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Global Green 2022

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Global Green at Electric Picnic

Another world is possible - and very necessary. But what might it look like? Imagine a micro city of the future, an ecovillage of opportunities, creatively constructed by the people for the people.

Welcome to Cultivate’s Global Green, a place to nourish and replenish, where makers and growers, artists and activists, foodies and frolickers converge; chill out; get excited; learn; move and be moved; make connections and regenerate those bones, bodies and (micro)biomes.

Wow - so what have the Cultivate Collective got for you in this other world of radical cosmo-localism?

Global Green Local Food Project

My goodness - we’ve got My Goodness! Sate yourself and save the frickin’ world baby - with completely, compostably, circular and so so flavourful festi food as its fer-ment to be. These vegan, gluten-free trailblazers show really fast food can be savory, flavoury, My Goodness Close Upgood food too, with unctuous deserts and fab flavoured kombuchas to boot. Joined in a brilliantly symbiotic relationship by Happy Valley Coffee, makers and purveyors of a range of speciality drinks, this pair take local and sustainable food to the next level - made with love and care, nothing wasted, everything seemlessly integrated and all just waiting for you to enjoy.

With West Coast Toast’s coffee roasted in Connemara, Global Green’s Local Food project will always sort you out for the beaty bites and sound sips that don’t cost the earth, but, rather, help regenerate it.


Community Permaculture Garden

Wander into our community garden permaculture zone – it’s a comfy spot for plants and people too. Here, amid poppies, parsley, woven willow and a veritable plethora of plants, check in with Community Gardens Ireland, Cloughjordan Community Farm and the East-Clare Community Co-op. All things agroecological - from soil to seeds, roots to shoots - can be experienced, via practical demos, talks, workshops and installations. A cosy place of calm, contemplation, and cups of herbal tea too..

Voices Rising

In a world of perma-crises it’s good to talk! And, to think about how to do things a little differently. Here yoga mornings lead into afternoons and early evenings of talks and experiences, where the living world takes centre stage - in all its manifestations. Novel, honest approaches from art and activism help us get to grips with big picture topics - climate, biodiversity, capitalism; specifics - farming, food, liveable cities and rural realities; and wellbeing - what do we need for our communities to thrive?

You can hear Dr. Laura Kehoe tells us why she’s quitting her job as a scientist - and what she’s doing now instead; Eoghan Ó Ceannabháin on resisting the loss of cultural spaces; Davie Phillip on the emerging wellbeing economy; Oonagh Duggan and Michelle Carey on birds and biodiversity; Ray Ó Foghlú on the practical work he does on native woodland regeneration in Clare; Sarah Clancy on grassroots democracy in the face of crises. We need words done differently too, so Declan Owens will lead a workshop on poetry and ecological justice, while Mel White will weave her arresting, compelling poetry into proceedings periodically. From the fight for liveability in a cost-of-living crises, to the call of the curlew in the Shannon Callows, to resisting fossil fuel infrastructure wherever it tried to land on our island, this will be a place of emotional engagement, of amplifying active resistance and of mobilisation.


Village Hall

Dance it out - immerse yourself in our music zone, where a dazzling array of artists of varying hues will do the dos. Saturday night sees words and beats centre stage with Dublin’s finest space jam dub funk merchants Shakalak followed by Hip Hop Hooray with DJ Rosko. The three days are peppered with amazing performers including Sive, JaYne, Kiruu, Jack Keeshan, Elliot Mo, Jarjarir, Kastane, Kyoto Love Hotel, the Accidental Rapper, Bubba Shakespeare, Zamo Riffman, Gavin Murphy songs, Rapthor, Saiv’n, Nicantsaoi, and DJs Pama Conor Fahy, Mo Kelly w’ Natalia, SJ, AaronOscar and a closing Sunday night party to experience with Anacalypsis and Ollie ‘Float Notes’ Moore.

Activate - local and global action

A number of campaigners, NGOs and active art enablers will form a dedicated space in the global green - fablab makers, the artist-activists of Creativity and Change, Dublin Ecofeminists, An Taisce’s Climate Ambassadors, Sight Savers Ireland, Community Energy, Not Here Not Anywhere, Concern, Self Help Africa, Irish Cycling Network, Léargas and Tits Up (recycling art photography). The focus here is more than information - its animation and creation, so watch out for VR headsets, interactive games, scavenger hunts and other treats and tits up

Art, installations and makers Provocative installations and happenings will abound around our site - encounter Eugene Kelly sculptures and Sean Walsh swinging chairs, curracks and mask makers, dancing and drumming workshops, live art making including a graffiti wall, embedded storytellers, and the launch of a new work by Caitriona Sheedy called Preface -Reinterpreting Pandora and Eve'.

And if you are very lucky, you may get into the very confined space that is perhaps the island’s smallest theatre space - Ireland’s Shed. This mobile theatre features some dexterous creatives of immeasurable talent who will charm and disarm in equal measure. Our Little Green Disco is the rinky dinky bicycle powered soundsystem, while a host of sunshine and pedal power renewable energy features festoon our area. Play scalectrix, play massive Jenga, and make yourself a smoothie on yer bike while you are at it.

The futurists of Make Port Portarlington Fab Lab will demonstrate appropriate technology and open source ecology - how we can collectively construct ideas and plans globally and manufacture locally.

Cultivate - based in Cloughjordan ecovillage - has been curating this Global Green sustainability space at the Electric Picnic since the festival’s beginning. It is a welcoming place and space to chill, to dream, to feel deeply, to let loose and to discover. That other world is necessary - and we’re making it happen.

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Global Green 2018

Global Green
GlobalGoals at Global Green
    Global Green at Electric Picnic

       Global Green is the sustainability area of Electric Picnic that
      Cultivate have coordinated annually since 2008. The area  
      provides a platform for over 30 civil society organisations and
      collectives to raise awareness, share information and
      highlight sustainability actions, through displays, activities,
      talks, music and community connections.

