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Green Works was a a collaborative project of: Cultivate, NICER Training, Syspro, Woodrow Solutions and Glas Learning. This nationwide educational programme offered free courses to jobseekers, with a focus on upskilling the workforce for the growing opportunities within Ireland's Green Economy. As part of Green Works students availed of a large variety of themed courses, FETAC certificates, workshops, work placements, lectures, networking and much more.


Insights from Working the Green Economy 2 Day Business Forum 17-18 June 2011

john harrington, realeyes

Below are some of the points we took from what was discussed over the two days: some real nuggets for anyone looking to start up a business.

Thanks to the speakers and everyone who attended over the two days. We’d love to hear what you thought and took from it.

[In the photo: John Harrington, RealEyes]

Insights from the day:


Convergence Festival 16-27 June

Convergence Festival Business Forum

Over 40 Events Nationwide!

The Convergence Festival is Ireland’s longest running sustainable living festival. The theme for our 16th Festival is Green Jobs & Community Resilience. With events in Dublin, Tipperary, Sligo, Cork, Kilkenny, Limerick and Westmeath there is something for everyone. There are films, forums, workshops and much more all promoting and celebrating sustainable living. Most events are free and all workshops are free for Green Works students.

The Green Building Forum

How Ireland can transform the built environment to achieve sustainability by 2030

Friday 6th May 2011

How can this be achieved and what needs to happen to enable it?

What are the opportunities for job creation in Ireland through a truly ambitious transformation to sustainability?


Students Start a Bees-iness

Catriona McCabe & Mark Nolan, former Start Your Own Green Business students in Cork have taken the plunge in business.  West Cork Country Courses offer a wide range of fun and practical courses including beekeeping, working horses, willow basketry and vegetable growing, with many coming this summer.


Green Homes Tour 26 March in Sligo

"The trip was great. The example houses were lovely and showed how a green house...  can save the cost of heating / energy, money and environment." 

"Great hospitality!"

"Thank you very much for such a great tour."


Building a Bridge to Renewable Energy

by Darren Quick, reprinted from gizmag

The Solar Wind bridge concept combines solar cells and wind turbines to generate power for around 115,000 homes

Energy Efficiency: The Unsung Hero of Our Times

by Stephen L. Cowell, reprinted from Renewable Energy World's blog

As our economy continues to sputter, one little-noticed industry has been booming for a while now: energy efficiency. The sector is hiring like crazy — a fact that speaks volumes about the close relationship between clean energy and the economic recovery that we’re all waiting for. Energy efficiency could save us all.

Biomimicry and About Finding Out

Fashion designer Ada Zanditon was profiled in the Guardian on 9 Jan 2011, for her work in fashion design using biomimicry – sustainable design innovation inspired by the natural world.  We really like her quote at the end of the article:  "I'm not doing everything 100% right yet," she says, "but sustainability is about continuing to find out."


New Jobs in Green Economy?

According to a recent article, [e]mployment in the solar thermal collector industry jumped 22 percent in 2009 from the previous year, [based on a] report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. The number of solar thermal companies increased by 19 percent. Could the same trend begin to emerge in Ireland?  We at Green Works think so.  

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