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Community Resilience

Exploring Resilience book downloadBased in Cloughjordan the Community Resilience programme develops resources and delivers training in community resilience - the capability of communities to hold together, learn, adapt and maintain their ability to function in response to change.

Where sustainability aimed to change the world, resilience looks for ways to manage change in an uncertain world.

Local Initiatives Addressing the Global Goals

Do you know of a local community-led or for-community-beneft initiative that addresses the Sustainable Development Goals?

We're illustrating the efforts made across Ireland for an installation that will feature in Convergence, our annual sustainable living festivial, and that will become an interactive exhibit to be showcased in the Global Green at the Electric Picnic and at future events.

If you are involved in, or know of an initiative please fill out the following form and help us illustrate the stories of how we're coming together for a healthier, happier and more sustainable future.

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Cultivate Community Resilience Webinar


Skills for Increasing Engagement In Community Projects

Tuesday 13th February 2018, 20.00 - 21.30, Free of charge but registration essential

We are delighted to present this interactive webinar to share ideas to increase engagement in local projects and introduce fresh approaches to facilitate transformational conversations in your own community or organisation.

Davie Philip, Cultivate’s Community Resilience Manager will present some of the learnings of 20 years of working in the sustainable community sector. He will also lead a short interview with Chris Chapman (Change Exploratory and Art of Hosting) on his experience of facilitating groups and there will be space to ask questions or share your own experience. The webinar will also outline the details of the ‘Art of Facilitation' course being held in Cloughjordan.
To register email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Convergence 2017

convergence header image copy

The CONVERGENCE FESTIVAL 2017 celebrates Ireland’s response to the global challenges we face — through transformative, community-led approaches to meet our climate targets and implement the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for a fair, healthy and low-carbon future.

Across Ireland, citizens, social enterprises and communities are already using social innovation, co-production and collaborative consumption to strengthen resilience, foster their local economies, and create new jobs in areas such as food, transport, energy, education, housing and waste.

The Convergence Festival 2017 brings together community champions, social entrepreneurs, researchers, networkers, support agencies and policy-makers from around the country to identify and celebrate best practices, build capacity for local change-makers, and promote widespread understanding of the actions local communities can use to transform our lives and the places we live.

Convergence Programme PDF

Convergence is supported by the EPA, DCU, the Environmental Pillar and Galway European Green Leaf 2017. Carlow County Council, Galway City Council, Limerick Council and the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment have supported events in Convergence through the Local Agenda 21 Environmental Partnership Fund.

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The Art of Facilitation

The Art of Facilitation

Effective Tools for Cultivating Collaboration and Engagement in Groups, Communities and Co-operative Initiatives

10am - 5pm, Tuesday 23rd May 2017
WeCreate Workspace, Cloughjordan Ecovillage, Tipperary
(note: 10am start, though learning material will not be covered until 11am to accommodate those arriving by train)

Course fee €50 (€40 Concession) including a delicious local lunch
To book click below, or for further information contact Davie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on 0505 56060


Develop your competencies in facilitating groups and using new tools to host transformational conversations in your community or organisation. This full-day course will provide participants with processes to better host meetings, enable dialogue, facilitate participative events and cultivate flourishing communities.

This event will examine the changing role of the facilitator as a catalyst for change, and is aimed at those that have no background in facilitation and also those who are experienced seeking to enrich their skill-set.

Hosted by

Davie Philip, Cultivate Living and Learning; Chris Chapman, the Change Exploratory; and Aaron Bailey, Cloughjordan Ecovillage/Next GEN.

Who is this course for?
This training is for people working with established or emerging community groups, organisations and co-operative initiatives and for anyone interested in convening better meetings, working with groups, hosting events and designing and delivering courses in a more participative way. Adult and community educators, trainers, hosts and facilitators who want to develop their skills and ways of working to enable them to have impact as we transition to a more values-based and collaborative economy, will benefit from attending this course.

What will the course include?
Learners will gain a comprehensive understanding of the competencies needed for effective facilitation and then delve into more advanced aspects such as appreciative enquiry, hosting meaningful conversations as well as practical experience of co-facilitation and group facilitation. This training will introduce practices that support collaboration and citizen engagement.

