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  • Biofuels and Food Security ? Are They Compatible?

    Friday 13 June, Metropole Hotel, Cork  | 9.00 am – 6.00 pm |

    Ethical Development Action is hosting a one-day conference on Biofuels and Food Security on Friday 13 June 2008, immediately following after the FAO Summit on World Food Security and the Challenges of Climate Change and Bioenergy in Rome the previous week. (Flyer)

    The conference brings together speakers from the developed and developing world to assess the impact of biofuels on global food security, at a time when staple food prices are at record highs and food riots are becoming a common occurrence in developing countries. 

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  • Refills @ Cultivate

    Cultivate is pleased to announce a new  range of cosmetics in our refill section. pouring.jpg

    You can now refill: 

    Algaran Seaweed Shampoo 

    Faith in Nature Aloe Vera Shampoo

    Faith in Nature Seaweed Shampoo

    Dr Bronner's Magic Soap - Lavendar (hand & body wash)

    All this is in addition to our wide range of cleaning product refills which include: washing up liquid, laundry liquid, fabric softener, all purpose cleaner, hand wash, floor soap and toilet cleaner.  Also, in case you were wondering, our refill containers are themselves returned and refilled!

    So save on plastic  and refill @ Cultivate! 

  • Training 4 Transition

    transition teacher

    Transition Ireland & Northern Ireland (T.I.N.I.) - the network for communities building local resilience    

    Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd October 2010 | All Day | Glenhordial Permaculture Farm | Omagh | Booking; Ring Alex 086 3855333 or email

    We are pleased to announce the third Training 4 Transition to be held on this island and in keeping with our policy to serve our widespread member distribution we are having this one in Omagh, Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland. The last one was in Ennistymon, co Claire, and the one before in Dublin. Please download this flyer, Training for Transition Omagh.pdf, for all the details.   Transition is a process to help communities find new ways of coping with the challenges we face. This course is a must do, for those who are serious about starting, running or participating and maintaining a Transition Initiative, full of good information and useful techniques, to help you and your fellows Transitioner's.

  • The 6th Annual Walk Your Talk Conference

    16–19 November 2008 |  At Buckland Hall, in the Brecon Beacons

    The Association of Sustainability Practitioners presents:

    ‘Leave your Heart at the Door!’

    Can we afford to work without heart?

    We invite you to be among the sixty participants at Walk Your Talk 2008.  Whether you’re an entrepreneur or executive, artist or activist, inventor or investor, consultant or student, policy maker or facilitator, Walk Your Talk is an excellent source of inspiration for those seeking a more sustainable way of living.

    This year’s theme – ‘Leave your Heart at the Door!’ – gives you the chance to explore, both practically and personally, the role of the heart in your work.  Is it possible to reconcile our heads and our hearts?  How do we create a heart-based culture in an organisation?  Do the terms ‘corporate social responsibility’, ‘diversity’, and ‘sustainability’ mean anything without heart?  Are we all running around like heartless chickens, or can we lead from the heart?

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  • Earth Hour 2010 - Your time to take action | 27th March 2010 at 8.30pm

    The Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, Mr. John Gormley, T.D., is urging everyone across Ireland to join with one billion people around the globe in taking part in Earth Hour by turning off the lights in their homes and businesses. This is the fourth annual Earth Hour and one billion people, in more than 1000 cities around the world are expected to take this symbolic action against climate change.  Minister Gormley hopes people at home and businesses all around Ireland will follow suit.

    In Dublin, public buildings including Government buildings, Leinster House, the Custom House, and the Four Courts will be turning off their lights for Earth Hour.

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  • 1st International Hemp Building Seminar

     17th & 18th June 2008 | Kenmare Bay Hotel | Kenmare, Co Kerry

    The huge amount of interest in Hemp Building from around the world, has prompted Steve Allin, author of the book "Building with Hemp' to organise the first International Hemp Building Seminar, in Ireland this June. This timely event will feature on the first day a variety of presentations given by leading Hemp Builders and experts from all over the globe. It will also include machinery demonstrations of spraying hempcrete and specialist plastering of the hemp building system on day two.

    To book a place & get more info go to: or email:  hempbuilding[at]

  • The Schumacher Certificate in Education for Sustainability

    Education: Join the Revolution!

