Dublin Testimonials

"I must say thanks a million to yourself and all the staff. I honestly haven't come across a nicer and more helpful bunch of people, all the while keeping great relations with everyone that came in through the door to do a course. Also it's a place where everyone is normal - by this I mean the staff and tutors treat everyone brilliantly (and I mean brilliantly) and to be fair are well able to have a chat with everyone and also have a laugh when the time is right (which I think is important) and does take some of the seriousness out of doing a course, when some people that booked in to do a course probably haven't even sat in a classroom in 5 - 10 years and could be really nervous about it.

It's a place that really makes you feel comfortable and actually makes you look forward to your next course!  Great place, great staff and great choice of course's - I really hope it works out for you's next term!  Thanks again,"

-- Paul Kelly

Sustainability & The Environment (12th Nov - 10th Dec 2010)

"I would highly recommend this course - it was very well prepared and presented. Topics covered in a clear, simple and in-depth way. Overall, a good learning experience. I really appreciate the opportunity to have partaken in this course. With thanks." 

Teresa Clarke 

"I have to say this course was a joy to attend, very well structured and presented.
 Gavin (Harte), you’re doing a great job! Thank you!"
-  Brigitta Vincze`

"Fantastic insight into the environment and sustainability."
-  Alan McKendry

"Great teacher, very engaging, knowledgeable and comprehensive."
Saleh Rifaie 

"Presentation was excellent, couldn’t have been better."
Damian McCarthy

Environmental Design of Buildings (2nd - 10th Dec 2010)

“It’s a great and positive environment and is stimulating."

"Great course, I thoroughly enjoyed it and will recommend it."
Kate Gannon

Marketing Practice (30th Nov - 7th Dec 2010)

“Great course for upskilling and making contacts”.

-  Olive Kelly

“These are excellent courses and opportunities offered to upskill.”
-  Eimear Ryan

“Very good course, comprehensive and to the point.”

-  Howard Hobblethwaite 

BER (15th - 25th Nov 2010)

“Great learning experience”

-  Shane Geraghty

“Knowledgeable trainers, very passionate about their subject.”

Sustainable Development (1st - 9th November 2010)

“Very relaxed but informative. Great instructor.”

“Really enjoyable and uplifting.”

Green Building (1st - 9th Nov 2010)

“Good opportunity to be in touch with people that are currently looking for a solution to build a new society.”

“Good mixture of vernacular and technical approaches. Also sustainable theories/ concepts for construction and communities (interlinked).”

“Programme delivered in relaxed atmosphere. Excellent."

Sustainable Tourism (9th - 14th Dec 2010)

“Professional, organised and very knowledgeable trainers. Great for anyone looking to get ideas, guidance and information.”
-  Olive Kelly

“I got a huge amount out of this course! Very useful.”

-  Kate Flood

“Very good course, friendly atmosphere and very helpful trainers.”

- Robert Cummins

“Great experience and very good facilitation and delivery of course."

Cork Testimonials

Sustainable Development (4th Nov - 11th Dec 2010)

“A great experience”.

- John Tobin

“Excellent all round, good facilitators.”

“Excellent course!”

Sligo Testimonials

Green Building (15th - 24th Nov 2010)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the five days on the Green Building course in Sligo. The staff, facilities and course content were all excellent. Most importantly, the course highlighted the need for using a holistic perspective in all areas of green construction!"

"Excellent course, informative and knowledgeable tutors."

"I have gained valuable training the few days of the course."

"Well organised and local.’"

"Great Stuff."

"Well run, informative, helpful /nice staff."

"[Trainers] very knowledgeable and helpful, gave you extra time to ask and answer questions."

"Really enjoyable course.   Very comprehensive covering the housing and urban issue too."

"If you’re curious about any aspect of the environment, Green Works have set up a great facility offering free courses … .my course was a good balance of hands on and practical work so you weren’t stuck in the classroom all day!"

"A good introduction to considering the issues of ‘Green Building’ whether as a self builder or potential for training for employment in this sector."

"Excellent programme for people interested in all aspects of green energy."

"Excellent course content."

"Knowledgeable tutors. Course provides good insight into issues surrounding green building."

- Ian Slaughter

"Excellent. Thorough and very well prepared."

Permaculture Design (29th Nov - 7th Dec 2010


"The course gave me everything I hoped for from an introduction to Permaculture. Many thanks!"
-  Finian McNamara

"Really enjoyable course. Very comprehensive covering housing and urban issues."
-  Maeve McCormick

Renewable Energy Systems (13th - 22th Dec 2010)

"The facilities and trainers are excellent."