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  • The Cultivate Centre in Garden Heaven

    Pages 54-57, Garden Heaven, July/August 2007

    By Carmel Duignan

    An article that boasts all about Cultivate, our garden and the plants therein.  The final paragraph reads:

    "In these days of global warming and the overuse of limited and scarce resources, a visit to the Cultivate Centre is an opportunity to explore what our world is facing and what we can do about it.  At the same time, those of us who are plant obsessed will find much to enthuse over and to feed our acquisitive habits."

    The entire article and pictures can be browsed on Garden Heaven's website .   

  • New EcoVillage for Ireland

    Live, work play in the community of the future 

    A naturally designed sustainable community is being launched in an area of natural beauty in County Carlow.  Readymade, bespoke and self-build units are available in a green community which has organic growing, community centre, art and work shops, a learning centre.  Low impact, high-value living community objectives include self-sufficiency in energy, water and waste-management. 

    See the introduction online at or contact Tom on +353 59 9155037 or

  • 2007 Cork Rebel Pedal on European Car Free Day

    Cork Rebel Pedal - Saturday 22 September 2007

    Cork Environmental Forum is working with Cork City Council and local cycling groups to organise the Rebel Pedal Parade and street festival for European Car Free Day on Saturday September 22nd. The Rebel Pedal will be the culmination of a week long programme of events marking European Mobility Week in Cork and will be an opportunity to join with cycling enthusiasts young and old in celebration of people-friendly streets. The Rebel Pedal will take in a leisurely 40 minute circuit of the city and will feature some unique bikes from penny farthings to unicycles and sculpture bikes, colourful characters and entertainment. The bike ride departs from Cork Opera House on Emmet Place at 11.30AM and will be followed by an on-street festival at Emmet Place with live music, bicycle-powered refreshments, circus performances, 'pimp my bike', good food, bike doctor clinic, free massage and more.

    You can sign up to take part in the Rebel Pedal by clicking here or just bring your bike along on the day. There will be prizes for Best Dressed Bike and families, individuals and groups are all welcome to take part. More details are available on

  • Fiddlers on the roof

    Page 24, Totally Dublin, July 2007

    By Conor Creighton

    Download here a pdf of: To boldy go where no trees have gone before.  

    Cultivate and the Kaospilots feature in this exposé of "Green Roofs", or the making of gardens on rooftops.  

  • Mark Boyle Signs 'The Moneyless Man'


    Tues 8th June 2010 | 17.30 - 19.00 sharp | €Free | Cultivate at The Greenhouse, St Andrew St, Dublin 2 (map)

    Mark Boyle, former economics graduate and business director and founder of the 'freeconomic' movement in the UK, will be here at Cultivate to sign his new book The Moneyless Man - A year of Freeconomic Living and to discuss his experience living entirely without money for the last 18 months.

    More on The Moneyless Man and to order   |   Mark's Blog

    Imagine a year living without spending or even touching money. Former businessman Mark Boyle did just that; going back to basics; following his own strict rules; learning ingenious ways to eliminate his bills; and discovering that friendship is the only real security.

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  • Save Tara, the Skryne Valley, and the Gabhra Valley

    Can you help save Tara?

    The Save Tara Campaign urgently requires any help and assistance any group, individuals, companies or charities can offer.

    The Save Tara campaign is also online and can be seen in the following websites:  |  | |

    Many people are keeping vigil on the Hill of Tara and Rath Lugh and they all urgently require assistance to place temporary structures insitu to help them maintain their vigil throughout the year, and especially over the coming winter months.

    Assistance would comprise of helping to erect these structures, or supplying materials to enable their construction. It is hoped to build a sweat/heat lodge, (more than one) tepee(s), compost toilets, benders, showers and cooking facilities and also a separate children’s tepee or tent. Yurts are also urgently required.