      At the 2018 festival we made the Sustainable Development
      Goals (SDGs) and climate action the focus of all of our
      activities in the area.
      View the 2018 Report

VillageHall2017Global Green is the conscious heartbeat of the Electric Picnic, where you’ll find activists, artists, makers, musicians, foodies, poets and over 30 groups from across Ireland. Join us on the green edge of the festival to experience brilliant new music, eat glorious local food and encounter transformational ideas and conversations for a healthy and resilient future.

At the heart of the Global Green is the Village Hall. Here we serve up an eclectic mix of live music, dance, DJs, and talks. Some of our previous highlights include, Saint Sister, Lethal Dialect (aka Paul Alwright), Hozier and even Michael D Higgins!


Eat, get inspired and add your voice at the SpeakEATsy tent, a solar powered heady brew of food, poetry, compelling conversations and music. Experience a rich programme of talks and discussions focused on climate action and the Global Goals, peppered throughout with spoken word and music.

Rest your weary roots and shoots in our community garden, which surprises and delights with its eclectic collection of art and snug seating for you to watch the festival go by. In 2019 the garden will be inspired by the Global Goals, bringing perennial issues of concern into our awareness.


Over 30 organisations - including Irish Aid, Concern, Leargas, Self Help Africa, the Tipperary Energy Agency and Young Friends of the Earth, highlighted topics such as sustainable development, community energy, solar, bicycle culture, up-cycling and reuse, climate action and community gardening & agriculture, all framed in the Global Goals and climate response.

If you would like to discuss joining Global Green in 2019 as an organisation or a performer email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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The Global Green 2018 was animated by a community of culture creatives from…
Cultivate, Cloughjordan Ecovillage, WeCreate FabLab, Community Gardens Ireland, Night Orchard, Irish Seed Savers, GROW Place Ireland, Riot Rye Bakehouse & Bread School, the Market Kitchen, Revel Coffee, Irish Aid, Concern, Self Help Africa, Leargas, Muintir Na Coille, Young Friends of the Earth, Tipperary Energy Agency, Community Power, Dayse, Glas Energy, 3cea - Three Counties Energy Agency, Electricity Exchange, Green Side Up, OURganic Gardens, Dublin Community Growers, East Clare Community Co-Op, the Urban Farm, Foodture, Cloughjordan Community Farm, Eve’s Orchard, Dublin Cycling Campaign, The Irish Cycling Advocacy Network, Like Water, Near-Health, and the Banba Theatre Company.

View the 2018 Report


Global Green 2017




Cultivate, the collective based in Cloughjordan Ecovillage, will once again be coordinating the Electric Picnic’s pop-up eco-village of activists, artists, makers, musicians, foodies and poets. Global Green is the conscious heartbeat of the Electric Picnic; a cutting-edge nexus of green ideas and connections. Experience brilliant new music, eat great gloriously local food and encounter radical ideas and activities for a community-led future.

Global Green 2017 sm

In the Village Hall we will be keeping a finger on Ireland’s musical pulse with atmospheric, electronic, acoustic and folk music by day and house, reggae, global and hip-hop beats by night. This year we introduce R&B newcomer Charlotte Headon’s soulful laidback style and Irish/Canadian Electronic Dark-Pop duo Honey Beard. From the authentic folk songstress Hanora George to our favourite Friday party starters RobotRock bringing you live dance anthems. From the movie Sing Street’s very own Zamo Riffman’s acoustic hooks to DJ Teknonotice’s Electro Swing, NuJazz & World Beats. We’ve even got an interactive dance performance SLSD from Cork’s own No Kissin’ Ensemble, an interpretation of Children of Lir and spoken word from Scene of the Rhyme featuring Ireland’s most talented wordsmiths. And don’t miss our now legendary Sunday Night Shakedown, our closing party in the wee small hours with Anacalypsis, Pressure Drop Sounds (Ollie Moore and Paul Ryan) and Suzanarchy. So keep it locked on the Village Hall.

Get comfy and get animated in the Convergence Cafe with Ireland's leading change-makers and activists. Teas and cake will be served, while discussions and talks take place on global and local themes. Experience kirtan, comedy, spoken word and chilled-out tunes. Get inspired, engaged, and add your voice to the conversation. In the early evening a heady brew of food, poetry, compelling conversations and music make up the SpeakEATsy. This convivial experience is far more than the sum of its parts, a confluence of influences and inspirations - a full sensory and intellectual workout!

On the green a colourful cadre of organisations give us theatre, African drumming with INIKÉ, rustic games, and stalls. Our community garden, resplendent with art and surprises, plants seeds for positive social change and inclusion. Conversations, demonstrations, the Potato Box Talks and the Incredible Edibles will all happen in Agri-Aware’s Red Shed.

Global Green Cycling Campaign

The best way to start the day? Shake off that fuzzy head and stretch out the body with Global Green’s kick-off yoga session – then hang out on the green for the best coffee and breakfast on site. Whether you want to dance, eat, get involved, inform yourself or just chill out, this green oasis is a must-visit over the festival weekend.

For full schedules and more detail see

Visit us at:

Twitter  @GlobalGreenatEpx

Instagram  GlobalGreenatEP

The Global Green is animated by a community of culture creatives from…

CultivateCloughjordan EcovillageWeCreateReCreateWe ShareIrish Seed SaversAgri AwareThe GROW ObservatoryPeople4SoilThe Market Kitchen, The Night Orchard, Wildfire Pizza, Riot Rye Bakehouse & Bread SchoolSelf Help Africa/ GortaMuintir na CoilleFriends of the EarthTipperary Energy AgencyDayseGLAS EnergyCommunity Gardens Ireland, Green Side UpOURGanic GardensCarraigDúlraDublin Community GrowersCELTEast Clare Commu


The Lineup



Charlotte Headon - Honey Beard - Hanora George - Robot Rock - Black Bank Folk
Zamo Riffman - Floating Ballroom - The Savage Jim Breen - Kodu - The Love Tailors - Ellyd
We Are Water - Miriam Donohue - Rokaia - CAS
Hip Hop Hooray Presents Rosko – MC Brez - Dark Haze & Alpha Male

