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Cultivate Members' Meetings - The Harvest Project

people chattingCultivate Members' Meetings have been running once a month for the past five years. In this time we have explored issues relating to sustainability using presentations, films, reports and other resources.

We are now undertaking a research project we’ve called The Harvest Project with the aim of harvesting these resources. The idea is to create a bank of resources for schools, journalists, interested people, etc., on a range of topics we have previously researched.


The topics we will initially focus on include: food, energy, transport, waste, consumer choices, building, economy, resilience (personal and of the community), systems thinking and permaculture.

At our December meeting we agreed to work with Pearltrees where we are gathering our information for The Harvest Project

Pearltrees is a visual and collaborative curation tool that allows us to collect, organise and share URLs we find online (anything from you tube films to reports) as well as to upload personal photos and notes. We can drag and organise collected URLs as pearls (essentially bookmarks) that themselves can be organised in pearltrees. We can then engage in collaborative curation using the feature Pearltrees Teams.

If you are interested to contribute to this project then join us on the second Wednesday of each month at 7pm.

Upcoming dates include:  9 Jan 2013, 13 Feb 2013, 13 March 2013, 10 April 2013, 8 May 2013 & 12 June 2013

All meetings held at our new location.

Facilities are available for members to skype in, or alternatively email us with your favourite resources on sustainable living including films, podcasts, websites, reports, quotes or statistics.

Contact Alice with this form or phone 01 674 5773 for information.


Harvest Project and Systems Thinking / Climate Change in Alice Ryan (aliceryan)

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