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  • What Is Tai Chi?

    tai chi model3.jpgBy Jan Golden

    Tai Chi is a powerful series of interconnected flowing martial techniques performed slowly that have significant and long-lasting benefits for the body and mind. The essence of Tai Chi is relaxation through gentle bending, twisting, contracting and extending movements combined with deep diaphragmatic breathing to pump oxygen and blood more efficiently around the body leaving the practitioner feeling vibrant, light, and free from fatigue. With practice, the adept will have excellent coordination, a dramatically improved posture, greater sense of balance, and a heightened sense of vitality without exhaustion.

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  • Health - Mind/body/spirit

    By Judith Hoad

    holistic health.jpg West of the Shannon, many people will ' go for the cure', or 'get a bottle' from someone who has inherited that remedy as a secret recipe. This recipe is usually handed down from father to son, or from mother to daughter. Sometimes the 'cure' arrives by the circumstantial fact of someone's parents bearing the same surname, both before and after marriage - for example, the oldest son of a Gallagher/Gallagher union will have the cure for mumps. In such a culture, that any individual has earned a Diploma to practise a non-conventional, medical discipline is scarcely acknowledged, so long as they can 'cure'. In some societies it takes the literate middle-classes to provide the clientele for non-conventional practitioners, whereas in Ireland everyone is a potential client.

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  • Sustainability

    “Sustainable development” or “sustainable living” is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs in terms of environment and natural resources like water, food, etc. 

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  • Convergence - April 2004

    SI Bulletin Template
    News of three ground breaking Sustainable Regeneration events taking place at the seventh Convergence Festival in Dublin on April 20 to 22.

    You are receiving this e-mail as you have shown interest in the Convegence festival, our apologies if you have been sent this by mistake.  Unsubscribe details below.

    1. The Natural Step for Communities
    Keynote Address by Swedish planner Torbjorn Lahti
    Wednesday, April 20, 20.00 - 22.00
    Sustainability may seem like one more buzzword and cities and towns may appear to be the last places to change, but in his lecture, 'The Natural Step for Communities', Torbjorn Lahti will provide inspiring examples of communities that have made dramatic changes toward sustainability. He will use his experience to show how communities
  • Symposium told of importance of biodiversity

    Page 2, The Irish Times, Wednesday, May 23, 2007

    By Seán Mac Connell, Agriculture Correspondent

    A huge percentage of Irish children can identify fewer than 10 species of Irish animals and plants but can recognise thousands of commercial logos, a conference heard yesterday.

    Dr. Matthew Jebb, taxonomist at the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin, told a climate and biodiversity symposium at Cultivate in Dublin's Temple Bar that he suspected the same was true of Irish adults.

    "We need a huge education programme here to explain to our people how important biodiversity is to all of us," he told the symposium called to mark International Biodiversity Day.

    Irish Times subscribers can read more at:

  • Co-operatives

    By Pauric Cannon 

    A major shift is needed to move towards people-centred business structures that nurture a sense of community. The co-operative method of economic organisation may be one way to achieve this.

    What is a co-operative?

    A co-operative is a group of people who come together to pool their resources, skills and knowledge to provide goods and services to meet their members needs.


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  • What Is Yoga?

    yoga-postures.jpgBy The Irish Yoga Association

    Yoga is the holistic development of the individual. It has been called awareness of life, personal development, the journey into Self or to be simply human.

    The word Yoga is taken from the Sanskirt meaning union with the Source… to unite, to join, to integrate. We need to become aware that as human beings we are made of dimensions. We have a body that needs developing, a mind that needs nurturing and an inner space that needs exploring. To live fully in ones being, to experience this human life in its entirety, to reach our full potential as human beings, is the journey of Yoga.

  • Aromatherapy

    By Mary Grant

    aroma therapy.jpg Aromatherapy involves the use of distilled aromatic essential oils obtained from plants. These work with the body's natural processes: as pro-biotic agents; through the limbic system and the sense of smell; on a spiritual level, through action on the energetic field or aura of the person.