SLSD Interactive Dance With No Kissin’ Ensemble - Children Of Lir Performance
Spoken Word With Scene Of The Rhyme

Deck Markey - SJ - Rosko - Teknonotice - Al-Jive Mestizo
Pressure Drop Sounds With Suzanarchy - Anacalypsis



Morning Yoga and Kirtan - Connect 4 Resilience - Inspiring Stories & Compelling Conversations - The Grow Observatory - The Innovation Salon - Cloughjordan Ecovillage - Fergus Costello - Breda Larkin - Mel White - The Savage Jim Breen - Night Orchard - Wildfire Pizza - Footnotes DJs


The CGI Potting Shed - Heritage Apple Tasting - Seed Bomb Making - Urban Oyster Workshops - ‘Transcience’ Mandala - People 4 Soil - Grow Dome - Garden Art Workshops - Food & Pollinator Awareness - Willow Crown Making - Natural Mini Garden Making


The Butter Disco - The 2 Johnnies- Riot Rye - The Merry Mill - Potato Box Talks     The Incredible Edibles - Game of Cones - Hand Milking



African Drumming - Children Of Lir - Two Villages - Provocative Art
Solar & Community Energy - Kirtan & Dance - Goldsprints Bike Racing
Creative Upcycling - Rustic Games - Dizzy Goals Challenge - SDG Twister
The Sharing Tree - Everything Is Light Arts Space - Cyclize

The Global Green Food Project with The Market Kitchen & Camerino



The Village Hall

20:00 SLSD
Interactive dance performance
Haunting soundscape electronica
22:30 SJ (DJ Set)
Classic house rave-up
Live dance anthems
Uplifting party vibes

13:00 ELLYD
Atmospheric alt-pop
Enchanting modern folk
15:00 KODU
Dark astral electronica
Lyrical R&B newcomer
Stimulating spoken word
Performance & discussion
Dark synth pop
20:20 ROKAIA
Trip-hop soundscapes
21:20 CAZ9
Electro pop story-teller
00:00 HIP-HOP HOORAY PRESENTS... Dark Haze and Alpha Male
Slick soulful rap
00:30 HIP-HOP HOORAY PRESENTS... Rosko feat. MC Brez
Ho... hey.. ho..
Golden age hip-hop
Irish balkan songcraft
Sing street superstar
Authentic folk songstress
Harmonious alt-folk
African tinged folk
Alt trad balladry
Swing world sounds
Electro swing & techno
Heavy funk spells
Digi-dancehall riddims
House & Bass music
Live a/v show


Getting to know the Global Green community with short presentations from the activists on the green.
20.00 Till late - CHILL OUT, RELAX
Recharge with music from Footnotes

Stretch out and relax into your long day ahead
12.30 GET INVOLVED - Opportunities to engage locally and globally
Volunteering abroad, WWOOFING or getting involved in a community initiatives, there are many ways to participate. Irish Aid, CGI, Transition Ireland Northern Ireland, and other Global Green stakeholders outline the opportunities to engage.
13.00 ECOSYSTEMS OF INNOVATION - What is it like living in an ecovillage?
A conversation with Cloughjordan Ecovillage residents and Albert Bates, a founder of the Global Ecovillage Network and life-long resident of The Farm, a creative collective begun by hippy cosmonauts in 1971.
13.30 KIRTAN with Jyoshna and Kavita (New Zealand)
Connect to source through sound and movement. Finding inner fulfilment and happiness.
14.00 THE COMMON GROUND CONVERSATION - What are Open Seeds and Living Soils?
Hosted by GROW OBSERVATORY this discussion will feature representatives from People 4 Soil, the Irish Seed Savers, Agri Aware, Community Gardens Ireland, Cloughjordan Community Farm and Carraig Dulra. Facilitated by Anja Murray the conversation explores the relationship between people, healthy soils and the need to save seeds.
Get a taste of the culture of West Africa with this drum workshop with Shiv Ross. A fun introductory workshop where each group will learn how to play a traditional rhythm from West experience necessary, open to everyone!
Introducing the Sustainable Development Goals and listening out for stories of community-led initiatives here in Ireland and internationally, that address and bring the goals to life. Hosted by Cultivate with Irish Aid, Self Help Africa, and Transition Towns Ireland & Northern Ireland.
16.00 FULL CIRCLE INNOVATION - What is the potential of the circular economy?
A conversation on accelerating innovation towards a zero waste and low carbon society. Matt Mills leads the discussion with Deirdre Rogers - Recreate Ireland, Dara Connolly - Young Social Innovators, Claudia Tormey - Friends of the Earth and Eoghan Parle - We Share
How can community gardens and farms help people think more about locally produced food and create livelihoods? A conversation with Community Gardens Ireland, the Urban Farm, Cloughjordan Community Farm, Transition Towns Ireland & Northern Ireland, Moy Farm and Agri Aware.
17.30 OPEN DIALOGUE - With Senator Grace O'Sullivan and Easkey Britton
Senator Grace O'Sullivan and Dr. Easkey Britton in a conversation about social wellbeing and the state of the planet. Senator Grace O'Sullivan is environmentalist, best-known for her high-profile activism during her 20-year career with Greenpeace is also a former Irish surfing champion. Easkey Britton, founder of Like Water, is 5 times Irish surf champion, big-wave surfer and marine social scientist.
18.00 SpeakEATsy - Local Culture
Davie Philip and Ollie Moore from Cloughjordan Ecovillage host this convivial session where we share food & conversation, with music and spoken word. The highlight of this event will be the tunes from the Savage Jim Breen, Mel White and our guest poets and some very special guests discussing the topic of local food and community led innovation. Bring some food to share and join in.
20.30 FERGUS COSTELLO - The Finest Ever More Show
The master storyteller and award winning slam poet, Fergus Costello brings new tales of wonder as well as a collection of his greatest hits.
Till late - CHILL OUT, RELAX
Recharge with music and craic.