    A part-time vocational programme in holistic, transformative education

    • Are you a facilitator, educator or change agent?
    • Are you looking for a radical, practical and supportive learning experience to support a new project or a shift in practice?
    • Are you keen to explore the big questions and create innovative responses with a diverse community of experts and peers?
    • Or do you know someone who is...?

    This action-learning programme is recruiting for students for 2009. The first module starts 16th February and we're open for applications and interviews now.

    See the website | Contact:  Toni

  • My environment, my film - competition and workshop

    Register and find out more at

    When was the last time you saw a movie or TV programme that really inspired you to look at the environment in a different way? Did you become more aware of nature? Did you think more about a problem facing our surroundings? Or maybe you felt there was something you could do in your daily life to bring about change?

    Well the EU Commission in Ireland, Cultivate and Darklight are inviting you to make a short movie on "Your Environment". The theme could be anything from climate change to positive steps that we can take to protect our local environment. The choice is yours.

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  • Hemp Plaster Course with Steve Allin

    Sat, 25 Oct 2008 | 9.00 am- 4.30 pm | Rusheens, Kenmare, Co. Kerry

    This course with hemp expert Steve Allin includes a presentation on hemp building techniques and tuition and hands on experience of the mixing, application and finishing of hemp plaster.

    Price €90. Tea/coffee breaks and lunch included. To book email

    Tel 064 41747 |

  • Vegetarianism & Veganism

    vegetarian and veganism.jpg

    By The Vegetarian Society of Ireland

    A vegetarian is someone who does not consume meat, fish or fowl and who aims to avoid the use and consumption of battery hen eggs and slaughterhouse by-products in food, clothing, cosmetic and household products.

    A vegan is one who adopts a way of living which seeks to exclude all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose. In dietary terms veganism refers to the practice of dispensing with all animal produce - including eggs, animal milks, honey and their derivatives.

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  • Launch of Galway?s Youth & Community Green Maps

    Launch of Youth and Community Maps:  Galway City Museum on Friday the 23rd of November at 10 am.  Followed up with a half day workshop from 11am to 2pm exploring Practical Tools for Sustainability for use in Local Authorities. Both events are free and open to all.

    November 2007: Over 100 primary and post-primary students from all over Galway city have been involved in creating a Youth Green Map for the City. This map highlights the places in Galway city that are most important to these students. These include best walks around the city, youth friendly places and popular recreation and sports areas.

    The Youth Green Map for Galway
    is part of a larger project being undertaken by the Department of Geography, NUI, Galway in association with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Galway City Council.

    Another wider Community Map has also been produced, which represents a holistic representation of the city of Galway, and of the places and things that people value in the community. Many groups from around the city have been involved in creating this map of the city they live in.

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  • Co-housing

    By Robert Alcock - Dublin Co-housing Group.

    co housing.jpg For many people, the city is a place of isolation and sterility. Few know their neighbours, and getting out to meet friends and family can be expensive, tiresome and, for the old and the immobile, near-impossible. Genuine neighbourhoods, places where "community" is more than a political buzz-word, are being replaced by apartment blocks that look like luxury jails, with barred windows and electronic gates. Meanwhile, in the suburbs, identical rows of ugly boxes are spreading across the countryside in every direction. Both are cold, heartless and outrageously expensive places to live. Whatever this fury of construction is doing, it certainly isn't bringing housing within the reach of ordinary people. But what alternative is there?

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  • Genetically Engineered Food

    genetically engineered.jpg

    For many centuries, human societies have been breeding wild plants in order to confer traits that make them easier to grow or to eat. Unlike traditional breeding, genetic engineering allows scientists to cross plants in a manner that would never happen in nature. A rose would never naturally cross with the potato for example, since there are natural limits which prevent genes mixing between unrelated species.

