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Creative Mathematics


Weekend Workshop for People who Teach Maths

Friday 25th July 7pm - 9pm €10 | Saturday 26th July 10am - 4pm €60 |

Friday & Saturday (10% off) €63 |

Bookings 01 674 5773  | Website

Paul Stang explores ways of making mathematics more interesting, fun, and achievable for school and college students.  He introduces Mandala, Platonic-, Archimedic-, and Kepler-forms, Ф, ancient symbols, geometric division of the circle, √2, √3, and fractional processes to creatively and passionately teach Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry.

stang.gif Further tools and techniques involve use of geometry kits, architectural field trips, rocketry, arch building, astrology, music, and sound.  These are meant to instill what is referred to as "Awe".

New ideas for assessment methods; which encourage growth (not testing), themes of instruction; national finance-consumerism, and recreational mathematics are also included. 

Participants should bring compass, ruler, notebook (no lines), calculator and colored pens.