book, Vegetables For the Irish Garden, is now available.  The book will be of interest for anybody just starting to grow a few vegetables for the first time as well as for the more advanced gardeners.

Read a review by Jane Powers in the Irish Times, published Saturday, July 17, 2010.

Information on the book:

Paperback: 296 pages | Publisher: Milkwood Publishing (March 2010) | ISBN-10: 0956506305 | ISBN-13: 978-0956506306 | Weight:· .725kg

Vegetables For the Irish Garden covers all aspects of organic vegetable growing and is specially tailored for Irish growing conditions.  Each vegetable is described in detail including its history, folklore and concise information on how to grow it.  The book also covers ground preparation, soil fertility, composting, organic pest, disease and weed control, green manuring, and has a month by month guide.

It will be an invaluable resource for all vegetable growers in Ireland, especially for finding appropriate sowing dates and suitable vegetable varieties for the Irish climate, as these often differ substantially from UK conditions.  For example, if you sow parsnips in February as often recommended in books or seed packets you will have no chance of producing good, or indeed, any parsnips at all.  If you sow parsnips in May you will always get a good crop with very little canker.

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