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  • Weaving St. Brigid?s Celebration

    Friday 1st February 2008 | 7.30pm – 9.30pm

    • Honouring Brigid, Spring and our Intentions for the new year
    • Celtic wheel and music with Sound Meditation
    • Join Celtic Meditation Group and guest Gabriella Kapfer “Songbird”

    At: Clarendon St  Conference Centre, Clarendon Street, Dublin 2 (Parallel to Grafton st. entrance opposite Brown Thomas carpark)

    For more information call Hannah on   031 219 6352 or email:

    Gabriella, “Songbird”, Peace Troubadour & Sound Healer, allows the sounds and songs from nature to flow through her to create frequencies of healing and wholeness for Nature, the Earth and all living beings with Cello, Voice, Gongs & Singing Bowls

  • 2008 REBEL PEDAL! - Cork's Giant Bicycle Parade & Picnic Party

    Presented by Cork Environmental Forum and Cork City Council

    Saturday 20th September 2008 

    Expect to see a splash of colour on the streets of Cork on Saturday 20th September when cycling enthusiasts of all ages descend on Cork City for Cork Environmental Forum's Rebel Pedal Parade!

    Members of the public are invited to choose pedal power on the day and join a leisurely circuit of the city starting in Alfred St. at 11.30am. Registration can be completed online or on the morning, and the first 500 riders to register will receive a free, stylish gift on their arrival.

    The Rebel Pedal! Parade will conclude at the Atlantic Pond where there will be a lively and entertaining picnic party from 1.00pm to 5.00pm. You can bring your picnic or buy food on site (Doubledecker Bus).

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  • Education

    By Pearse O'Shiel - Coolenbridge Steiner School.

    education_m.jpg Education is a central concern for each community. A community becomes sustainable only so long as it can articulate its values and allow these values to underpin the education of its children. When a community allows values that do not take account of its own particular ethos it relinquishes responsibility for its own survival as a distinctive community, allowing outside forces to impose their agenda.

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  • Re-creation

    By Ben Whelan 

    recreation_m.jpgIn general we enjoy more leisure time today than we did in the past. The future holds even more promise for extending the time we can spend creatively. With excellent resource-saving technology and ideas, such as alternative energy and permaculture, becoming available we can look to a future where intelligent design can free up much of the time previously spent on making a living. This means that in the long run there is practically no good reason why we should spend most of our time making money. We would expect, then, that people would feel more creatively fulfilled. Unfortunately, as with most things, leisure has become just another commodity.

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  • The Pipe Screening Tonight

    Wednesday 23 March 2011 TONIGHT·| Door 7.30pm, Screening 8.00pm | €10 | Sugar Club - Dublin

    There is a Charity Screening of the Pipe in the Sugar Club tonight for An Taisce.  See:

  • Sustainable Materials & Healthy Buildings

    By Brian O'Brienhealthy buildings.jpg

    Conventional building materials are very problematic, being predominantly made from synthetic compounds(up to 75% of a typical building's make-up)they mean our homes and workplaces are unhealthy and increasingly lethal to the environment. Some (including the dioxins associated with PVC, asbestos etc) are defined as known carcinogens.

    These materials are almost all oil based and as such require massive amounts of energy (and create massive amounts of pollution) in construction. The most important choice from an environmental point of view is the question of: how much energy (embodied energy) goes in to the mining, processing, transporting and use of the material. Next we have to consider the durability of the building and what will happen to the material after its reaches the end of its life.

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  • Slow is Beautiful Residential Weekend

    Friday evening 14th until Sunday 16th November | Drumalis Retreat Centre, Larne

    "There is time for everything under the sun." 

    Explore the ideas of "slow" - slow places, slow cities, slow design. Further details and booking form available here or phone  048 28272196 / 28276455. Cost is £70 stg residential / £50 stg non-residential /attendance only for the main day - Saturday - is possible, at a reduced charge of £25 stg

    For journey planner go to

  • Steiner / Waldorf Education: Public lecture series

    Thursday 9th September 2010 (2nd in series) | Pertaining to all nights in series: 7.30pm | €10 entry to cover costs / ISKA members €5 (you can join on the night) | Contact: or 087 614 8979 | The Greenhouse, St Andrew St, D2 (map)

    Freedom, Equality, Solidarity
    What does it mean to be free and equal at the same time?
    How can I experience myself as a brother/sister to others?
    We will look at how we can begin to re-balance relationships in our communities and in society?

    Thursday 21st October 2010 (3rd in series) 

    Re-Imagining the Future
    Can we begin to discern elements of the emerging future?
    Contemplative Enquiry as a tool for this.

