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  • Convergence 2012 - Call to Action

    Convergence 2012, coinciding with the Rio+20 Earth Summit, aims to highlight, and build upon, the many positive stories, ideas and initiatives emerging across the country. Taking place in venues all around Ireland during the same week as Rio +20, this event provides a positive platform for connecting, transforming and changing mindsets while showcasing the successful steps that many individuals and communities have already taken towards building a fair and resilient Ireland.  Read more...

    CALL TO ACTION:  Click here to contact us with your ideas and input on Convergence 2012.

    Convergence 2012 is a one-day celebration of sustainable development hosted in multiple locations around Ireland featuring:

    • a participative networking event bringing key stakeholders together;
    • an exhibit illuminating the best in sustainability across Ireland, including Government, business and community initiatives; 
  • Members' Specials Through July 2007

    This month members are being offered 20% off all Lilly’s cleaning products and refills

    Made in Ireland, in West Cork, Lilly's Eco Clean cleaning products are completely natural and environmentally friendly. They contain no petro-chemicals, artificial colours, artificial perfumes, artificial preservatives or animal-based ingredients. 

    Also available at Cultivate are refills for Lilly’s washing up liquid, all purpose cleaner and toilet cleaner, to save you wasting even more plastic!

  • This Month's Member Challenge

    Buy No New Plastic for a Month!


    Rules of engagement:  

     If forced to buy plastic, try to stick to pet or high level / pure plastic. 

    Re-using what you already have is allowed, this includes mixed materials like tetrapak.

    In the case of partners/family members etc. not agreeing to the challenge, let them buy plastic, but don't use what it contains. also, try and ask them if it's necessary and stimulate discussion.

    Keep a diary of what was hard / impossible to buy without plastic, what you didn't realise contained plastic, any success or frustration met, any challenges to the challenge, etc.

     Feedback can be sent to and

     Next member meeting 20th March 7pm @

  • Growing Our Green Communities: Environmental Seminar

    Hosted by the Environmental Focus Group of the Dublin Community Forum

    Saturday 5th March 2011 | Registration at 9.30 am | Due to the limited number of places, only those who RSVP may attend.  Please RSVP by Friday, 25th February by telephone 01 222 3259 or email

    This is a diverse environmental seminar which will showcase 6 different environmental and social initiatives within Dublin. Whilst serving to improve local environment and community development, the grass roots projects, that will be discussed, also have the potential to be replicated on a larger scale across Dublin, to fundamentally improve the lifestyle and quality of life within this city.

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  • Cultivate Members' Pot Luck

    Join us for an evening of sharing local food!

    Wednesday 26th October 2011 | 19.00 – 21.00 | €Free | The Greenhouse, Dublin | map |

    What is a potluck? A potluck is an event where a group gathers for a meal, and everyone brings one dish to share with the group.

    Why local and seasonal? Knowing where our food comes from is an important element of sustainability. Trying to prepare only local and seasonal food is a challenge that makes you think about sourcing ingredients.

    What should you bring? Be creative! Bring a dish that shows your cooking skills, your tastes, your culture, but most important, your use of local ingredients  (this is the challenge, however don't worry if not everything you use is local/seasonal!)

    More details: Bring whatever dish you fancy and please also bring a utensil to serve with. The dish should be fully prepared and ready to eat, as no hob or cooker are

  • Members' Meeting 21st May

    Open to all Cultivate Members and volunteersearth.jpg

    This month Roy Angle with be presenting and leading a discussion on 'Worldview'.  Exploring who has a worldview, what is a worldview, aspects of a worldview and relationship between worldview and sustainability issues. 

    We will also be reporting back on success (or otherwise!) of the "buy European for a month" challenge.

    For next month's meeting on 18th June, Poul Madsen will be giving a talk on CHP (Combined Heat and Power). 

  • Apply Now for MA in Community Education, Equality and Social Activism

    For decades community groups, the women's movement and other social justice movements have been the driving force behind equality in Ireland, while global justice activists have highlighted the crisis of climate change and neo-liberalism. As crisis hits, cuts and recession bite, social partnership collapses and popular movements grow, what do we already know about how to change the world? This course brings together experienced activists in community education and social movements with newcomers interested in social justice to create new knowledge and develop alternatives. Will you join us on this learning journey?

     The MA in Community Education, Equality and Social Activism is now halfway through its first, very successful year and applications are open for next year (autumn 2011 - summer 2012).