    While practices surrounding the use of essential oils go back at least 5,000 years, the term was coined by a French Chemist, Gattefosse (cf.: Aromatherapie, 1928.) Scientific aromatherapy grew from his pioneering work, today it bears little resemblance to the original as research involves synthetic and 'nature identical' oils.

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  • Craniosacral Therapy

    By Marion Bellow

    Craniosacral Therapy acknowledges the deepest roots and highest potentials of the human system. Within this system is the concept of an intelligent life force, transmitted throughout the body via its fluid systems. The rhythmic tide-like fluctuation of cerebrospinal fluid and body fluids generally is known as the Craniosacral Motion or Primary Respiratory Impulse. This maintains the body's vitality and constitutional energy and its healing resources.


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  • An Introduction To Feng Shui

    By Carmel O'Connor feng shui_m.jpg

    Based on oriental practices over 4000 years old, Feng Shui, is now becoming more recognised in the West as an art which creates balance and harmony in the environment. Feng Shui has mistakenly been seen as another form of interior design.

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  • Sustainable Rural Development

    Ms. Marie O'Malley, Manager the Rural Development Unit, Faculty of Agriculture, UCD. 

    The term "rural development" can better be understood by defining it as the development of rural areas and the people who live therein. This simple interpretation helps us to realise that rural development is ultimately about people and communities. Primarily it is about people who live in rural areas but not exclusively so, as the relationships and interdependence between rural and urban becomes more and more apparent in an era of commuting workers. Development of rural areas is multi-sectoral in that it views the progress not just in terms of better health or better roads but as the whole system with the success of one sector closely associated with success in another. For example, rural development depends just as much on improvements in the health sector as it does on progress in areas of education, income/employment and roads infrastructure.

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  • Homeopathy

    By Declan Hammond

     homeopathy_m.jpg Homoeopathy is a therapeutic medical science which holistically treats physical, emotional and mental illness by applying the principle of "like cures like". It is a powerful, yet gentle, form of healing that respects the wisdom of the body/mind and recognises that symptoms of ill health are expressions of an underlying imbalance in the patient's energy. Cure and ultimately a state of health is attained by using, individually prescribed, minute quantities of specially prepared natural remedies. These are capable of stimulating deep healing responses, without any of the worrying toxicity of conventional medication.

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  • Credit Unions

    making_world_of_difference.jpgBy Des Gunning

    The term "the peoples bank" is often applied to the Credit Union organisation.This very impressive organised network of independent mutual societies has its origins in a Co-operative Development Society which was formed in Dublin in the mid 1950s.

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  • Irish Seedsavers' Apple Day

    Sunday 30th September  | Capparoe, Scariff, Co. Clare | T: (061) 921866 / 921856 | Admission Members: €5.  Non-Members: €10, Children Free |

    Celebrate the apple harvest by tasting and juicing native Irish apples. 

    • Bring your own and a bottle and we will juice it for you
    • Get advice on creating an orchard
    • Apple, pear and soft fruit sales
    • Full organic café all day
    • Slowfood talk and walk in gardens
    • Cooking with local foods & apples
  • Reflexology


    By Irish Reflexologist' Institute

    Reflexology is a simple, non-evasive, and effective form of healing. It is a science that deals with the principles that there are reflexes in the feet and hands which correspond to all the glands, organs and parts of the body. By applying pressure with the thumbs or fingers to these reflex points, a qualified practitioner can alleviate or treat a range of conditions - stress, sinus problems, back pain, irritable bowel syndrome, migraine etc.

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  • Money

    By Richard Douthwaite money_m.jpg

    Gold had a big advantage in the days when it was used as money: anyone could obtain it. All they had to do was to find a bed of gravel containing nuggets beside a stream or a vein of gold-bearing quartz in a cliff-face and set to work to convert their time and energy, plus a certain amount of bought-in supplies, into something that was exchangeable for goods and services all over the world.