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  • Organic Wine

    organic wine-.jpg

    By Joan Casey

    Organic wines come from grapes like "normal" wines, they look and smell like "normal" wines and contain alcohol like "normal " wines. The difference is that organic wines are produced without man-made pesticides, fertilisers or flavour enhancers. This leads to fewer allergic reactions, less toxic hangovers and truer regional characters and tastes. No wonder so many organic wines win awards. They are simply wines made the age old way, without recourse to modern chemicals.

    For a wine to be deemed organic, a recognised organic certification body must approve it. In France, the top three bodies are Ecocert, Nature en Progres and Terre et Vie. Individual country organic associations in most cases recognised by IFOAM, the International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements, carry out certification of organic wines. IFOAM is an umbrella body that co-ordinates and stringently regulates the very best organic practices.

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  • Community Growers Fund

    kids gardening

    A fund established by the Mount Street Club Trust at The Community Foundation for Ireland

    Do you have a green space lying idle? No money to do anything with it? Why not turn it into a community garden? A new fund entitled ‘The Community Growers Fund’ established at The Community Foundation for Ireland is set to assist unemployed people by getting them involved in the development of community allotments or gardens in Dublin city and county. The fund which is being created by The Mount Street Club Trust (MSCT) will provide grants to groups in Dublin who have the capacity to work with the unemployed and can provide space for the development of a garden. The Community Foundation which is an experienced philanthropic and grant making organisation is assisting in this part of the fund.

    The first round closes for applications on Friday 29th October 2010. Projects must be located in Dublin city or county.

    Click here for the Community Growers Fund Criteria
    Click here for the Community Growers Fund Application Form

  • Building a Global Justice Movement in Ireland

    Comhlámh , in alliance with the Africa Centre, Debt and Development Coalition and Latin America Solidarity Centre, host a conference on movement building and global solidarity. We will have a series of exciting events taking place over the weekend including workshops, panel discussions with activist speakers from the Global South and Ireland, music and much more!  Mark the date down in your diary now!

    People Acting Together for Radical Change and a Just World

    Launch of Bloom: Friday 7th November 2008
    7- 10pm | Cultivate Centre | 15-19 Essex Street West, Temple Bar, Dublin 8

    Celebrate the launch of Bloom with us! And hear words of inspiration on movement building from internationally renowned activists Oscar Olivera from Bolivia, Njoki Njehu from Kenya and Eyad Burnat from Palestine.

    Bloom's First Activist Forum- Movement Building for Global Justice: Saturday 8th November 2008
    10am- 6pm | The Teachers Club | 36 Parnell Square West, Dublin 1
    Followed by a Dance!  | 8pm - till late

    To register for this event, email  |  Registration: Employed: €5, Unwaged: Free (Registration covers tea/coffee, light refreshments and entertainment)

  • Dublin Buddhist Centre Art Exhibition and Silent Auction

    The Dublin Buddhist Centre is delighted to announce that we have purchased a new premises in the very heart of Dublin, at No. 5 James Joyce Street, Dublin 1!

    Check our website for more details.

    To celebrate our new home, and to continue with our fundraising campaign to refurbish the new centre, we are holding an art exhibition and silent auction, showcasing original work donated by some of our very talented artists.

    Date: Wednesday November 7th

    Time: Exhibition available for viewing all day. Auction begins at 7pm.

    Venue: Filmbase, Curve Street, Dublin 2

    Please do come to this exciting group exhibition and take the opportunity to treat yourself to an investment, or to a great Christmas gift for yourself or a friend!   Your support will make a real difference, indirectly affecting thousands of people who benefit from attending our centre, learning meditation and yoga, and exploring meaning and value in their lives. 


  • Go Bananas for Fairtrade

    Go Bananas for Fairtrade 

    Be part of the world's biggest banana-eating record attempt this Fairtrade Fortnight. Eat a Fairtrade banana anytime between noon on Friday 6 March and noon on Saturday 7 March to show your support for Fairtrade.  It will unite all stakeholders: campaigners, licensees, retailers, and people in other countries in an international record breaking event.

    Make it happen. Choose Fairtrade.