    The course brings together social movement activists, community educators, grassroots organisers and newcomers interested in social justice. Students and staff work together to bring out what we already know about how ordinary people can challenge structures of oppression and injustice and change the world for the better, to learn from each other and to develop our practice and theory.

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  • Members' Special Offer: May 08


    For all of May members can avail of a 20% discount on the Electrisave which retails at €95.

    The Electrisave is a portable, easy to read electricity monitor designed for both use in the home and small office.

    The electrisave will show you instantly:

    • just how much electricity you are using
    • how
  • Rothar - Bikes for the Community

    rothar Rothar | Broadstone Avenue | Dublin 7 | 086 89556157 | |

    Rothar's is a social enterprise that aims to:

    • collect donated bicycles destined for disposal
    • refurbish used bicycles
    • sell the bicycles and second-hand parts to the community as an affordable, quality transport option
    • train at risk population
    • operate a bicycle workshop where the community can avail of tools and advice for bicycle repairs
    • offer bicycle maintenance classes
    • offer cycling classes to be able to ride in confidence in our busy city
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    You may log into your account at to view details of this transaction.

    Should you have questions about your order, you may call us on 01 674 5773.

    The Cultivate Team

  • Members' Special June 08


    Cultivate Shop is now stocking the DVD of "The Power of Community - How Cuba Survived Peak Oil". (€18)

    When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1990, Cuba's economy went into a tailspin. With imports of oil cut by more than half and food imports cut by 80 percent, people were desperate. This fascinating and empowering film shows how communities pulled together, created solutions, and ultimately thrived in spite of their decreased dependence on imported energy.

    In the context of global peak oil worries, Cuba is an inspiring vision of hope.

    For the month of June, members will receive 20% off the price of this DVD 
  • One Hundred Mornings

    ONE HUNDRED MORNINGS is the award winning debut feature of Writer Director Conor Horgan (The Beholder, Deep End Dance) and Producer Katie Holly for Bl!nder Films. Starring Ciaran McMenamin (The Last Confession of Alexander Pearce, Primeval), Alex Reid (The Descent, Guinea pigs) Rory Keenan (Intermission, Zonad), Kelly Campbell (Bachelors Walk, Sensation), the film also features the exceptional photography of DoP Suzie Lavelle, who won the Irish Film and Television Award for Best Cinematography 2010. VIEW TRAILER | Follow us on twitter @100mornings

    Set in a world upended by a complete breakdown of society, two couples hide out in a lakeside cabin hoping to survive the crisis. As resources run low and external threats increase, they forge an uneasy alliance with their self-sufficient hippie neighbour.  With no news from the outside world they can’t know how long they must endure living in such close quarters, and with such limited supplies.

    In making One Hundred Mornings we sought to show as realistic a portrayal as possible of a rapid

  • Low Carbon Futures - Challenge Europe

    We are looking for the brightest, boldest and best minds in Europe.  Have you got what it takes?

    Climate change is real. Something needs to be done to make a difference and accelerate change to a Low Carbon Future.  The time to stop talking and start acting is NOW.  The British Council and its local partners are looking for bright young people from the island of Ireland who can make this happen.

    WHO -- Are you aged between 18 and 35?  Can you commit approximately 12 hours of your time each month over the next year?

    WHAT --  If selected, you will be offered the chance to explore solutions to climate challenges with other bold and bright people across the island of Ireland and Europe.  You will participate in local and international visits and study tours, develop long-lasting networks, interact with leaders, public figures and specialists from different sectors of society, share best practice across Europe and promote unique ideas that will accelerate change to a Low Carbon society...

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  • Members' Meeting 18th June 2008

    Talk on Combined Heat & Power - Speaker: Poul Madsen

    18 June 2008 | 7pm | Open to all Cultivate Members and Volunteers


    Combined Heat & Power (CHP) is not a new and advanced technology at all.  It simply combines two areas, heating and power generation, that both burn off massive amounts of raw materials in order to produce the desired outcome. Producing heat, for example, for heating a building has a fairly high degree of effeciency.  Typically 85 % of the energy in the raw material can be utilised.  However, to produce electricity typically means a loss of a vast amount of energy.  For coal fired power plants only 40-45 % of the energy can be transformed into useful electricy. This waste of fuel can greatly be reduced by combining heat and power production. The heat from the generation of electricity is utilised in the heating of buildings, thus increasing the effeciency to

  • Members Special October 08

    How many members does it take to change a lightbulb?ecopal lightbulb.jpg

    Cultivate stocks Ecopal CFL lightbulbs.  Both 15w (75w equivalent) and 20w (100w equivalent) in the traditional bulb shape for screw top and bayonet.  These bulbs cost only €5.65 which is great value considering the length of their life. 