Unique Setting
The course will be held in the WeCreate Workspace in Cloughjordan Ecovillage one of Ireland’s best examples of an ecosystems of innovation: it includes over 55 high-energy performance houses with community woodlands, renewable energy production, a wood-fired bakery, research gardens and a CSA Community Farm.

Accommodation is available in Cloughjordan Ecovillage. To book Django’s Eco-Hostel see or call +353 87 256 9348.

Climate Safety

Climate Safety 2 events

Event PDF

Wednesday June 8th, 2016 

Towards Climate Safety and Justice - Dublin Briefing

2-4.30pm Carmelite Community Centre, Aungier St, Dublin 2

This is a free event but please book. To register, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with Dublin Briefing in the subject line and giving your name and organisational affiliation if you have one.

On Thursday June 9th, Feasta, Trocaire and Cultivate are hosting an event to bring together activists, researchers and policy makers from environmental, climate, social justice, development and divestment movements. We would like to invite you to join us.

We will be exploring how we cap carbon and looking at emerging ideas and initiatives that are inspiring a citizens movement for a fair and sustainable transition from fossil fuels. 

Thursday 9th June, WeCreate Workspace, Cloughjordan Ecovillage, Tipperary

10.30 - 12.30 
  Cap Global Carbon: A stepping stone to safety.

14.30 - 17.00
   Making The Transition: Building momentum for a just and fossil fuel free future. 

These events are free of charge and include a delicious local lunch, booking a place is essential. 

To request a place send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with Cloughjordan Event in the subject line and giving your name, organisation and area of interest in the mail.

Read more: Climate Safety

Full Circle


Full Circle, Sustainable Work in a Circular Economy

When: Friday 10th June - 14.00-17.30 
Where: WeCreate Workspace, Cloughjordan Ecovillage, Tipperary
Event PDF

What role do community groups, co-operatives and local enterprises have in the circular economy?

Under what conditions can the circular economy help us accelerate the transition to a resilient and low carbon society? 

This afternoon seminar will explore a commons and community approach to the circular economy and local livelihoods.

Scene setting presentations will be given by Belgian-based Anne Snick, Cillian Lohan (European Economic and Social Committee), Claire Downey (co-ordinator of Community Reuse Network Ireland) and other Irish community and local economy advocates.  

Dr. Anne Snick has over thirty years of experience in academic research (KU Leuven), practice in working with families in poverty (University Centre Kortenberg) and action research into new economic models (Flora Network). Her research interests are the systemic analysis of poverty, (gender) inequality and ecological crises. Her focus is on the co-creation of alternative socioeconomic models via commons-based allocation of resources and of a gender analysis of how ‘work’ is defined and valorised.

Read more: Full Circle

Rise Up May 2016

 rise up small

Cloughjordan Arts in association with Cultivate, will host the first of a number of workshops and a one-day symposium exploring the role of the arts in times of transition:

First workshop taking place on Wednesday 18th May, 8pm-10pm, WeCreate Workspace

More workshops TBA.
Symposium in Autumn, date & time TBA. 

It is easy to see and agree on what we don't want, what we want to leave behind. In order to find out where we want to go, the imagination comes into play. Departing from the concept of someone very talented 'possessing' imagination, this evening workshop takes you along a journey of radical imagination as something we do together, as something that grows through conflicts, contradictions and communication.

A one day symposium in Cloughjordan, the birth pace of the poet and patriot Thomas MacDonagh, on the role of the artist and culture creatives in times of transition.
Reflecting on the role of the artist in the rising of 1916, this event will explore the power of the arts and creativity to challenge injustice, individualism and consumerism now.

What is the repsonse of the artistic and creative community to the vexing problems of climate change, social justice and an unsustainable culture?
How can the arts change our sense of what is possible and engage society on climate action?
Can the the arts help convey the strength, optimism, and urgency we need to move to a fair and resilient future?

For full details contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hosted by Cultivate in partnership with Cloughjordan Arts, with support from Tipperary County Council.