    ... highlighting the positive difference to both people and planet consumers can make by choosing Fairtrade.

    Two billion people - a third of humanity - still survive on less than $2 a day. Unfair trade keep them in poverty, but they face the global challenges of food shortages and climate change too. Fairtrade is a people's movement for change that aims to tip the balance of trade in favour of poor producers. Fairtrade is needed more than ever and we all have the power to create positive change for people and


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  • Michael Reynolds (Garbage Warrior) Lecture

    michael reynolds "Sustainable Autonomy for Everyone" S.A.F.E.

    19 May 2012 | 2-4pm | Sugar Club | €15 per person | Limited seating available | More info and tickets at

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  • Natural Birth

    By Judith Crowe 

    What do you think about when you see the word "Birth"? Images of pain, danger, blood? Or do you revel in the opportunity for enrichment, inspiration, empowerment and the understanding that comes with the tenderness of seeing a new life begin? The way we were born shapes our perceptions and expectations of birth and of life. What happens at birth imprints itself very deeply into our psyches, into our very way of being in our bodies on the earth. So it follows that to create a sustainable, peaceful society we change the way we do birth.

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  • New at Cultivate: Natural Fine Art Materials

    Earth & Rowan Natural Fine Art Materialsearth&rowan.jpg

    Cultivate is pleased to announce our new range of natural fine art materials free of petro-chemical ingredients

    Products include Liquid Watercolour, Egg-Oil paint, Pastels and Raw Drawing materials including Willow Charcoal, Red Sanguine Chalk, Raw Sienna and Chunks of Graphite.

    These special colours have been formulated to give maximum colour expression, using pigments derived from natural compounds. The earth pigments are derived from original mines within the European Union and plant colours are naturally expressed from 100% vegetable compounds. The animal based products are farmed Cochineal, for Carmine Lake and ink-sac of the Cuttlefish for Sepia ink (fishing industry bi-product).The binding systems are derived from 100% natural ingredients without injury in the case of the animal products (milk, egg).

  • Energy And Technology

    By Barney Walshenergy and technology.jpg

    Whatever the answers turn out to be in our current debates over the major issues of today, such as climate change, genetically modified foods, agribusiness, or our continuing predilection for making war upon each other, it will be seen, if time allows, that Energy usage is at the heart of all these matters. For better or worse we are now, right across our Planet, an Energy-dependent species. When we say Energy, we mean Fossil Fuel derived Energy, or more ominously, nuclear Energy. We know, quite without question, that although this Energy is apparently end-of-pipe cheap like never before, it has inherently high costs with respect to our health, climate and social sustainability.

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  • Transport

    By Graham Lightfoottransport 2.jpg

    We've become dependent on the car - or so we're told. That's amazing really when the majority of us don't drive; we walk, cycle, use public transport and travel in a car as a passenger or don't travel at all. In Dublin, only one in three owns a car and in the rural areas it's an even higher percentage. Even so, access to places of employment, education, training, shopping and recreation has become increasingly difficult without use of a car. It seems that planning for the car has taken precedence over planning for other modes.

    Our level of car ownership is still much lower than most other EU countries, but car owners in Ireland make far more journeys by car than in many other EU countries. Public transport is considered to be for losers and poor people. The hullabaloo about the introduction of the Stillorgan Quality Bus Corridor concentrated on the problems it will cause for car users (the people who cause traffic congestion) not on the benefits to the bus user, the cyclist and the pedestrian (the people who suffer from traffic congestion).

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  • Balancing The Local With The Global

    Fr Harry Bohan is the current chair of Rural Resource Development Ltd. He is a priest of the Diocese of Killaloe, based in Shannon. 'People are crying out for meaning and community,' is the message he takes from his work. He has written widely on the subject of Christianity, spirituality, community and economic development. His books include 'Ireland Green', 'Roots in Changing Society', and 'Hope Begins at Home'.

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  • A Natural Way Of Building

    By Rob Hopkinsstraw.jpg

    It is a beautiful summers' evening in Mallow, and a group of people are relaxing after a hard day's work, building the first straw bale house in Co. Cork.

