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Members' Book Review - Biodiesel

Biodiesel - Growing a New Energy Economy, by Greg Pahl


Reviewed by Cultivate Member Poul Madsen

In this book, Greg Pahl in a most enthusiastic and encouraging way outlines the great possibilities for Bio Diesel as a replacement for fossil fuels. There is no question in Greg Pahl's eyes, that Bio Diesel could help the world not only to avoid a possible fuel shortage, but at the same help to solve the problem of climate change. Greg Pahl also describes the various feed stock that can be used to produce bio diesel like pure plant oil (PPO), rape seed, jatropha and even used cooking oil.

His book takes us back in the time to the days of the visionary German engineer, Rudolf Diesel. Even Diesel in the late 1800's had visions of replacing fossil fuels by plant oil, and his wonder engine, the Diesel engine, totally wiped out the dominating conventional petrol engines within the areas of ships, rail and lorries.

Also, in the book, you will learn what is being done in other countries, and if you need to start on a contact network between Ireland and other countries, you can find links to many sources abroad. What Greg Pahl doesn't dig much into, is the downside of growing seed for bio diesel - that is the deforestation of the rain forests in the Far East and rising corn prices as well.


If one wishes to start experimenting with Bio Diesel or to even to grow crops in one’s own back garden, this book is a great introduction. You may need some technical guidance from other sources, but with this book you couldn't find more inspiration nor would you feel more encouraged by other books.


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