    To make it even easier to change your light bulbs, this month we are offering members 20% discount on all Ecopal CFL lightbulbs. 


  • Good Food on the Public Plate

    International Workshop

    Friday 9th May | 9am | Dublin Food Cooperative | 12 Newmarket, Dublin 8

    An international workshop examining ways of raising food quality standards in hospitals, schools, care-homes by making public food catering, healthier and more ecologically sustainable.

    Organised by AlimenTerra, the European association of organic farming organisations and sustainable food systems.

    Please contact Clive Peckham for further information and bookings at or  Pauric Cannon at Dublin Food Co-op Tel 01 4544258.  Organic and Fairtrade refreshments available.

    To get there: see map at

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  • Cultivate Joins EdenBee - Won't You?

    Have you joined the exciting new social networking site for climate change and environmental issues called EdenBee?  This novel idea is an Irish-based internet concept with the endeavor of tapping into the wisdom of the crowd to help tackle Climate Change.

    The idea is that people measure their footprint, then set goals, either from an Edenbee selection or from their own creativity, that enable them to reduce their personal emissions and environmental impact. The site allows other Edenbees to see these intentions and ask questions and create discussions about how to best achieve these goals. Groups can be set up and it has the potential to become a very powerful movement.

    Cultivate has a new group:  Please join us in our discussions there.  

  • October Members' Meeting

    DIY Solar & Wind Powerdiywindturbine.jpg

    with Poul Madsen 

    21st October @ 7pm 

    Many people have taken the step to creating renewable energy at home - this can be expensive and you may have to pay hundreds of Euros for a solar panel system and wind turbine, unless ... you are willing to research and experiment and do it DIY! 

    Tonight's talk takes you through the speakers own experiences in composing a simple system and setting up a homemade wind turbine. It's not difficult to reach a level where you charge mobile phones, camera batteries, electric shavers etc. Perhaps this talk could inspire you to get off to the start you want!


  • Renewable Energy Sources, by Ewan Chambers

    Why and what elements of the current system are unsustainable

     Modern societies consume huge amounts of energy - to heat homes and offices, fuel transport systems, power industry and generate electricity. Ireland is no exception; and as our economy grows, so does our demand for energy.

     Today, most of this energy is produced using fossil fuels such as gas, oil, coal and peat. We now know that large-scale use of fossil fuels is unsustainable in the long term. They are finite resources -which will one day run out. Burning them releases vast quantities of carbon dioxide, a potent greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere. Other emissions released in fossil fuel combustion cause acid rain. Ireland now imports over 85% of the fuel required for energy production, which is clearly insecure if not unsustainable.

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  • Amma Visits Dublin

    International Humanitarian and Peace Prize Winner

    Wednesday 19th & Thursday 20th November | National Show Centre Dublin - R132 - Swords Rd, 1 km from Airport | Admission free | Information about the programme:

    Two Days Programme (admission any time): Live Music - Spiritual Talks - Meditation - and a Very Special Hug from Amma;  Also: Bookstalls, Ayurveda, Massages, Delicious Food and much more

    “It was like being dipped into the soul of love. It’s extraordinarily life-giving.”
    - A visitor to Amma’s 2007 visit to Dublin

    Who is Amma?

    Known as the “Hugging Saint”, Amma is, for some, a compassionate mother, for others a great humanitarian, a humble servant, a healing presence, or a spiritual teacher who’s unconditional love transcends all boundaries of nationality, colour and creed.

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  • Triskel Flower Farm

    website  |  triskelflowerfarm[at]

    Self-Sufficiency Lifestyle Project 

    Triskel Flower Farm has available half of an Organic smallholding with sole use of large polytunnel/fruit orchard/herb gardens, etc.  Accommodation comprises double sleeping loft/mezzanine bedroom in your own private, warm, restored cottage. Rent is €100 per week per person to an interested couple (over 18) or single person aiming for sustainability here on the Ox Mountains in West Co.Sligo.  Contact Maggie Hedge.