    As the rays of the evening sun stream into the house, the straw is turned a beautiful golden orange. The house is circular in shape, and on this first day the walls have been half built, by 15 people, largely with no previous experience of building. All the excess straw generated by the day's activities has been tidied away into the inside of the house, which now holds about 3 feet of loose straw, a perfect mattress to recline upon. While the tired builders lie back in the evening sun, Gionata, one of the crew, serenades them on the Italian pipes, while standing on top of the walls.

    A straw bale building project offers many moments such as these. Straw bale construction is accessible, safe and fun. Anyone can do it, as a result of which, building teams tend to comprise men and women in equal measure, as well as children and older people. It demystifies and revitalises the art of creating shelter, something that 100 years ago we could all do instinctively but which now, like so many other things, we feel we need experts to do for us.

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  • Wine by Sail

    Wines by sail, back to the future!

    25th, 26th and 27th July @ IFSC, Custom House Quay - €5


    French Wines carried by Saling Ship to Ireland

    First “Green” shipment of wine to arrive in Ireland.  Fair Wind Wine Ltd, sustainable transport Dublin based company sails exclusive French wines on traditional wine routes from Languedoc to Ireland.

    Tickets €5 -  includes 30 tastings. If you buy a case of 6 bottles, your €5 is refunded.


  • Community Development

    Josie Fogarty, Community Development Co-ordinator, Southside Partnership. Tel: (01) 2963660. 
    Community Development supports people to work collectively to bring about social change - it is not an individual response to crises as they emerge. It is about enabling people to be active in the development of their own local areas and the wider society of which they are a part. It enables and supports people to challenge inequalities and power imbalances that they are experiencing. Community development is concerned with achieving tasks such as managing local community resource centres, establishing community responses to drugs or engaging in estate management initiatives. It is also concerned with the process of how all these are achieved i.e. the need to involve local people, especially those most excluded, at all stages of the project, providing opportunities for community leaders to network and learn from each other, the sustainability of the actions being undertaken and a focus on the empowerment of local people doing things for themselves.

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  • "Irish eco-village offers a way forward"

    The VIllage | Cloughjordan, N Tipperary | 0505 - 42833 |

    There are still sites available!  Here is a nice description of the project published in the Vancouver Sun:

    Irish eco-village offers a way forward

    Green project has revived a dying town, but hard work remains

    Bob Ransford , Vancouver Sun | Published: Saturday, October 13, 2007

    People the world over are suddenly paying attention to how we live in our communities, focusing on issues like energy conservation, greenhouse-gas emissions, sustainable development and local food security.

    This is all because, almost overnight, modern communications technology has allowed a perfect storm of awareness to erupt about the twin looming realities of climate change and oil depletion.

    But amid this flurry of information bombardment and superficial panic is the central question few are asking, let alone answering: Collectively, do we possess the will to change, to the extent necessary, to save the planet for future generations?

    Full article  

  • Launch of GIY Sandymount 18th August 2011

    GIY SandymountThursday 18th August 2011 | 20.00 until 22.00 | Christchurch Hall, 9 Sandymount Green | Everyone is welcome

    Join us for Grow It Yourself - Sandymount's Launch Night.  This Ireland-wide organisation aims to establish local food growers' groups in every town in Ireland. Hundreds of people are already involved in existing GIY groups where activities include monthly meetings, talks and demos, garden visits, seed and plant swaps, produce bartering, mentor panels and grower’s meitheals.

    A speaker from GIY Ireland will be there on the evening to tell us more. The Launch will be followed by regular, monthly meetings. These meetings are free and open to people interested in food growing at all levels, i.e. from growing a few herbs on the balcony to complete self-sufficiency, from beginners to old hands.
    To find out more: you can find us on our website or join us on facebook.

  • Oxfam Unwrapped: A different present for a different future

    This Christmas Oxfam Ireland invites you to spread some festive cheer to those who really need it, by purchasing a gift from its funky Christmas catalogue Unwrapped.

    Instead of buying Dad another pair of socks or getting Mum a boring box of choccies, why not give a Christmas present that will really make a difference, such as clean drinking water, a vegetable garden or a cooking stove for people working hard to overcome poverty?

    This year Oxfam Ireland Unwrapped has launched nine new gifts including Piglets (€35), Chicks (€26), Plant Potatoes (€31), Plant trees (€46), a Farm pack (€199), a Palliative Care present (€49), a Protect Women gift (€62) and a Give Girls a Head Start pack (€30).

