Green Roof Plants: A Resource and Planting Guide, By Edmund C. Snodgrass and Lucie L. Snodgrass

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green roof plants book

Review by Erik van Lennep

©2006 Timber Press

It is very encouraging that such a thorough reference is now on the market, and I hope this is an indication of the expanding market for green roofs in general. Green roofs are far more acepted in Europe than in the USA, so the fact that this reference is borne out of the experience of one of the foremost US nurseries to specailise in green roof plants is notable. Containing more than 300 colour photographs with cultural details on more than 200 species and cultivars, this is an essential resource for home gardeners, landscape architects, and designers looking for environmentally friendly choices.

Growing conditions on a rooftop are more challenging and exacting than those at ground level, and the plants have been selected and trialed from a variety of habitats where they must endure wide variations in moisture availability, shallow soil depths, higher levels of U.V. radiation and windy conditions....

Such plants are not only better adapted to te artificial environment on a rooftop, but better suited to xeriscaped gardens, containers on balconies, car park islands, and other situations found challenging by “softer” plants.

Edmund C. Snodgrass is a ?fth-generation farmer and nurseryman and owner and president of Emory Knoll Farms, Inc., and Green Roof Plants, specializing in plants and horticultural consulting for green roofs.