  • Woodcollective Exhibition of Collaborative Works: 2006-2010

    Running as part of Design Week 2010 and Innovation Dublin Festival 2010

    Monday - Friday | 9.30am - 5pm | The Greenhouse, St Andrew St, D2 (map)

    A collaborative project between Architects, Landscape Architects/Designers,


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  • Home & Hearth-Side Skills Exchange w/ Judith Hoad

    At Judith Hoad’s Home in South West Co. Donegal

    Making buttons & toggles, Handspinning wool, Making a braid loom and much more.... 

    This series of working weekends with Judith is organised to welcome participants on Friday evenings with a simple meal. Up to six people can be accommodated. There are two bedrooms, each with a pair of adult sized bunks and one double bed sleeping loft in the main living room. The Saturdays will be spent with Judith showing and assisting in the learning of a selection of simple skills that have fallen out of fashion during the last generation or so. The Sundays, up to 3pm, will be spent by the participants undertaking tasks around the inside and outside of Judith’s home; these may be home decorating, or hedge cutting, or firewood splitting, gardening etc. etc.  Please note that this work is an obligatory part of the weekend, because it represents the payment – no money changes hands, just effort.

    Judith is offering these weekends on the third weekends of each month until July, 2009.  This may be extended, depending on the interest.  Judith has other skills, not listed here, which may be useful. 

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  • Cultivate Magazine

    cultivate magazine cover The Optimising Energy Issue - Printed 2006

    This magazine was, and still is, ahead of its time.  We have sold out of them (they are now collector's items Wink) but you can still enjoy reading most of the articles online .  

    Some highlights of the contents:

    In For a Shock
    C. J. Campbell writes on the dawning of the Second Age of Oil

    The Natural Step
    Torbjörn Lahti on sustainability and the eco-municipality framework

    Catch and Store Energy


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  • Master Composter Volunteer Training Programme

    Course Detail: Stop Food Waste

    Do you want to become a Master Composter?  Local Authorities in Dublin are now recruiting volunteer Master Composters for two different training sites in the North and South of the city. In South Dublin contact Kate Hynes in Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council (01-2054344) or Sorcha O'Brien in South Dublin County Council (01 4149000 ext 4288) for further information (starting the 14th of April). In North Dublin contact Sandra Smith in Dublin City Council (01-2224562) or Edwina Dunford in Fingal County Council (01-8906768) (starting May 10th). The courses are great fun so if you are up for it, get in touch. More information is available in the PDF downloads above. 

  • What is Second Republic?


    Second Republic is a movement of people who are organising to campaign for the establishment of a National Convention in Ireland. That convention, like one currently running in Iceland, will re-examine every facet of how we organise ourselves as a State.

    The current crisis leaves no doubt that our State, as it is currently established, is unfit to properly manage our affairs.  A state that becomes as indebted as Ireland is clearly in need of reform. We want to take this moment and see it not as a time of despair but as an opportunity to rebuild.

    Our campaign is one that seeks to put the question of Ireland’s future in the people’s hands. And you can join in too!

    Setting the agenda for reform

    Second Republic is about setting an agenda, not pushing a particular vision of Ireland. We want to place genuine political reform at the forefront of a national debate and see the People of Ireland decide the shape a reborn Ireland should take.

  • Art of Breathing Course - To lIve without stress.

    Friday 15th - Tuesday 19th April 2011 | Unemployed €50 (80% Discount!!!) | Employed €250 and bring a friend for free (i.e. 50% Discount) | Times: F / M / T: 19.00 - 22.00 & Sat / Sun 10.00 - 15.00 (All sessions must be attended) | Cultivate, The Greenhouse, 17 St Andrew St, Dublin (map) | | Bookings: | On Facebook

    Why take the course?· To live without stress.· The degree to which stress unduly influences our lives is generally underestimated: Often the mind clings on to anger, guilt, or regret about the past, or is plagued by anxiety and worry about the future. This oscillation of the mind causes tension and stress both for ourselves and for the people around us and leads to reduced effectiveness in action. Breath is the link between body and mind, and thus is the key to handling our mind and negative emotions, and releasing our true potential - at work, at home, and at leisure.

    In light of current economic hardship, and in celebration of the


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  • ecoescape: Ireland handbook to green travel in Ireland

    ecoescape: Ireland is a new handbook to green travel in Ireland. Written by Irish travel writer, Catherine Mack, this new guide follows the recent successful launch of ecoescape: UK. In this groundbreaking book, Catherine gives a personal insight into her top 50 ecoescapes around the country which she has visited over the last six months. Full of practical details, including a Slow Travel Toolkit, ecoescape: Ireland helps travellers find ways to responsible escapism closer to home, and provides international visitors greener options for their travels around Ireland, both North and South.