    In total there are 30 gifts to choose from with prices ranging from a €9 Dignity Kit to a €3,120 Water for a Whole Community gift. There really is something for everyone, regardless of your budget.


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  • How to Create a More Energy Efficient Home

    Tuesday 28 June 2011 | RIAI 8 Merrion Square | 18:30 – 21:45 | €35 | Contact: Clare Finglas 01 669 1462 /

    The RIAI with William Scott, architect and sustainable design & building expert, are holding this seminar for home owners looking to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. The seminar is for those planning to renovate or upgrade their homes and those planning to build a new home and wanting to understand the vast range of information out there.

    • What are the best solutions for heating, insulation and appliance choices for your home? 
    • What are the regulations that must be considered?
    • Most importantly, what problems can be avoided by making the right choices?

    The seminar will give you the information necessary to make the right choices for your home and your lifestyle.  This evening seminar and question & answer session will provide people with all the necessary tips to make informed decisions. Each attendee will receive a pack of information with useful hints, tips and sources of additional information.

  • 2 Day Workshop: Open Space Technology Facilitation

    25 September - 26 September | Dtalk - Development Training & Learning @ Kimmage

    Website |  Kimmage Development Studies Centre | Kimmage Manor | Whitehall Road | Dublin 12 | Tel 01 406 4386


    Open Space is an incredibly versatile meeting facilitation technique that gets people and organisations moving on the most important business of the moment.  

    Course Aim and Objectives

    To familiarise participants with “Open Space” and prepare them to facilitate such workshops themselves.

    By the end of the course participants will have:

    • Experienced Open Space Technology twice
    • Had an opportunity to open or lead another aspect of an Open Space meeting
    • Practiced methods for preparing themselves to facilitate
    • Worked on


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  • Climate Change Lobby

    Wednesday 2 June | 11.00 - 19.00 | Buswells Hotel, 26 Molesworth Street, D2

    Climate change hasn't gone away and this year the Irish Government will make crucial decisions about how it will tackle climate change, now and into the future. Our Government has committed to passing a Climate Change Bill by the end of 2010, including binding targets for reducing our carbon emissions. The Stop Climate Chaos mass lobby is our big chance to shape the future of climate change policy in Ireland. Once the climate change bill is passed it won't be easy to change.

    Stop Climate Chaos is organising an event which will allow you to meet your TDs, giving you the opportunity to tell them directly that you expect them to support a strong Irish Climate Bill.

    Viisit, select your constituency and invite your TD to come and meet you.

  • Edible Forest Gardens - Workshop with Graham Strouts

     Derryduff Mor Saturday, June 5th 2010 | 10.30am -4.30pm | €40 wages / €25 unwaged | Derryduff Mor, Coomhola, Bantry | Places limited, please book early: Contact: Graham Strouts email: graham at zone5 dot org | phone 086 8539900 or 027 66931

    Come and enjoy a day at Graham’s permaculture plot in the beautiful Coomhola Valley, near Bantry.  Learn how to design an edible permaculture food forest with perennial vegetables and ground covers, trees, bamboos and fruit bushes, and get hands on experience of no-dig, no-weed methods.

    Please bring outdoor work clothes and boots and packed lunch. Tea and coffee provided.

    For more permaculture courses see:
  • Bio-dynamic Agriculture

    By Penny Lange

     bio-dynamic agriculture_m.jpg The biodynamic approach to organic farming practice has as its roots a series of lectures given by the Austrian philosopher, Rudolf Steiner, at Koberwitz, the estate of Count and Countess Keyzerlink, in 1924.The impulse that led to the lectures was twofold and is well worth a mention, as these same issues concern us just as much today. Firstly, the farmers of central Europe found their yields diminishing alarmingly over time, and realised that their traditional farming methods were no longer effective. Secondly, based on his great interest in the health and future of the human being on earth, Steiner claimed that it was of utmost importance that human nutrition be based on food produced from a living soil, in harmony with the greater influence of the cosmos.

