Community Climate Coaches

Community Climate Coaches is an exciting ERASMUS + funded partnership of ECOLISE members that is developing a system to train, support and enable community facilitators, mentors, and animators across Europe.

The project aims to build the competency of community catalysts to increase awareness and understanding of climate change in local communities and better facilitate inclusive and systemic transformation at the bioregional level. 

Coaches will be equipped to support the just transition of local bioregions and support the aims of the SDGs , the European Green Deal and national and territorial priorities, through the creation of local Community Climate Resilience Action Plans that will help identify practical and relevant projects to make local communities and their environments more sustainable and resilient to adversity.

The CCC project partners are a mix of larger networks of community-led initiatives and smaller adult education providers. They have complementary expertise in community resilience, social innovation, collaborative working, climate action and online learning.

The project will help contribute to meeting climate targets and making the transition to a low-carbon, just and resilient economy and society. The outputs of this project will ensure communities are empowered and supported to make the changes required to meet these targets. 

We know there is a pressing need for a massive transformative change to a sustainable low carbon future, and that community-based climate action is a key way to bring this change about. Community climate coaches will be trained in creating this change in communities across Europe.

For further information please contact Davie Philip: 

Project Partners
Cultivate – Ireland
Centre for Ecological Learning  Luxembourg
ECOLISE – the European network of communities taking action on climate change
CIENCIAS.ID – Lisbon University
Suomen Kylat RY – The Finnish Villages Association
Resilience Earth SCCL – Catalonya
Hrvatska Permakultura – Croatia