Co-Housing: A New Model for Ireland


Co-Housing: A New Model for Ireland
Wednesday 11th May
Full Programme PDF

Cloughjordan Co-Housing in association with Cultivate & Cloughjordan Ecovillage

11.00 - 12.30 Tour of Ecovillage, including the proposed co-housing site, €5 

14.00 - 17.00 Cohousing Seminar - WeCreate Workspace, Cloughjordan Ecovillage €20 

Following on from last year’s ‘Housing Ourselves Co-operatively’ conference held in October 2015, this event will feature discussions and presentations from people involved in the various aspects of developing Co-Housing schemes. The event aims to bring together those interested in setting up a co-housing project, community development and housing agencies, planners, architects and social finance organisations to look at making Co-Housing a reality in Ireland. 

Cloughjordan Co-Housing, who have been working on designing and financing a Co-Housing project in Cloughjordan Ecovillage will share their learning. 

For full details and booking see or contact Davie at davie@cultivate.


Learning Journeys and Study Visits

Group tour

Visit Ireland's Only Ecovillage - Learn about Living and Working Sustainably

Cultivate designs and delivers one to five day programmes for groups around a particular topic or topics of interest related to the transition to a low carbon and resilient society. These can include Green Building and Sustainable Energy, Local Food, Food Security, Community Energy Transition, Local Enterprise, Digital Manufacturing, Community Resilience and Sustainable Living.

We tailor the tours for each group and work with them to devise a personalised itinerary on their specific area of interest.  These study tours can range from one to several days, depending on the itinerary developed, though we recommend at least two days to allow for a more immersive experience.

Cloughjordan is a traditional Irish village which is now also home to the Cloughjordan Ecovillage. This is where we share our experience and knowledge with groups of all ages, sizes and interests.

Activities are based in the Ecovillage and can include tours, talks, practical workshops and social events in Cloughjordan and the surrounding area. We can also work with groups on transport, accommodation and meals. Groups interested in continuing professional development can participate in industry specific workshops and talks.

For more info, options or booking: email devyn [at] cultivate [dot] ie.

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Schools for Resilience Transition Year project

One of the schools we worked with on our Schools for Resilence project was Colaiste Chill Mhantain in Wicklow.

They recently posted a great little video on about their Schools for Reslience Transition Year project.

Click here for the YouTube video

Cooperatives Event June 5th 2015

Communtiy co ops event.001



Date: Friday, June 5th 2015

Cost: €30 (€20 CONCESSION) + €8 Lunch Option. Pay via Paypal

Venue: WeCreate, Cloughjordan Ecovillage, Cloughjordan, Tipperary

This timely event will bring international experts, national thinkers and local entrepreneurs together to inspire and support a co-operative approach to nurturing resilience, livelihoods and new enterprises through community ownership.

Tipperary has a rich tradition of cooperative enterprise and in recent years this has taken off with the community tearoom in Loughmore, the co-operative energy projects in Templederry and Drumbane, as well as the many cooperative initiatives in food and housing at the Cloughjordan Ecovillage.  

Full Event Information (PDF)

* To book or for more info contact Davie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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How Does a Community Find and Tell Its Story?

Story ForumA friendly weekend at the WeCreate Workspace in the Cloughjordan Ecovillage, looking at how we can use stories to bring communities together and inspire others.

Postponed | Contact us if interested | Minimum Fee : €30 per day (includes lunch and refreshments) | More detail (PDF)

This background article, What’s so special about storytelling for social change?, will help give context to this event.

We are running this event at minimum cost and with flexibility so that people can attend either day or both (and with a late start too, to fit with trains coming from Dublin). We ask people to contribute what they reasonably can, over and above the minimum fee, in proportion to the event’s value to them.

To book accommodation, please contact Pa at Django’s Hostel in the Ecovillage on 087 256 9348

For further details, please contact Chris Chapman on 087 243 3691

To book a place, please click on this link.


3-Year Schools for Resilience Comenius Project

comeniusCultivate is looking forward to joining a European team for the Schools for Resilience programme.  The project kicks off in January 2014, and culminates in an event at the Cloughjordan ecovillage in the last year of the project.

This project aims mainly to respond to two needs: First, to introduce a new approach in environmental school education, based on community action and a socio-constructivist approach, in which students will define the most adequate solutions to their local community from a positive and creative way. It will also foster the sense of initiative, entrepreneurship and creativity; and second, to make a reality the 21st century school, being open to the outside world and problems that society faces, innovative in the use of new didactic methods and with a relevant learning and teaching regarding key social challenges.