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  • Turn It Off!

    Your help is needed for a short film project called "Turn It off" which details the adventures of a number of 'light creatures'. The underlying message of the piece is an ecological one: the creatures are unhappy with the amount of energy being wasted in Dublin and set out to make themselves heard.

    More information about the project is here:

    We are currently drawing up a list of buildings in Dublin city centre that waste energy by leaving their lights on overnight.  f you have noticed any let us know, take a photo if you can and email it to We will then put the photo on our blog..


    The Irish Wildlife Trust host Premier Screening of “PLAY AGAIN”

    Thursday 10th March 2011 | 6.30pm | The Lighthouse Cinema in Smithfield | Admission is €9 for adults / €7.50 concession | Contact the Light House Cinema Box Office at 01- 8797601 to reserve your ticket

    This includes a reception on arrival and discussion panel after the film with renowned educator Paddy Madden M.A., (Marino Institute), Wildlife Artist Gordon D’Arcy and Sarah O’Malley B.A. (Environmental Education Researcher, UCG).

    To launch their Primary School Adventure Programme, Irish Wildlife Trust have brought the award winning film “PLAY AGAIN” to Ireland. This will be the first time this unique film has been shown in Ireland. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in education, nature or our society in general to understand some of the challenges facing today’s youth.

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  • Spirituality

    stress_spirituality_img.jpgBy Darra Malloy

    Today there is a paradoxical shift away from organised religion yet towards spirituality. The growth of interest in Celtic spirituality, not just in Ireland but also around the world, has been phenomenal. Many people who continue to go to church feel dissatisfied and undernourished spiritually and are searching for something compensatory. Others have left their traditional religious practices and are either floundering in a wilderness searching for an oasis, or are piecing together bits from various traditions both East and West and creating their own spiritual collage.

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  • Reinventing Work

    By Matthew Fox

    Today there are close to one billion human beings out our of work. In the United States alone there are more unemployed people now than at any time since the Great Depression. At the same time, in the industrial world, there are a great number of persons who are overworked, who are, in Meister Eckharts phrase, "worked" instead of working, giving rise to a new addiction: workaholism. Of those who are employed, some are in jobs that are inimical to the health of our species and the planet, for example, tearing down rainforests or killing endangered animals or selling drugs or making armaments.

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  • CELT - Weekend in the Woods

    6th and 7th October 2007 |  CELT - Centre for Environmental Living and Training  | Bealkelly Wood,  Tuamgraney,  Co.Clare | Course fee €130 (2 days) | Annual Membership (required) €15

    Learn a new skill!

    Choose from 17 different courses in traditional and ecological skills (read more for detail)

    Free camping available (basic facilities) | Full details and On-line booking: | (Send fee to confirm place)  

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  • Transformative Learning for the Socio-Ecological Transition. Sunday 19th September 2021 I 16:00 I € free

     BLAST Ireland ME CULTIVATE.001.jpeg.001

    For the Socio-Ecological Transition

    Sunday 19th September  I 16:00 I € free
    WeCreate Centre, Cloughjordan Ecovillage, Tipperary, Ireland

    This session shares the results of the BLAST - Blended Transformative Learning Project - funded by the European Union Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships Programme.

    A presentation on transformative learning from Peadar Kirby will be followed by an overview of the three key outputs from the project: a Community of Practice (CoP) Guide; a Catalyst Toolkit and a Competency Framework from Davie Philip, Mel White and Aaron Bailey of the Irish consortium partners Cultivate, the Sustainable Ireland Cooperative.

    The BLAST partnership is and has been set up to interweave three key concepts and respective sets of practice: Blended Learning (BL), Transformative Learning (TL) and Socio-Ecological Transition (SET).

    Peadar Kirby is Professor Emeritus of International Politics and Public Policy at the University of Limerick and a resident of Cloughjordan Ecovillage.