Stretch out and relax into your long day ahead.
13.00 BIKE REVOLUTION - How do we bicyclize our cities, towns and villages?
Damien Ó Tuama, Róisín Garvey and others from from explore why we need a bicycle revolution in Ireland and how we bicyclize our cities, towns and villages with Matt Mills, one of the first UK Mountain Bike Champions.
14.00 REWILDING - Restoring Ireland’s lost ecosystems
Most of Ireland’s natural habitats — even our ‘wildest’ mountain ranges and boglands — are managed primarily for human use. Recently there has been a lot of interest in the new idea of 'rewilding' our ecosystems, and debate about whether we could restore our ancient forests and reintroduce lost species like wolves. Author and journalist Lenny Antonelli will introduce the topic, followed by a conversation hosted by ecologist and TV presenter Anja Murray with Lenny and Suzie Cahn from Carraig Dúlra.
Get a taste of the culture of West Africa with this drum workshop with Shiv Ross. A fun introductory workshop where each group will learn how to play a traditional rhythm from West experience necessary, open to everyone!
16.00 GOING SOLAR - The Community Energy Transition
Making a shift to a clean, secure energy future where citizens and communities are active participants in the generation and distribution of renewable energy is underway. Colm Byrne - DaysE, Cara Augustenborg - Friends of the Earth, Alan Jackson - Tipperary Energy Agency and Oisin Coghlan - Friends of the Earth, discuss the barriers and opportunities of community power with Davie Philip (Cultivate/ Cloughjordan Ecovillage).
17.00 COOL LAB - Are there solutions to climate change?
Albert Bates, Chief Permaculture Officer for eCO2, a COOL DESIGN services company discusses climate stabilization with Senator Grace O’Sullivan.
18.00 SpeakEATsy - Surfing the Waves of Change
A convivial session where we share food & conversation, with music and spoken word. Highlights will be the tunes from the Savage Jim Breen, Suzanarchy and our special guest poets Mel White, Fergus Costello and Richard Brennan. Big wave surfers Easkey Britton, Fergal Smith, Senator Grace O’Sullivan, the first female Irish surf champion, and Peak Surfer Albert Bates, the US Permaculture designer will be in conversation with former British professional skateboarder Davie Philip on the topic of community resilience and social innovation through the metaphor of surfing. Bring some food to share and join in.

21.00 BREDA LARKIN - The stink of silage off a her!
Comedy from Breda from the boghills of Ballinasloe with her magic cloak and bag of jokes.
Till late - CHILL OUT, RELAX



1400 - Art in the Garden
1600 - Miniature Nature Garden Creations

1100 - Art in the Garden
1300 - Miniature Nature Garden Creations
1500 - Willow Crown Making
1600 - Art in the Garden

1200 - There’s A Buzz in the Garden - Tips on encouraging pollinators
1300 - Willow Crown Making
1500 - Art in the Garden


Come along and have a go at making your own “Cone Crown” for the weekends festivities
With “the 2 Johnnies” at the Red Shed, how fast can you hand milk the cow.
1900 FARM SKILLS with “the 2 Johnnies”
How fast can you make a hay rope, or throw a welly?!
2000 BUTTER DISCO with “the 2 Johnnies”
Dance to some farmtastic tunes all while making your own butter!
2200 COMHALTAS in the Shed till late
Traditional Irish music

At the Red Shed with Apple pressing and juicing
1400 onwards POTATO BOX TALKS
“Breaking the Bread” with the Merry Mill etc.
With “the 2 Johnnies” at the Red Shed, how fast can you hand milk the cow.
2000 BUTTER DISCO till late with Global Green DJ’s 

At the Red Shed with Apple pressing and juicing
Chef Rory O’Connell, Farrell Family etc.
How to germinate you’re very own plant at the festival!

14.00 African Drumming
15.00 Kirtan
16.00 Children of Lir

14.00 African Drumming
15.00 Kirtan
16.00 Children of Lir

Global Green 2016

Global Green.001


-- Electric Picnic’s pop-up eco-village of activists, artists, makers, musicians, foodies, slam poets and hackers, brought together by Cultivate, the sustainability collective based in Cloughjordan Ecovillage.
Now in it’s ninth year, Global Green is the conscious heartbeat of the Electric Picnic; a cutting edge nexus of green ideas and conviviality, showcasing new musical acts, offering great local food and introducing radical solutions for a future that works.

We keep a finger on Ireland’s musical pulse offering daytime electro, acoustic and night-time dance beats. Your food needs are covered with our Local Food Project; it’s yummy and sourced from within a 50-mile radius of Cloughjordan.  With spoken word for social change, engaged art and discussions, Global Green is accelerating the transition to a low carbon and resilient future.

Shake off that fuzzy head and get your festival day underway with Global Green's famous morning kick-off yoga session and then hang out on the green for the best coffee and breakfast on site.
Whether you want to dance, eat, get involved or just chill out and listen, this green oasis is a must-visit over the festival weekend.
Global Green is coordinated by Cultivate Living and Learning
Visit us at: 
Twitter - @GlobalGreenatEp 
Instagram  GlobalGreenatEP


Global Green 2015


Illuminating a collaborative way forward

Our pop-up ecovillage is a diverse community of cultural creatives, activists, artists, musicians, foodies, hackers, social entrepreneurs and slam poets, brought together by Cultivate, the sustainability collective now based in Cloughjordan Ecovillage.

This dynamic green edge of the festival showcases new musical acts, offers the most authentic food on site and hosts discussions on radical ideas for a community-led future that works. 

We keep a finger on Ireland’s musical pulse with atmospheric, electro, acoustic and folk music by day and dance and hip-hop beats by night in our Voices Rising tent. This year's highlights include Saint Sister, Elephant, Hauer, Replete, The Expert and Deetrich to name but a few. This year sees the introduction of a performance poetry showcase featuring Julie Goo, Temper-Mental MissElayneous, Fergus Costello and Cormac Lally

The Outsiders have your food covered with the Global Green Food Project, which received the Bridgestone Award for best food at the festival last year. It's local, it’s yummy and it’s sourced from within a 50-mile radius of Cloughjordan. 