    Eco-travel begins at home. Which is why ecoescape promotes travel in the UK and Ireland. Here tourism businesses, including hotels and attractions, are cutting emissions, sourcing locally, generating their own energy, moving off-grid and encouraging travellers and visitors to do the same. Through the books and ecoescape’s website at, ecoescape provides a platform for Irish businesses to shout about what they do and to connect ecoescapers to the changes that are making the world a greener place.

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  • How to Build a Wind Turbine

    wind turbine.jpg

    "How to Build a Wind Turbine" Workshop with Hugh Piggott

    8th - 13th September 2008 |  Crann Og, Gort, Co Galway

    Hugh Piggott, designer, author and world renowned expert on wind power, is leading a six day course in which the participants learn as much as they are personally capable of learning about small wind turbine design and construction.

    For more information go to

  • OOOOBY Store

    carrots.jpgNew store has opened in Glenealy Landscape Centre, Glenealy, Co Wicklow!

    Local produce, food growing, ecological products, crafts and fairtrade.  

    Carraig Dúlra organic farm is pleased to announce the opening of Ireland's first OOOOBY (Out Of Our Own Back Yard).  The non-profit store’s aim is to support the local full food circle from growing to buying to preparing food, through encouraging the creation of a community network.  Come meet the producers, share & exchange skills & information in a friendly relaxed atmosphere.

    Open from 9-5 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and from 11-2 on Saturdays. 

    Check it out online at


  • Irish Green Gathering

    The Alternative Festival for the Weekend of 17-19 August 2007

    This August it will be all things green and sustainable at lovely Woodbrook Estate, under the Blackstairs Mountains, Co. Wexford. This brand new, non-profit three day festival will be run on renewable energy only and will be full of Eco friendly events and fantastic music.

    Starting off with famous Irish fiddler Frankie Gavin and his Hibernian Rhapsody group on the Friday evening and going on with...

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  • Transition Network Gathering 30th July 2011

    Ireland NASA photoSaturday 30th July 2011 | 11.00 to 16.00 | The Greenhouse, St Andrew St, D2 (map) | See more details and RSVP on Transition Ireland and Northern Ireland

    The main aim of this meeting will be to explore what structures are needed for Transition Ireland and Northern Ireland to move forward and what activities will take place over the next year. Anyone involved or interested in how we make the transition is most welcome to attend.

    The existing TINI Steering Group is now voluntarily dissolving and a new form of network group will be initiated by those that attend and will continually evolve as required by those that come forward to do so. This will embody an open door policy with a welcome to anybody on this island who wishes to contribute in a meaningful and relevant way to our network. 

  • Liberties/Marrowbone Regeneration Project Seeks Environmental Consultant

    CLOSING DATE: 1st February 2008

    1.    Background

    The Marrowbone Regeneration Project within Dublin City Council (DCC) wishes to appoint a consultant to develop an Environmental Action Plan, based upon the principles of Local Agenda 21, for the regeneration of the Marrowbone area which comprises areas known as the Liberties, Pimlico and the Grand Canal Harbour/Basin Lane. The action plan will identify opportunities for environmental enhancement and make recommendations in relation to the implementation of action-based and results-focused environmental projects.

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  • Vanishing of the Bees

    Tuesday 22nd March 2011 | 7:30pm – 9:30pm | Scoil Mhuire, Gilford Road, Sandymount | €Free (voluntary donations to cover costs)

    Join Transition Sandymount for a free screening of this important film.  See trailer here

    Honeybees have been mysteriously disappearing across the planet, literally vanishing from their hives. Known as Colony Collapse Disorder, this phenomenon has brought beekeepers to crisis in an industry responsible for producing apples, broccoli, watermelon, onions, cherries and a hundred other fruits and vegetables. Commercial honeybee operations pollinate crops that make up one out of every three bites of food on our tables.

    Vanishing of the Bees follows commercial beekeepers David Hackenberg and Dave Mendes as they strive to keep their bees healthy and fulfill pollination contracts across the U.S. The film explores the struggles they face as the two friends plead their case on Capital Hill and travel across the Pacific Ocean in the quest to protect their honeybees.