  • Glenisk's MoosLetter: Recipes, Yoga & More

    Link to Issue # 002, December 2007

    Link to read the latest issue of Glenisk's MoosLetter:  Expert yoga advice from celebrity trainer Pat Henry, an interview with top model and organic fan Vivienne Connolly, tips on how to survive Christmas with small children from their resident iMoo psychologist, David Coleman, plus tasty recipes; introducing the delicious new Strong Woman Yogurt, find out more about Glenisk's farmers and adopt your very own farm animal.

  • Health Creation Workshop: Osteoporosis - Saturday 16th June

    Health Creation:  101 The Willows | Abberley | Killiney | Co. Dublin | | 087 6845 735

    Why is there less osteoporosis in societies that eat diets low in dairy?

    Many societies around the world that eat low-dairy, low-calcium and low-protein diets have stronger bones than we do in the West and osteoporosis is virtually non-existent!  An African woman can have 10 babies, nurse each of them for 10 months and still be expected to have strong solid bones when she reaches the age of 70, bones which are comparable to those of young women in America. There are many misconceptions in our society about nutrition, often as a result of intensive marketing campaigns by food industries. Osteoporosis is one such topic and we aim to clarify this misconception.

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  • Adopt an Oak!

    Why not adopt an Irish Oak seedling perfect for your garden, a pot on the balcony, to 'bonsai', or to give it as a gift?  Come in to Cultivate's courtyard garden to collect yours free today. 


  • Feasta Needs a New Home

    feasta Feasta is looking for new premises as soon as possible. We need one office room (and preferably the use of a meeting room, large enough to seat 12 in Dublin city centre or close by. Ideally we would join with another environmental organisation. If you have access to or know of any such place, please contact Feasta via email or by phone at 01 4053615. 

    Also... You can now download the Feasta lecture from Sept 19th on Peak Oil: The End of Economic Growth by Charles Hall. Charles Hall has developed the concept of EROI, or energy return on investment, and this lecture focuses on the past, present and future energy cost of energy itself, and how that is likely to effect investments, economic growth and discretionary spending. 

  • Ethical Investment

    ethical_investment_symbol.jpg Since the mid eighties, there has been a growing realisation that our spending and saving decisions can have an influence on corporate business and that a committed campaign based on the way we spend and save can change things. For many, their first experience of this aspect of "people power" arose from the campaign against the apartheid regime in South Africa. In England, Barclays Bank - perceived by many people as supporting the apartheid regime - lost personal (and some corporate) customers. South African produce was boycotted. Questions were raised about the morality of receiving an income from the profits of companies investing in South Africa. These activities were important parts of a wider movement against apartheid.

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  • L.E.T.S.

    lets.gifBy Julia Kemp

    L.E.T.S. stands for Local Exchange Trading System. It is a group of people who agree to trade with each other, but with no exchange of money. Instead, they create their own unit of exchange - local currency - for which they choose a name. In Ireland we have Reeks, Sods, Acorns, Skills and Cuids among others. 

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  • Coop Ireland Has Vacancies

    Coop Ireland is a new media & marketing cooperative dedicated to creating a media platform for the Green business sector and a comprehensive information source for the general public on sustainable living. The Coop is currently compiling The National Green Pages. 250,000 copies of The Green Pages will be distributed free of charge to homes and businesses and the publication will be a definitive reference source for living and working in a sustainable manner.

    We have a number of telemarketing vacancies and wish to recruit experienced representatives to work on a part-time or full-time basis with the option of working from home.