On hand to tell our amazing story of local food will be the farmers that nurtured the soil and cultivated the vegetables, the seed-savers, the craft baker, the cooks and young food entrepreneurs, the campaigners fighting for food sovereignty and solidarity globally, the local food activists helping us appreciate what Ireland has to offer and at the end of the line, closing the loop, the composters turning what we waste back to soil.

The (h)Edge School will host conversations and talks on global and local themes, asking how to make critical sustainability issues accessible and hearing from the activists planning for the climate summit in Paris later this year.

So shake off that fuzzy head and get your festival day underway with our popular morning mindfulness and yoga sessions and then hang out on the green for the best coffee and breakfast on site. Visit the ecovillage throughout the day for the music, ideas, food and atmosphere, and at night to find out why we’re the best kept secret of the Electric Picnic.

Read more: Global Green 2015

Global Green at Electric Picnic 2018


This is the 10th year Cultivate, the collective based in Cloughjordan, brings you the Electric Picnic’s colourful pop-up eco-village of green ideas, nourishment and inspiration. Global Green is the conscious heartbeat of the Electric Picnic, where you’ll find activists, artists, makers, musicians, foodies, poets and over 30 groups from across Ireland. Join us on the green edge of the festival to experience brilliant new music, eat glorious local food and encounter transformational ideas and conversations for a healthy and resilient future.

Read more: Global Green at Electric Picnic 2018

Voices Rising Stage 2015

Global Green’s Voices Rising Tent

Hauer // Replete // The Expert // Saint Sister // Elephant  

Former Child Model // Zaska // Black Bank Folk // Glimmermen

Deetrich // Jem Mitchell // Jilted Objects (DJ Set)

Elektrobank (Live Dance Anthems) // Gin n Juice + Guests (Live Hip Hop)

Voices Rising Spoken Word and Conversations

NASC ANAMA Shamanic Journey

Boudoir Sessions Vintage Party feat. The Swell Berries

DJ’s Anthony Collins  //  Re:Raw // Rosko // Kevin Clarke

Ben Whelan // Jilted Objects // Saorla: Trad Session // Morning Yoga



Voices Rising Spoken Word

This performance poetry showcase will pull together some of the country's best spoken word artists to deliver a stunning landscape of where we are as a nation and where we want to be as a society. This cross section of Ireland’s honest story tellers and commentators will incorporate poetry, comedy, music, satire, politics, societal issues, hope, dreams, nightmares, problems, solutions, history and culture.


John Cummins Poetician. Julie Goo. Elayne Harrington, Andre K'por, Colette Nolan, Abby Oliveira (music/spoken word/poetry/ a'cappella), Fergus Costello and your MC Cormac Lally.


Voices Rising Conversations

Saturday 2.15 - 3.00 - ‘A Sense of Place’

Fostering a sense of place and valuing heritage should be seen as positive actions which contribute to the sustainability and resilience of our local areas. How can we do this? Anna Meenan (Heritage Council), Thomas Cosby (Stradbally Estate), Clr Claire Byrne (Green Party), and Roisín Ní Ghairbhith (Transition Town Ennistymon) discuss with Davie Philip (Cloughjordan Ecovillage).


5.30 - 6.15 - ‘Surfing the Waves of Change’

How do we navigate change, have impact and remain buoyant in the face of so many challenges? Professional surfer Fergal Smith (Moy Gardens); Davie Philip (Cultivate, Cloughjordan Ecovillage), one of the UK’s best skateboarders in the 80s; and Matt Mills (Goleen Harbour), an early champion mountain biker, discuss their current sustainability projects with food sovereignty advocate Fergal Anderson (Leaf and Root).


Sunday 2.15 - 3.00 - ‘Get Involved’  What will you do?

How can local communities cooperatively improve their local areas, create local jobs, and protect the environment? In this conversation Duncan Stewart (EcoEye), Lisa Moran (Clann Credo), Enda Buckley (Get Involved), Fionnuala Collins (East Clare Community Coop) and Davie Philip (Cloughjordan Ecovillage) discuss a collaborative way forward.


4.30 - 5.15 - ‘Culture Change’

How do we amplify communication on sustainability and increase engagement in the transition to a low-carbon future? Davie Philip (Cultivate/Cloughjordan Ecovillage) hosts this final Voices Rising conversation with Melvin Benn (Festival Republic & Board member of Julie’s Bicycle, a not-for-profit organisation working on sustainability within the creative industries), Anja Murray (Get Involved), Michael Ewing (IEN), George Jacob (Gorta Self Help Africa) and Naomi Linehan (Dochas).



17.00 Jilted Objects (DJ Set)

19.15 Deetrich

20.15 Kevin Clarke (DJ)

21.30 Replete

22.45 Former Child Model

Late night big beat, house and disco grooves featuring...

00.00 Elektrobank (Live Dance Anthems)

01.45 Anthony Collins (DJ)


12.00 Yoga

13.30 Jem Mitchell

14.15 Conversation on ‘A Sense of Place’

15.30 Saint Sister

16.30 Conversation on ‘Surfing the Waves of Change’

17.45 Glimmermen

18.45 Hauer

19.45 Zaska

20.45 Voices Rising: Spoken Word

Late night hip hop and ghetto funkiness with...

23.30 The Expert

00.45 Gig N Juice

02.15 Re:Raw (DJ)

03.00 Rosko (DJ)


12.00 Yoga

13.20 Elephant

14.15 Conversation on ‘Getting Involved’

15.30 Black Bank Folk

16.30 Conversation on ‘Culture Change’

17.30 Saorla:Trad Session

18.45 Voices Rising: Spoken Word

21.30 Nasc Anama: A Shamanic mind-expanding sonic voyage designed to uplift and inspire

Late night vintage dance and swing with...

00.15 Boudoir Sessions (feat. The Swell Berries)
03.00 Ben Whelan (DJ)

hEdge School

The (h)Edge School

This marquee will be the location of Cultivate’s radical learning zone. With short talks, discussions and conversations on sustainability, activism, and community this is the place to engage and learn. Dochas and the Irish Environmental Network as well as Friends of the Earth will be leading discussions on Sustainable Development, Climate Change and how we communicate critical issues.