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  • Breastfeeding

    By Margret McGuigan of the LaLeche League.breast feeding.jpg

    Breastmilk is the superior infant food. It protects children from illness and ensures their healthy physical and psychological development. For mothers, breastfeeding provides health benefits such as reducing the risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Breastfeeding also empowers women by increasing their self-confidence in their capacity to nourish and protect as well as nurture their babies and by decreasing their dependence on commercial products.

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  • Irish Sustainable Building Show

    Irish Sustainable Building ShowThursday - Saturday 7th - 9th October | 12pm - 7pm |  RDS, Simmonscourt |  €Free tickets available at the Cultivate Shop |

    Join Cultivate at the Irish Sustainable Building Show.  Packed with informative seminars, exciting features and valuable business opportunites, the Irish Sustainable Building Show is Ireland's leading sustainable construction trade show. Cultivate have partnered once again with the Irish Sustainable Building Show to deliver a fantastic range of compelling and up-to-date seminars on everything from Biodiversity to Energy Positive Houses. Drop into the Cultivate Shop to pick up your free ticket to the show.

  • Energy Efficiency in Historic Buildings Conference

    georgian door.jpgDublin Castle | Tuesday 10 March | 9am – 5pm | €95 | To book call 01-6767053

    The Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government in partnership with the Irish Georgian Society will hold a one-day conference in Dublin Castle to examine the technical and practical issues of improving the energy efficiency of traditionally-built buildings. The conference will address current research on the contribution of existing buildings to sustainability, the assessment of the energy performance of traditionally built buildings and will explore the options that exist for making a building more energy efficient while avoiding damage to its fabric or to its character.

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  • Linking and Immersion Schemes with the Global South: Developing Good Practice

    Thursday 20th September 2007 | Time: 10.00 am – 4.15 pm | The Park Inn Hotel, Smithfield Square, Dublin 7 | | |  Tel: 087-9747579 |   Cost:  IDEA Members €20 | Non Members €30 | Concessions €10

    A conference organised by IDEA - Irish Development Education Assocation

    Conference Aims:

    • To critically explore Linking and Immersion programmes which link Ireland to the Global South
    • To identify Good Practice in relation to Linking and Immersion programmes, exploring how the development education sector can contribute to good practice
    • To showcase a range of Linking and Immersion programmes from a variety of sectors

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  • Fred Pearce at the Science Gallery

    What if... we knew where all our stuff came from?

    Wednesday 18th November | 6.15pm for a 6.30pm start | Science Gallery | Tickets are €13.50 for meetforeal members (membership is free) | Pre-Booking is essential  

    What if you knew where your cotton socks came from? 

    Or knew about the person who picked your coffee beans? 

    What if you knew how fresh green beans come to sit on the supermarket shelf all year round...? Would you stop buying them? Or would you in fact start buying them? 

    At this evening with Fred, you will have the opportunity to hear his tale first hand, to learn how it fundamentally changed his thinking, and ask him the questions that you need answered by his often shocking and counterintuitive findings. 

    More than just a lecture, this event will be a talk, followed by a longer Q&A session, where you will have the chance as an audience member to make your voice heard, so come prepared with questions and comments! 

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  • Festivals

    By Ben Whelan

    festivals 2_m.jpg In the past festivals were created by the participants who were, by and large, a local community. People came together to ritualise important events in community life and to share in the common bonds that hold community together. The festivals were seen not as a leisure activity that one had to make time for, in fact, they marked the passing of time itself.

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  • World Green Building Week - Update on Progress and Options for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technology in Buildings

    kid n solar roof

    The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) and the Irish Green Building Council present...

    Tuesday 21st September 2010 | 7 - 9pm | €Free | The Greenhouse, St Andrew St, D2 (map)

    The EU are currently recasting the Environmental Performance of Buildings Directive which will require improvements in how the building regulations are implemented in Ireland. More financial incentives for renewable technology will be a key aspect of the change. The DCENR have recently announced the public consultation on the National Retrofitting Programme. The recent announcement of funding for skills and training for the Labour Market Activation Fund is also on the agenda. Case studies of REFIT projects with renewable technologies in the UK will be presented with a focus on solutions for fuel poverty and social inclusion. This event aims to encourage open discussion on the above topics and be an interactive networking event to meet professionals in the green building sector.

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