    If you are interested please forward your CV to or call Don at Lo-call 1890 927670

  • Feasta Presents: "Designing Systems for a Changing World"

    Cutting cashNational Strategies for Dealing with Ireland's Debt Crisis

    Thursday 22nd - Friday 23rd September 2011 | 13.00 - 17.30 | Mont Clare Hotel, Merrion Square, Dublin

    Ireland's current national economic and monetary strategy has been described as 'relying on the kindness of strangers'. Very few alternatives to the current policy have been properly explored. There are plausible reasons for this - the fear of an adverse market response, the lack of intellectual leadership, perhaps the vested interests of the status quo. Whatever the reason, alternative strategies that Ireland could adopt to deal with its unprecedented debt crisis need to be fully explored and debated. Feasta's autumn conference will examine measures that this country could adopt to secure its economic future which do not leave it reliant on external factors, largely outside of its control.

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  • Hypnotherapy

    By Joseph Kearney

    hypnotherapy_m.jpg Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness in which the client is both alert and aware, and in full control of his or her words and actions at all times. It is a means of bypassing the conscious mind's critical factor with its argumentative nature and directly contacting the subconscious mind where modifications in attitude and behaviour can be achieved. The experience is enjoyably relaxing and effective and safe.

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  • Canal Community Gardeners

    South Circular Rd and Place Avenue, Dolphins Barn, D8 | email | website

    We meet in the garden on Tuesday and Thursdays from 7pm and on Saturdays from 3pm. All are welcome.

    Over the last 6 months 20 local residents in the Dolphin's Barn/Rialto area of Dublin city have been involved in sourcing and imagining a new local community food garden. Seoidin O'Sullivan, a Community Artist in residence in Studio 468, St Andrews Community Center, Rialto, invited the Canal Community Gardeners, a voluntary organisation to make use of her studio to discuss the potential for a legitimate community garden for the local area. ST Salvage kindly donated a temporary site for the project which is on the corner of South Circular Rd and Place Avenue, Dolphins Barn, D8. This site was once a car park but has not been used for last 24 years, so from car park to garden.

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  • Transparency International Ireland

    TI Ireland is the Irish affiliate of Transparency International (TI), the leading international non-governmental organisation exclusively focussed on combating corruption worldwide.

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  • Cork Cycling Festival 2011

    Rain SkirtsSaturday 16th to Sunday 24th of July 2011 | Cork City & County

    Join us for a 9-day celebration of bicycle culture run by a group of bike enthusiasts who want to share the freedom of cycling in Cork. Our motivation is to encourage people to try life on two wheels and promote Cork as a great place to cycle.  Cycling is fast, trendy, planet-friendly, and healthy – it’s a hobby, a sport and the most efficient form of transport ever invented. 

    Cycle Chic will take place late on Saturday 16th at night to maximise the impact of high-visibility accessories and our unique Cyglo tyres. Please help this event as well as a RE:CYCLE cinema happen by contributing at Fund it :: Cycle Chic Fashion Show.   Cycle Chic was conceived by Belfast Rain artist Joanna Karolini, whose ingenious and stylish up-cycled Rain Skirts are as eye-catching as they are effective. Rain Skirts are each uniquely hand-picked, hand-cut and hand-made; all from colourful and quality tents. Read more...

  • Shiatsu

    By Diana Cassidy a Shiatsu practitioner.

     shiatsu.m.jpg Shiatsu is a Japanese word meaning finger pressure. In practice, the giver uses fingers, thumbs, sometimes elbows and knees, and always concentrated focus and sensitivity, to ensure that the treatment will accurately meet and enhance the receivers life-force.

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  • Volunteer in Africa and Asia!

    International development charity VSO will be holding information events in Dublin over the coming weeks for people interested in volunteering in Africa and Asia.

    If you're a qualified professional with experience in the education, health business or NGO sectors, then this could be what you're looking for...

    Volunteering abroad is a life changing experience for both volunteers and the people they share their skills with. We need people to work overseas for 1-2 years, assisting disadvantaged people to build up their own businesses, improve their IT skills, and  improve educational and nursing standards.

    The upcoming VSO information events will take place as follows:

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  • Slow Food Evening in the Dublin Food Co Op

    All are welcome to an informative evening held in conjunction with the Dublin Food Co Op on Thursday the 29th of November.

