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Systems Thinking

Systems Thinking "... is symptomatic of a change in our worldview. No longer do we see the world in a blind play of atoms, but rather a great organization.”

- Mac Dominick

Seeing Systems

Thursdays 1st and 8th November | 7 - 9.30pm | €40  

A short downey youell associates course with Paula Downey asking, “why don’t things work?” We are experiencing human and ecological challenges that seem to defy solutions. And so often, the institutions we look to for answers are only making matters worse, because the same mindset that created the problem is being used to frame the solution.  Worse still, when it doesn’t work, we come to believe things can’t change.  It’s time for a radical rethink. The intelligence of life and living systems gives us a new lens and language through which to see and understand groups and organisations, problems and solutions. Come and explore the principles of living systems in this empowering two-part programme and discover how you can apply the lessons of life to the cultural and human issues that concern you.

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The Be the Change Symposium

Part of Convergence 14: Making the Transition to Resilience 

Thursday 23rd April | 13.00 – 16.00 | €25 / €20 concessions  | Cultivate Centre | Book online or phone 01 674 5773

To see a video trailer, please visit

This Symposium takes a fresh look at what need to be our biggest concerns - environmental sustainability, social justice and spiritual fulfilment - and explores and exposes what connects them. A unique workshop experience, it offers insight into the nature of our world, with leading-edge information, dynamic group interaction and inspiring video clips from some of the world's most respected thinkers and doers, including Paul Hawken, Desmond Tutu, Julia Butterfly Hill, Brian Swimme and Thomas Berry.

The aim of the Symposium is to explore how, by pulling together on an unprecedented scale, we can move in a new direction, towards an era of interconnected action and collective wellbeing. If you are ready to be disturbed, inspired and moved to action - if you are ready to be introduced to a thriving community of like-hearted, deeply committed people - we invite you to come to this Symposium.

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Creative Mathematics


Weekend Workshop for People who Teach Maths

Friday 25th July 7pm - 9pm €10 | Saturday 26th July 10am - 4pm €60 |

Friday & Saturday (10% off) €63 |

Bookings 01 674 5773  | Website

Paul Stang explores ways of making mathematics more interesting, fun, and achievable for school and college students.  He introduces Mandala, Platonic-, Archimedic-, and Kepler-forms, Ф, ancient symbols, geometric division of the circle, √2, √3, and fractional processes to creatively and passionately teach Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry.

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How can leadership transform to meet the challenges of our times?


– a workshop with David Rooke

Wednesday 14 April  | 13:30 - 16:30 | €70 | 10% concession for Cultivate and MBAAI members | Bookings 01 674 5773 | To apply for scholarships e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | Cultivate at The Greenhouse, St Andrews St., D2

This workshop explores the remarkable challenges of leadership in these times through the lens of the Leadership Development Framework.  How we see and understand the world, which is the basis for all action, evolves through distinct levels of capability and insight with time and experience.  These levels of insight or ‘action logics’ enable leaders to comprehend and deal with increasing complexity, enabling profoundly different types of leadership wisdom to emerge.

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Collaborative Entrepreneurship and Innovation

ep-flyers.jpgA Weekend Workshop for Change Makers

Saturday & Sunday 22nd - 23rd January 2011 | 09.30 - 17.00 | Early Bird €150 extended | Book Online Here | The Greenhouse, 17 St Andrew St, Dublin 2 | Map | PDF Invite

In these challenging times how can we use collaborative forms of leadership, innovation, fundraising and community building to strengthen our entrepreneurial and change projects?

This workshop introduces:

Creative Mathematics for Teachers

Creative mathematics II for teachers

Thursday 2 April | 7 - 9pm |  €25

10% discount for Cultivate Members | Cultivate Centre | Essex St West | Bookings: 01 674 5773

Participants will explore magic squares, angle trisection and mathematics in the 9-pointed star, and creative evaluation techniques; which are meant to encourage rather than merely assess and have shown great results.  The program is meant as a continuation of the well-attended workshop held last summer at Cultivate though certainly new people may attend.

Participants should bring compass, ruler, calculator and plain white paper or notebook. 


Creative mathematics III for teachers

Saturday 4 April | 2.30pm - 4pm |  €25 (participants may keep their Tubespace kit valued at €10)

10% discount for Cultivate Members | Cultivate Centre | Essex St West | Bookings: 01 674 5773 

Plato to Euler in 45 minutes and you keep the kit.  This workshop begins by experimenting with form creation from regular polygonal figures.  Participants will then construct those same forms using a new product called Tubespace.

We will learn through our hands and visually the Euler formula x = V – E + F.  The program will then continue with demonstration and experimentation with Tubespace, particularly in developing stellations and duals. 

Those interested in taking both creative math sessions can receive a 10% discount.

Click here for Paul's website 

The Ecology of Civilisation

lascaux.jpgFrom the Caves at Lascaux to the Cusp of Collapse - Ecology and Economics

Tuesdays 4 May to 22 June | 7.30 – 9pm | €80 | 20% discount for Cultivate Members | To book call: 01 6745773 | Cultivate at The Greenhouse, St Andrew St, D2

We find ourselves at a truly unique point in human history. We face an array of ecological threats, yet seem unable to reduce or manage them.  A battered world economy has probably seen the peak of global energy and food production. Yet our tightly interconnected and globalised civilisation, and the economy which support it require increasing such production to remain functional.

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Creative Geometry with Paul Stang

Flower of Life

Sunday 16th May |  €30 per adult accompanied by a child, €5 extra per family member (adult or child), €50 for both the morning and afternoon workshops, €5 extra per family member  |  To book call: 01 6745773  |  Cultivate at The Greenhouse, St Andrew St, D2 

Discovering patterns and the connections between geometry and art, architecture and nature can excite and inspire children's imagination and encourage them to engage with mathematics that they might otherwise find difficult or uninteresting.  Paul Stang will bring his experience with older primary level children, teachers and parents to these two workshops.

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Mathematical Art with Magic Squares and Lattices

magic square

with Paul Stang, MA

Friday 23rd July  |  6.30 to 8.00 pm  |  €25 per adult and one child, €5 extra per family member (adult or child)  |  To book call: 01 6745773  |  Cultivate at The Greenhouse, St Andrew St, D2

For ages ten and up, and their parents and teachers.

A Magic Square, which was once used mathematically and symbolically, is an arrangement of numbers (for example 1 to 36) in a square table, such that all rows, columns, and diagonals make equal sums. That in itself is fun to experiment with, and a little work. But a good magic square will also make an interesting picture!

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