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Integrated Sustainable Design

altOctober 2012 Green Building Lecture with Jón Kristinsson and Eur Van Andel

Thursday 18 October | 18.00 – 20.30 | Central Hotel, Exchequer St

The first installment in our Green Building Lectures Series. Join us, once a month, for inspiring lectures from extraordinary people. Bringing you the latest developments in low energy and sustainable, design and manufacturing.


Jón Kristinsson designed 'Villa Flora', a revolutionary sustainable greenhouse/office building that generates an energy surplus.  The integrated design requires no external fuel, electricity, water or sewage. The building is CO2-neutral and re-uses organic waste. Heating and cooling is performed by means of a heat exchanger, and interseasonal heat storage. Organic waste is being digested into biogas which is used in a gas turbine for the production of warm water and electricity and the ‘breathing windows’ ensure comfortable indoor air quality. The building also encompasses the ‘cradle to cradle’ approach, so all the components can be dismantled and reused. 

Jon is a Dutch Architect who in the early 80’s designed and built one of the first low energy housing developments, of 184 social houses, to passive standard, twelve years before the first four German Passive Houses were built by Wolfgang Feist.  The project completely altered the building tradition in the Netherlands.  The innovative design included features such as an airtight envelope, wall insulation on the outside, foundation and roof insulation, balanced ventilation in the kitchen and heat recovery in hood of the cooker.

Eur Van Andel developed the Energy Plus Greenhouse concept with Jon Kristinsson, an 8Ha greenhouse which produces enough energy to supply heating and hot water for 400 houses. He invented the air/air heat exchanger part of the "Breathing Window". He developed a Radiant Cooling method to supply free cooling in desert climates. His firm Fiwihex produces efficient heat exchangers for heat-recovery ventilation and gas turbines, and air conditioning using ground water with 90% electricity savings.

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