    Slow Food are asking people to arrive at the Dublin Food Co Op for 7:30pm which should allow enough time to have a look around the products on offer, such as organic fruit and vegetables, bread and a range of organic whole foods, and the chance to buy a cup of coffee or tea.  Talks and film clips will follow (see detail below).

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  • Tele-working

    teleworking.jpgBy Riona Carroll

    There are many definitions of teleworking and therefore, much confusion as to what teleworking really is. The 1999 Report of the National Advisory Council on Teleworking (NACT) defines teleworking as "a way of working using information and communication technologies in which work is carried out independent of location". In other words, teleworking can currently and most simply be perceived as using a computer, modem and telephone line to send work from place A to place B, rather than the worker going to place B to do the work.

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  • Earth Hour :: 8pm :: 29th March

    earth  hour At 8pm on the 29 March millions of people around the world will use the simple action of turning off the lights for one hour to deliver a powerful message about the need for action on global warming.

    For more info:


  • The Natural Step


    THE NATURAL STEP is an agreement between scientists, industrialists and public officials based on four system conditions for sustainability. It is derived from universally accepted principles of thermodynamics and evolutionary biology. Companies such as IKEA and Electrolux have developed products in co-operation with the Natural Step.

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  • Yoga Healing Offerings

    Web: Tel.086-8242033 Email:

    Body & Soul - Ongoing group

    Every second Thursday from 7:30 to 9:30 in Sandyford Village

    Let go of expectations and trust as we stretch, breathe, dance, relax, unwind, meditate and open the channel of our creativity in a self-supporting group where we learn to practice movement medicine and writing as a meditation practice and where active listening to your own inner world as well as to each other form the essence of this healing and nurturing time dedicated to coming home into your own centre..No experience needed.... just a willingness to be open and receptive.


    from Saturday JULY 4th to Saturday JULY 11th 2009 | Quinta Mimosa, Algarve (more... )



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  • Facilitator's Training: Open Space Technology

    How to lead a group in self-organising a 1 to 3 day conference or short workshops

    Thursday, June 26th 2008 | DTalk @ Kimmage |

    Course Aim and Objectives
    Participants will engage in a participatory meeting design methodology called ‘Open Space’, with focus on learning to facilitate such a meeting themselves.

    By the end of the course participants will have:

    • Discovered a way of creating structure out of chaos (that is, a practical way of organising a group to get work done on the strategic needs of the moment)
    • Experienced an Open Space meeting and how to hold one
    • Worked on invitations and designs for using or adapting Open Space in situations of their choice
    • Tapped the experience of a diverse and talented group 

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  • Stone, Old and New

    stone old and new.jpg

    By Patrick McAfee

    Stone as a building material has been used continuously in Ireland for over 5,000 years. Some of the earliest work is also the finest, such as seen at Newgrange, County Meath and much later but still a long time ago, in the Early Christian period at the Oratory of Gallarus, County Kerry. Up to the Christian period all work was in dry stone. After that, lime mortar, a Roman technology, was introduced.

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  • The ?Greener Ballymun? conference

    Ballymun Regeneration cordially invites you...

    Friday 2nd May 2008 | 2pm |  €50.00 | RSVP 28th April 2008 | Places limited so booking essential | |  087 329 6932 | Civic Centre, Main St., Ballymun, D9

    The ‘Greener Ballymun’ conference will highlight positive environmental projects initiated under the regeneration programme.  Ministerial Address by Mr John Gormley T.D., Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government.  Keynote Speaker, Duncan Stewart, Ecological Architect and Environmentalist

    Conference topics include:

    • Innovative Waste Management Solutions
    • Energy and Environmental Improvements through Building Design
    • Urban Biodiversity
    • Balancing Economic Development and Environmental Protection

    The conference will conclude with the Rediscover Fashion Show compered by Caroline Morahan, Fashionista and TV Presenter.  For further details see

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