17.00 Vital Viewing

Positive short films sharing the stories of a community led future

18.30 Eating with the (h)Edge School House Bands

The ecovillage community meal, with music from the Cloughjordan performers and Innocent and Monday, come join us.

20.00 Story Open Space till late

Share your story, chill out, relax, and recharge.  



10.30 Morning Mindfulness

Drop in to the moment, get set up for the day

11.00 Vital Viewing

Positive short films sharing the stories of a community led future

12.00 Cloughjordan Ecovillage

A short introduction to this pioneering ecosystem of innovation in rural Ireland

12.15Wine, Wellbeing and Quantum Physics

Tune in to a new frequency with Italian cultural firebrand Denny Baldin, proprietor of the former Piedescalso Art Cafe' on Thomas street in Dublin, turned vineyard grower and winemaker in France, now a Cloughjordan resident.

12.30 What is TTIP? And why you should be concerned.

Short briefing by Dr. Oliver Moore (Arc2020) on the trade negotiations being carried out mostly in secret between the EU and US. Their plan is to reduce the regulatory barriers to trade for big business. Things like food safety law, environmental legislation, banking regulations and the sovereign powers of individual nations. Lets turn concern into action, what can you do?
13.00 Sustainable food production and climate change

This session will feature a facilitated conversation to look at issues of sustainability in food production and climate change. Perspectives will include local production and ethical considerations, relationship with the consumer, what people can do at a local level and the role of global frameworks.

14.00 Making the Future

An introduction to the emerging maker movement, FabLabs and 3D printing.

14.15 Open Space - What can you share?

15.15 Community Co-operatives

The co-operative model now, as much as ever, could play a significant role in the economic recovery of this country as well as fostering innovation, providing sustainable livelihoods, contributing to the regeneration of local areas and helping to strengthen the resilience of our communities.

16.00 The Sourdough Sessions with Joe Fitzmaurice, Riot Rye Bakehouse & Bread School

16.30 Open Space - What can you share?

18.00 Eating with the (h)Edge School House Bands

Come join us for the ecovillage community meal, with music from the Cloughjordan performers and Innocent and Monday

20.00 till late - chill out, relax, and recharge.  



10.30 Morning Mindfulness

Drop in to the moment, get set up for the day

11.00 Vital Viewing

Positive short films sharing the stories of a community led future

12.00 Bringing the bicycle back into everyday life

A conversation with cycling advocates Damien Ó Tuama (Dublin Cycling Campaign), John McDonald ( Bike Mechanics Co-op in Ennistymon), Beth Murphy (Willow Bicycle Baskets) and others.
12.45 The Transition to a low carbon future

This session will feature a facilitated conversation of IEN stakeholders, Friends of the Earth, Green Economy Foundation.

13.30 Community Gardening

A conversation introduced and hosted by Dee Sewell of the Community Garden Network and featuring growers from Seed Savers, the Urban Farm, Cloughjordan Community Farm, the Birr Growery, Scariff Community Garden and Moy Gardens.

14.15 Renewable Energy and Community
Glas Energy and DaysE host a conversation on the local benefits of renewables.

14.45 Navigating a sustainable way forward. What will you do?

What are our goals for the future? in this session we celebrate the European Year for Development 2015, and explore how we set out to navigate a sustainable and collaborative way forward.

15.15 The Art of Commoning

in its simplest form, commoning’ is creating and maintaining something collectively. In this conversation Eimhin Shortt of Birr Growery and the P2P Foundation leads a conversation with Global Green’s commoners.

16.00 The Sourdough Sessions with Joe Fitzmaurice, Riot Rye Bakehouse & Bread School

16.30 Open Space - What can you share?

18.00 Cloughjordan Ecovillage

A short introduction to this pioneering ecosystem of innovation in rural Ireland.

18.30 Eating with the (h)Edge School House Bands

The ecovillage community meal, with music from the Cloughjordan performers and Innocent and Monday, come join us.

20.00 till late - chill out, relax, and recharge.  

Global Green Ecovillage Activities

 Global Green Ecovillage Activities


African Drumming on the Green

This year Shiv will be holding her popular workshops in African Percussion again this year. They are open to everyone and are highly interactive and full of energy! No experience needed and all drums, shakers and instruments are provided…

3pm Saturday and Sunday


The Kids Zone

The dynamic Green Me crew will be providing a chill out children-friendly area. Come and upcycle your wellies, headbands, and festival garb using recycled materials, whatever your age.


Little Bigtop presents The Sunflower Show

A magical show about planting and growing for young children and their families.

Friday, 3pm

Saturday, 1:30pm and 4pm

Sunday, 3pm


Aoife Mcdermott: Face painting and Crafts workshop

Friday, 5pm

Saturday, 2.30pm and 5pm

Sunday, 2pm


Nigel Quinlan: Children's Storytelling

Friday, 4pm

Saturday,12.30pm, 3.30pm

Sunday, 1pm


The Community Garden and Farm Zone

Learning about sustainability must lead to practicing it! What better way to taste the fruits of the wonderful knowledge on site than to take a walk down to the community garden and the community farm? With scarecrows, bug hotels and beekeepers, the tranquility of the water feature and the Nemeton reflective sanctuary this is an opportunity to relax and learn in this pop up green space. There will be vertical garden, seed bomb, microgreen and mushroom workshops as well as opportunities throughout the weekend to talk to gardeners and growers in Ireland, view sustainable agriculture projects from Africa or get involved in co-creating garden art mosaic.


Community Garden Network -

Composting Station & Cloughjordan Community Farm

Water feature Kes Clarke & CELT -

Urban Farm -
Irish Seed Savers

Gorta/ Self Help

Reflection Space -

East Clare Community

The Garden TeePee

Moy Hill Community Gardens -

The Birr Growery


The Woodland Edge

Sustainable Forestry and Community Woodlands

Five NGO’s will be coming together to create a woodland edge of trees and shrubs to demonstrate the principles of sustainable forestry, biodiversity, hedge laying and the uses of coppice silviculture within the island of Ireland. They will also be facilitating woodland games and disseminating information and hosting talks in the (h)Edge School over the weekend.



