Feeding Ourselves Conference (SOLD OUT)

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Feeding Ourselves 2020


Saturday 7th March - with additional Friday evening and Sunday events.

WeCreate Workspace & Cloughjordan Community Farm, Cloughjordan Ecovillage, Tipperary, Ireland
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NOTSEveryone is encouraged to book through NOTS
Bookings will further enable NOTS to provide a wide variety of in-depth courses to farmers, growers, processors, food businesses, agricultural professionals, and consultants working throughout the organic, food, and agricultural sectors.

Ticket Prices:
All-inclusive Conference + Meals option (includes Lunch and Evening Meal) - €75
Conference + Lunch option - €60

Conference-only Ticket (no meals) €50
Or book with Cultivate (not including NOTS discount) at the bottom of this page.
Conference Ticket with Lunch (purchase evening meal separately) €75
Conference Evening Meal (Saturday) €15

Collaborative Distribution (Building the Solidarity Economy, Food Coops, Digital Platforms)
Policy Matters (CAP, EU Green Deal, Farm to Fork, CAP Strategic Plan for Ireland)
Food Sovereignty (Justice, Seed Saving, Food poverty, Food deserts) 
Better Farming (Regenerative, soil, biological, syntropic, agroecological organic, Hight Nature Value... farming)

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This is the annual gathering of regenerative farmers & CAP policy wonks, cooperative & community food advocates, food sovereignty & climate activists, and anyone with an interest in good food, good farming and community revitalisation.  
There are loads of problems with how farming and food function, but there are solutions too - so let’s get to know and grow them!  We can make food distribution work better for farmers and citizens, via savvy digital platforms, food hubs, coops and more. The regenerative, biological farming movement is bringing farmers together to better care for their soil and their bottom line, to draw down carbon and build biodiversity. Farming and rural Ireland are in many ways shaped by policy and funding supports, but too few benefit while we hurtle headlong  into climate and biodiversity collapse - let’s fix this!  
And let’s get deep into the details too, with co-learning and training sessions for those who want to step up or ramp up their work in these important areas, including coops, CSA, regenerative farming and more.
And who do we want - you! Your kinsfolk need your inspiration! Our collective contributions will make this our best ever Feeding Ourselves.  
Make a weekend of it and stay over. There will be film screenings, a convivial community meal with compelling conversations and music on the Saturday night. On the Sunday there will be an open day with walks and activities on Cloughjordan Community Farm. 
If you want to create and support jobs in your area, help secure your food supply, are part of a community that wants to strengthen its local economy, or are a grower looking for a rewarding and potentially profitable way of supplementing your income, come to Cloughjordan where we’ll plot and plan it all together.

Organised by CULTIVATE: The Sustainable Ireland Cooperative in association with Cloughjordan Community Farm, Talamh Beo, ARC2020, Friends of the Earth Ireland, National Organic Training Skillnet (NOTS), Irish Seed Savers Association, Dublin Food Coop.

Very affordable accommodation is available in Cloughjordan Ecovillage. To book Django’s Eco-Hostel see www.djangoshostel.com or call +353 87 256 9348