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The Rise of the Sharing Economy in my Community

by Davie Philip, originally published by Reconomy Project  | Oct 24, 2013

“Our well-being will depend more and more on what we share with others and create together”. - Charles Leadbeater, author of We-Think

As I live and work in rural Ireland, it is the local application of the sharing economy that most interests me.  Cloughjordan is a small heritage village located less than two hours from Dublin and is reachable by train. In the past the village had suffered from population decline and some of its key services were under threat before the ecovillage project first arrived in 2003. The term ecovillage is actually a little misleading, as we are very much a neighbourhood of Cloughjordan that is experimenting with good practice in community regeneration.

The ecovillage project has now attracted over 65 families to move to Cloughjordan contributing to the flourishing of the whole village and is now seen as one of the healthiest communities in Ireland. In the last two years, it has won the National Green Community Award, in 2012 was voted runner up in an ‘Irish Times’ contest looking for the ‘Best Place to Live in Ireland’ and this year has been nominated for an Irish Pride of Place award and a UN award for liveable communities.

Read more: The Rise of the Sharing Economy in my Community

Cultivating Liveable Communities In Tipperary

This week a full day workshop was held in Ennis that explored how we might nurture our communities to be healthier and more sustainable. Over 30 people from different community initiatives from across the county attended the session, which was organised by Clare County Council and held at the Áras Contae an Chláir.
The day focused on how people and groups can work with and learn from each other to sustain the economic, environmental and social well being of our local areas.  Davie Philip and Chris Chapman from Cultivate Living and Learning, a community training organisation based in Cloughjordan, Tipperary, facilitated the workshop.  “This was a great opportunity to engage with other people and groups working for the betterment of our communities and to share knowledge and learn new skills.”  said Joan Tarmey the Environmental Awareness Officer.

Read more: Cultivating Liveable Communities In Tipperary

Community Resilience - What is It?

"Resiliency is like a muscle … that must be developed in advance and consistently exercised to be both strong enough to withstand severe challenges and flexible enough to handle a wide range of unpredictable forces." - Global Resilience Network

“Next generation resilience relies on citizens and communities, not the institutions of state...” - DEMOS - RESILIENT NATION

“Resilience can be defined as the ability of people, communities, and systems to maintain their core purpose and integrity amid unforeseen shocks and surprises.” Andrew Zolli

We are truly living in interesting times. Our economic system is broken, jobs are being lost with many more threatened and levels of anxiety are high. No one can predict the future but what is certain is that we are in the middle of a storm that shows no sign of ending any time soon. To ensure a good quality of life in this context we will need to adopt new ways of living and working and build our ability to cope in these times of rapid change. With a little ingenuity and collaboration we could design community systems that will allow us to not only survive but thrive in this changing world.

The term ‘resilience’ is widely used by ecologists and is defined as the ability of ecosystems to maintain themselves in the face of disturbance. Resilience from a community point of view refers to the capacity of a community to cope with stress, overcome adversity and adapt to change positively.

Read more: Community Resilience - What is It?

2014 Courses at Cloughjordan Ecovillage


VERT (Village Education, Research & Training) at Cloughjordan Ecovillage invites you to attend a course.  See 2014 Calendar.

Courses include those hosted by Cloughjordan Ecovillage, Cultivate (You Are Here), Red Gardens, WeCreate, Cloughjordan Community Farm, Cloughjordan Heritage Group, Cloughjordan Festival and Cloughtoberfest, among others.

Surfing The Waves of Change Short Film

View Cultivate’s animated film, Surfing the Waves of Change... a brief introduction to community resilience through the eyes of a surfer.

This video and the entire Powerdown Show are available as well on our Community Resilience website.

The Powerdown Show DVD

Powerdown Show Logo

the powering up of community, creativity and culture

"Bursting with insightful analysis and creative solutions to the twin challenges of climate change and peak oil, The Powerdown Show is an inspirational pointer to life beyond fossil fuels. Essential viewing – a flash of light in the darkness."
- Rob Hopkins, Founder of the Transition Movement

Read more: The Powerdown Show DVD

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