Mathematical Art with Magic Squares and Lattices

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magic square

with Paul Stang, MA

Friday 23rd July  |  6.30 to 8.00 pm  |  €25 per adult and one child, €5 extra per family member (adult or child)  |  To book call: 01 6745773  |  Cultivate at The Greenhouse, St Andrew St, D2

For ages ten and up, and their parents and teachers.

A Magic Square, which was once used mathematically and symbolically, is an arrangement of numbers (for example 1 to 36) in a square table, such that all rows, columns, and diagonals make equal sums. That in itself is fun to experiment with, and a little work. But a good magic square will also make an interesting picture!

Another project that is as intricate but even easier is to make lattices. Here, we just need a good ruler and pen.

This is the second of our mini-maths workshops, but you don't need to have attended the first.  Come for an evening of moderate challenge with numbers and artistic creation. Bring a ruler, coloured pens, and preferably not a calculator (unless you really need one).