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  • Reiki

    By Gwendoline McGowan

     reiki.jpg Reiki is a 'hands on healing' technique that traces its roots to Japan and the late 1700's. This method of relaxation and de-stressing has been welcomed into many Irish homes and has more recently found it's way into the business environment.

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  • Environmental Lifestyle Website is an exciting innovative and fun new lifestyle-focused environmental website. Greenme has green living tips, 17 sectors of sustainable activity, a directory with 4000 businesses in it, a range of dedicated blogs, monthly ezines and competitions to incentivise people to lead a greener lifestyle, and more.

    This award winning site will help you achieve a greener lifestyle in realistic, simple and affordable terms. With the national and international drive towards issues such as climate change, the oil crisis and the power of one, more more people are wanting to do their bit but feel that it is a mammoth task. will help you reach your green goals in a fun, social and interactive manner.

  • Sustainable Tourism Ireland

    Sustainable Tourism Ireland (STI) is an organisation which promotes the concept of sustainability within the tourism sector. STI is building a community of like-minded people who shares the same vision and passion in growing sustainable tourism in Ireland.

    Visit the website or for more information contact Sustainable Tourism Ireland on


  • Cultivate at the Electric Picnic 2010

    3rd - 5th Sept 2010 | If you are going to the Electric Picnic this year, come and visit Cultivate in the Global Green.  Together we will be Electric...  

    The Global Green is still the best place to take in some subtle grooves, acoustic sounds and reflect on a better world.  All the usual ingredients will be there along with a few new additions to create a real sense of community at the Picnic.

    Forming the gateway to this year's Global Green and building on the success of last year, Slow Food are back, bigger and smokier than ever in the Slow Tent. Representing some of the countries finest producers they will be offering up wood-fired pizzas, spit roast sandwiches, perfect coffee, and delicious breakfasts all set against the backdrop of homegrown DJs, live music and talks and discussions at the Re-Think Tank (full schedule below).  The Slow Tent will host a community EAT IN – a banquet with table service, and great food from over 21 local producers.

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  • Ovencrafter Hendrik Lepel Presents a 2 day Pizza Oven Workshop

    pizza_oven.jpgSaturday – Sunday 26th & 27th June | 10:00 to 17:00 | €150 includes refreshments | Bookings and further details: Hendrik Lepel | 086 883 8400 |

    During this weekend workshop we will build an earth oven near Mallow. Made out of clay-soil, sand and straw; earthen ovens are simple, low-cost and fun to build. Ideal for baking bread and pizza, earthen ovens are beautiful as well as functional, making wonderful additions to any home garden or patio.

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  • The Green-Door Leitrim Weekend Starts 9th September 2011

    Green Door and Duncan StewartOver 30 homes and buildings open to the public.

    9th - 11th September 2011 | See

    Project manager Jo Lewis says: ‘This is a festival of rural architecture; an opportunity for people to be inspired and encouraged to look at sustainable ways of building, technologies, materials and ways of life. With architects, builders and home-owners on hand to give tours and answer questions, people can get real first-hand honest information. There will also be exhibitions, debates and films to entertain and inspire."

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  • The Cultivate Centre in Garden Heaven

    Pages 54-57, Garden Heaven, July/August 2007

    By Carmel Duignan

    An article that boasts all about Cultivate, our garden and the plants therein.  The final paragraph reads:

    "In these days of global warming and the overuse of limited and scarce resources, a visit to the Cultivate Centre is an opportunity to explore what our world is facing and what we can do about it.  At the same time, those of us who are plant obsessed will find much to enthuse over and to feed our acquisitive habits."

    The entire article and pictures can be browsed on Garden Heaven's website .   

  • New EcoVillage for Ireland

    Live, work play in the community of the future 

    A naturally designed sustainable community is being launched in an area of natural beauty in County Carlow.  Readymade, bespoke and self-build units are available in a green community which has organic growing, community centre, art and work shops, a learning centre.  Low impact, high-value living community objectives include self-sufficiency in energy, water and waste-management. 

    See the introduction online at or contact Tom on +353 59 9155037 or

  • 2007 Cork Rebel Pedal on European Car Free Day

    Cork Rebel Pedal - Saturday 22 September 2007

    Cork Environmental Forum is working with Cork City Council and local cycling groups to organise the Rebel Pedal Parade and street festival for European Car Free Day on Saturday September 22nd. The Rebel Pedal will be the culmination of a week long programme of events marking European Mobility Week in Cork and will be an opportunity to join with cycling enthusiasts young and old in celebration of people-friendly streets. The Rebel Pedal will take in a leisurely 40 minute circuit of the city and will feature some unique bikes from penny farthings to unicycles and sculpture bikes, colourful characters and entertainment. The bike ride departs from Cork Opera House on Emmet Place at 11.30AM and will be followed by an on-street festival at Emmet Place with live music, bicycle-powered refreshments, circus performances, 'pimp my bike', good food, bike doctor clinic, free massage and more.

