The Encyclopedia of Grasses for Livable Landscapes, By Rick Darke

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Review by Erik van Lennep

©2007 Timber Press

This incredibly thorough encyclopedia of grasses is a very good companion volume to Green Roof Plants , as so many of the grasses and sedges discussed would be suited to rooftop growing conditions. It goes much further however, looking at the world of grasses and grass-like plants, as well as their uses in thatching, biomass, habitat, and human culture. They are of course also very ornamental. The author is a passionate explorer and connoseur of the grasses, and the knowledgeable text and stunning photography will entice you to share his appreciation for this very large family of plants.

“Preservation of local and regional landscapes, the relative merits of “native” vs. “exotic,” and true sustainability are intimately linked issues that must be reconciled in any thoughtful, ethical approach to grasses in the twenty-first century. Sounds complex, and it is, but we’re all engaged in this discussion every time we buy a plant, put spade to earth, or plan a garden”.

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