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Rethinking The City

  • Bottom up initiatives such as Transition Towns
  • Private business high technology solutions such as smarter cities
  • Area rating tools
  • Top down urban planning initiatives

These are all different ways to create more sustainable communities.  Each have their merits and can potentially provide part of the solution.

The question is: Can the people progressing these approaches learn anything from each other and could they work together to enhance and improve each approach and perhaps achieve faster progress towards a shared goal?

Speakers on these approaches will make short presentations followed by creative workshops to investigate the possibilities of integrating these initiatives.

  • Niamh McDonald - Eco Municipalities, the lessons from Sweden
  • Amanda Gallagher - The use of assessment tools for area planning
  • Archie O’Donnell - Comparing assessment tools for community planning
  • Dorothy Stewart  - An Taisce - Rhetoric to reality. The strategies and policies for redesigning our cities are agreed  but what is blocking implementation?
  • Presentation on The Green Way An tSli Ghlas - Ireland’s Eco Innovation Corridor

The Irish Green Building Council was recently set up to bring coherence to sustainability in the built environment in Ireland and ensure faster dissemination of knowledge, sharing of ideas and transformation of the built environment.  The IGBC proposes to do this by providing solutions from the shared creativity of the different sectors of the built environment: supply chain, private business, professional institutes, NGOs, state agencies and local authorities.

You are here: Home Convergence 16 Dublin Rethinking The City