CELT – Centre for Environmental Living and Training

Hedge Laying Association of Ireland

GEF - Green Economy Foundation

The Muintir na Coille Co-Operative

The Mobility Zone

Representing Ireland’s cycling advocates

Visit to find out how can transform society through a bicycle vision. Race your mates with 'Gold Sprints' and 'Spin to Win'. With colourful elements of the Cork Cycling Arts Festival and combining them with a fleet of cargo bikes - with a rustic steam-punk twist, Picnicers will see how cargo bikes fit into a sustainable energy future.


FabLabs – Making and Prototyping the Future

Two Irish FabLabs will be on site to explain and demonstrate the potential of this new creative approach to manufacturing. FabLabs are digital fabrication laboratories, set up to inspire people and entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into new products and prototypes and provide the environment, skills, advanced materials and technology to entrepreneurs, students, artists, small businesses and in fact, anyone who wants to create something new or bespoke.


Ireland’s first community based FabLab located in the Cloughjordan Ecovillage

Fab Lab Limerick

A space for makers in Limerick city centre promoted by the School of Architecture, University of Limerick.


Fab Stage- will be programmed from Voices Rising and (h)Edge School

The Heritage Council ‘My Place or Yours?’

This year we are a newbie to the global green village. Come along to our heritage hub and bring your voice with you. Share your story with us and help us create a community soundscape. Have a go at our giant picnic puzzle and win a chance to stay in a special quirky place.


Made in Cloughjordan/ Come to Cloughjordan

The Cloughjordan community plays a big part in the Global Green. At this stall there will be information as well as products and produce from this rural town where the Ecovillage is located. From crafts to pottery, books to textiles will be available as well as information and details on the many courses and learning opportunities in the Cloughjordan area.


Cloughjordan Ecovillage and Community Farm

Play the Connect 4 Resilience game and find out more about the ecovillages and farm at Cloughjordan


Join the Yellow Brick Road to Paris with Friends of the Earth!

Follow the signs up the Yellow Brick Road to be part of a new Energy Revolution together. As you journey along the Yellow Brick Road we will visualize how we can all play a part of a new and better future where people and planet thrive. Come and have a chat with us about how we can demonstrate our people power in Ireland and what is happening in Paris and how you can get involved!

'The Sourdough Sessions' with Joe Fitzmaurice, Riot Rye Bakehouse & Bread School Riot Rye’s mobile bakery will be open from 12-6pm on Saturday and Sunday.  Drop in, learn how to bake real sourdough bread.


The Sourdough Sessions

12:00 Grain  12:30 Milling  13:00 Fermenting a sourdough starter  13:30 Mixing  14:00 Kneading  14:30 Shaping  15:00 Proofing  15:30 Baking  16:00 Podium talk  16:30 Q&A  17:30 Sharing  18:00 Close


Come and get your free Riot Rye sourdough starter to take away on Sunday - bring a receptacle with a lid!

Global Green Stakeholders 2015

Global Green Ecovillage Participating Organisations


Cultivate Living and Learning

Cultivate is a national NGO managed by the Sustainable Ireland Cooperative. We designs and facilitate learning journeys, hosts training in community resilience and offers courses in Permaculture and innovation.


CELT – Centre for Ecological Living and Training

Providing education, training and awareness-raising in environmental issues, traditional skills, sustainable living and nature conservation.


Hedge Laying Association of Ireland

Encouraging and facilitating the conservation, protection and appropriate management of hedgerows.


GEF - Green Economy Foundation

Campaigning for biodiversity, sustainability and thriving green economy. and


The Muintir na Coille Co-Operative

Raising awareness of the importance and uses of coppice silviculture

within the island of Ireland.


WeCreate FabLab

Provides a range of digital fabrication equipment in the FabLab and unique learning environment offering workshops and courses at many levels.


Fab Lab Limerick

A space for makers in Limerick city centre promoted by the School of Architecture, University of Limerick. The space offers cultural, educational and research programmes on digital fabrication, bridging the gap between these technologies and creatives from all disciplines.


Heritage Council

Ensuring the value of our heritage is enjoyed, managed and protected for the vital contribution that it makes to our identity, well-being and future.


Cloughjordan Eco Village

Cloughjordan Ecovillage is a neighbourhood of some 100 adults and 35 children living in 55 low-energy homes in the Irish rural town of Cloughjordan. Through its renewable energy system, its well-insulated houses, its community farm, its green enterprise centre and its vibrant community, is a model for the transition to a low-carbon society.


Made in Cloughjordan  // Come to Cloughjordan

An exhibit of stuff made, designed, developed, baked, cooked, fired, sewn, thrown, written, cut, printed, grown, harvested in Cloughjordan! See the community notice board for opportunities to visit Cloughjordan.


Cloughjordan Community Farm

Using biodynamic and organic farming methods, Cloughjordan Community Farm is a member-owned, community-supported agriculture project.


The Outsiders Collective

Collective made up of young food enthusiasts from Tipperary led by Country Choice & Larkins - Sourcing produce ingredients from interesting places to make delicious, sustainable festival food.



A leading voice for organisations that want Ireland to be a world leader in efforts to bring about global justice.


Irish Environmental Network

A network of national environmental organisations. IEN supports the capacity building and funding needs of member organisations, all of whom are involved in one way or another in the well-being, protection and enhancement of the environment.


Get Involved

A sustainable communities initiative developed by 51 local newspapers throughout Ireland.


Riot Rye Bakehouse & Bread School

Committed to creating and actively fostering a culture of bread without the use of industrial additives or chemicals.


My Goodness A La Carte

An ethical, health focused business specialising in vegan, raw, sugar free, gluten free and fermented probiotic products


DaysE (Donate As You Save Energy)

Provides the platform to raise funds for positive impact energy projects, through energy saving measures.


African Drumming

Facilitating West African Percussion and Dance workshops and performances around Ireland


Kes Clarke Herbalist

Presents a unique travelling show bringing information on plants and their uses to the general public at festivals and events.  

