Frequently Asked Questions

    •    What is Green Works?

Green Works is a collaborative project of Cultivate, NICER Training, Syspro (System for Progress Ltd) and Woodrow Sustainable Solutions. Green Works is funded by The Department of Education and Skills through the Labour Market Activation Fund with support from The European Social Fund.

    •    Am I eligible for free training?

Free Training is available for anyone who is in receipt of unemployment payments.

    •    If I am employed can I still take the courses?

Yes. You can still take the Green Works courses for a fee. Please contact us if you would like further information on paying for courses.

    •    Do I have to complete an interview to be accepted into the Green Works programme?

Yes, each student is required to complete a short interview in person with one of our course coordinators. This is to ensure that students can learn more about the Green Works and the coordinator can guide the student towards the courses most suited to the students needs.
    •    How long are the courses?

Green Works offers flexible module based learning with courses ranging in duration from 1 day workshops to full year courses (and everything in between). Course duration is listed under each of the course descriptions in the Courses section of this website. If you cannot find any of the details you are looking for please contact us for further information

    •    Where do the courses take place?

The courses take place in one of our 4 hubs in Cork, Dublin, Sligo and Tipperary.  You can view which courses are available in each location in the Courses section of this website.

    •    Can I choose modules from different course themes, or do I have to choose them all from the same theme?

You can choose modules from any of the themes to create a course of study suited to your own personal needs.  Scheduling and course locations may make some combinations unworkable but we will always do our best to meet your requirements.  

    •    What is FETAC?

The Further Education and Training Awards Council (FETAC) is the statutory awarding body for further education and training in Ireland.  Visit the Accreditation section of this website for further details.

    •    What is the Labour Market Activation Fund?

The Labour Market Activation Fund was established as part of Budget 2010. The €20 million Fund is used to support training and education programmes for the unemployed who want to improve their education and skills.  Visit the Free Training section of this website for further details.