    You can sign up to take part in the Rebel Pedal by clicking here or just bring your bike along on the day. There will be prizes for Best Dressed Bike and families, individuals and groups are all welcome to take part. More details are available on

  • Fiddlers on the roof

    Page 24, Totally Dublin, July 2007

    By Conor Creighton

    Download here a pdf of: To boldy go where no trees have gone before.  

    Cultivate and the Kaospilots feature in this exposé of "Green Roofs", or the making of gardens on rooftops.  

  • Mark Boyle Signs 'The Moneyless Man'


    Tues 8th June 2010 | 17.30 - 19.00 sharp | €Free | Cultivate at The Greenhouse, St Andrew St, Dublin 2 (map)

    Mark Boyle, former economics graduate and business director and founder of the 'freeconomic' movement in the UK, will be here at Cultivate to sign his new book The Moneyless Man - A year of Freeconomic Living and to discuss his experience living entirely without money for the last 18 months.

    More on The Moneyless Man and to order   |   Mark's Blog

    Imagine a year living without spending or even touching money. Former businessman Mark Boyle did just that; going back to basics; following his own strict rules; learning ingenious ways to eliminate his bills; and discovering that friendship is the only real security.

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  • Save Tara, the Skryne Valley, and the Gabhra Valley

    Can you help save Tara?

    The Save Tara Campaign urgently requires any help and assistance any group, individuals, companies or charities can offer.

    The Save Tara campaign is also online and can be seen in the following websites:  |  | |

    Many people are keeping vigil on the Hill of Tara and Rath Lugh and they all urgently require assistance to place temporary structures insitu to help them maintain their vigil throughout the year, and especially over the coming winter months.

    Assistance would comprise of helping to erect these structures, or supplying materials to enable their construction. It is hoped to build a sweat/heat lodge, (more than one) tepee(s), compost toilets, benders, showers and cooking facilities and also a separate children’s tepee or tent. Yurts are also urgently required.

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  • What Is Tai Chi?

    tai chi model3.jpgBy Jan Golden

    Tai Chi is a powerful series of interconnected flowing martial techniques performed slowly that have significant and long-lasting benefits for the body and mind. The essence of Tai Chi is relaxation through gentle bending, twisting, contracting and extending movements combined with deep diaphragmatic breathing to pump oxygen and blood more efficiently around the body leaving the practitioner feeling vibrant, light, and free from fatigue. With practice, the adept will have excellent coordination, a dramatically improved posture, greater sense of balance, and a heightened sense of vitality without exhaustion.

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  • Health - Mind/body/spirit

    By Judith Hoad

    holistic health.jpg West of the Shannon, many people will ' go for the cure', or 'get a bottle' from someone who has inherited that remedy as a secret recipe. This recipe is usually handed down from father to son, or from mother to daughter. Sometimes the 'cure' arrives by the circumstantial fact of someone's parents bearing the same surname, both before and after marriage - for example, the oldest son of a Gallagher/Gallagher union will have the cure for mumps. In such a culture, that any individual has earned a Diploma to practise a non-conventional, medical discipline is scarcely acknowledged, so long as they can 'cure'. In some societies it takes the literate middle-classes to provide the clientele for non-conventional practitioners, whereas in Ireland everyone is a potential client.

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  • Sustainability

    “Sustainable development” or “sustainable living” is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs in terms of environment and natural resources like water, food, etc. 

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  • Convergence - April 2004

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    News of three ground breaking Sustainable Regeneration events taking place at the seventh Convergence Festival in Dublin on April 20 to 22.

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    1. The Natural Step for Communities
    Keynote Address by Swedish planner Torbjorn Lahti
    Wednesday, April 20, 20.00 - 22.00
    Sustainability may seem like one more buzzword and cities and towns may appear to be the last places to change, but in his lecture, 'The Natural Step for Communities', Torbjorn Lahti will provide inspiring examples of communities that have made dramatic changes toward sustainability. He will use his experience to show how communities
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