Caitriona Sheedy, Artist

Contemporary Irish artist exploring the unseen world of energy and emotion through painting, sculpture and installation.


Gorta - Self help Africa

Works with smallholder farmers, tackling hunger & poverty through food production & rural enterprise. The organisation will bring ‘#COP-on’ to this year’s Picnic, inviting festival goers to take part in a fun, video project highlighting the issue of global warming in Africa, and inviting participants to contribute, in the lead up to the COP21 climate summit in Paris, this December.


Irish Seed Savers

Working together to conserve Irish Biodiversity.


East Clare Community Co-op

Providing a diverse range of activities, services, cultural, educational, social and creative opportunities for all members of the East Clare local community.


Cloughordan EcoVillage/Stop Food Waste Compost Demonstration Site

Cloughjordan EcoVillage hosts a compost demonstration site which is part of a national network of demonstration sites maintained by the Stop Food Waste Campaign. The site provides comprehensive information and education about the food we waste and how to prevent this through composting.


Little Bigtopis a theatre company,  based in Cloughjordan, North Tipperary, making work specifically for young and preschool children. Shows are interactive, highly visual & playful.


Green Me

Making greener living simpler and realistic. A starting point for going green, based on information and advice you can trust.


Irish Cycling Community

A community made up of different cycling initiatives from across Ireland.


Friends of the Earth

Campaigning for environmental justice and sustainability. And believe in sustainable development - meeting the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.


Community Garden Network

A virtual connection for community gardeners, providing support and promotion, sharing resources and learning, and exchanging ideas.


Urban Farm

Urban Agri-Cultural Projects for Education and Food Production.


Moy Hill Community Gardens

Group of community volunteers growing organic, native fruits and vegetables, as well as managing a native tree orchard to preserve our Irish heritage.


The Growery, Birr

Built on the established Birr Tidy Towns initiative, Birr Community Growery acts as a Community Food Hub hosting a variety of activities, programs, and services.


My Goodness A la Cart

This is a one of a kind healthy probiotic fermented soda bar, handcrafted from a restored and renovated 160 year old wooden Irish Pony Trap.  Relax at the rustic covered seating and enjoy a Kombucha or Kefir non-alcoholic drink. The My Goodness team will be promoting health and vitality over the weekend and hosting workshops on fermentation at the (h)Edge School.


Clann Credo

Provides affordable and flexible loan finance on manageable terms to community, voluntary and charity organisations.

Global Green Performers 2015

Bands, Performers and Evening Themes

The Sloes - The (h)Edge School House band, a collection of Cloughjordan based performers

Innocent and Monday - An eclectic blend of acoustic jazz/ folk. The musical vibe stretches from 1920’s Paris to the present day, making some interesting stops along the way.

Jilted Objects - Nigel Mulligan is a musician (The Objectives/ Get Ready Go), DJ and music producer in the guise of 'Jilted Objects
Deetrich - Dee Doyle, former lead singer and songwriter of Kilkenny band Dali and member of  The Whiteliars, has spread her wings and taken on a solo career. Deetrich writes melodic songs that draw from old rock and roll and country but adds a pop sensibility.

Kevin Clarke (DJ)- Radio DJ at Phever (electronic dance music) and The Wright Venue.

REPLETE - REPLETE is the music of Kilkenny native Peter Lawlor. He makes house! Contrary to

most articles, he is not from Cork or Dublin!
Former Child Model - Brand new Electro pop brainchild of sound designer/composer Mark Murphy and DJ/visual artist Mo Kelly.

Elektrobank - Alternative Dance Classics and Big Beat Anthems elektro-fied by a 5 piece band.

Anthony Collins - Anthony Collins is a Galway based DJ with an ear for a Disco tune. He’s been spinning the circuit for several years and plays strictly vinyl. He reckons it sounds much better. If it does or doesn’t his tune selection is always spot on.

Jem Mitchell - Jem’s music has been described as alt country, drawing on a rich seam of

Americana and roots music.

Saint Sister - Their music draws from early Celtic harp traditions, 60s folk and electronic pop to create ‘atmosfolk'—a mix of soulful vocal harmonies, dreamy synth and electro-acoustic harp.

Glimmermen -  Urban Post-Rock Blues band Glimmermen are a stripped-down unit that take rock and roll back to its primitive core.

Hauer - Haüer is an electronic musician from Dublin who makes cinematic synthwave with a darkside.

Zaska - Zaska has found a way of channeling the complex and unconventional through a feel-good blend of Funk, Rap and Soul reminiscent of Steely Dan, The Roots and Frank Zappa.

The Expert - After a decade of creating groundbreaking hip hop tunes as part of duo Messiah J & The Expert, it's time for beat commander and music master The Expert, to start a brand new chapter of his very own.

Gin N Juice - a hip-hop, funk and dance four-piece powerhouse who’ve put together something completely different for crowds screaming for more than just luke-warm radio hits.

Re:Raw - Dublin DJ/producer/drummer/bassist now living in London. Signed to Arcade Pony and part of Punx Soundcheck.

Elephant -  the musical vehicle of Dundalk based multi-instrumentalist Shane Clarke, offers an intriguing show of intimate acoustic guitars and subtly looped layers tied with colourful melody and harmonies.

Black Band Folk - Black Bank Folk, whose musical upbringings can be seen in the songs they love to play and the music they endeavour to write, aim to tell stories through their music.

SAORLA - Gypsy trailer park Irish traditional folk music band, 5 piece from Sligo. A mix of old traditional music with modern guitar & beats.

NASC ANAMA - A guided sonic voyage blend of African rhythms & tribal tech/trance designed to uplift and inspire so that we are enabled to share in the collective consciousness in a spiritual, joyful and healing way.

Boudoir Sessions (feat. The Swell Berries) -Vintage dance party - swing, calypso, rockabilly, jump blues all 1920s-1950s -  with Boudoir Boys Ollie and Paul and swing cabaret band the Swell Berries.
Ben Whelan (DJ) - Appropriately closing Global Green 2015 is a deep set from Cultivate’s co-founder

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