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Sacred Geometry Workshop

sacred_geometry.jpgFor home builders, interior designers, artists, teachers, and everyone else

Friday 3 April | 7-9pm  & Saturday 4 April | 10am-2pm

€65 | 10% discount for Cultivate & ÉASCA Members | Cultivate Centre | Essex St West | Temple Bar | Bookings: 01 674 5773 

For centuries man has used the patterns and geometries of nature as the framework for art and architecture.  For many seekers these geometric forms offer a glimpse of a sacred purpose, a reflection of the ‘grand design’ of the universe.  

Paul Stang invites you to explore the circle, spiral, and number, to create and experience sacred form and space.  You will explore archetypal patterns buried in our psyche and how to incorporate them within the reality you are making for yourself.  Practice meditation to utilize the harmonics of key geometric shapes and appreciate why you would want to build, draw, and live with intent.

Our work together consists of an introduction on Friday night at 7pm.  For two hours we will begin to explore feminine and masculine geometric form and color, working a lot within and as a circle.  On Saturday morning we will spend approximately four hours going more in depth, allowing for each person to work with form as they choose; learning and meditating.

Participants should bring compass, ruler, colored pens, pencils, or paint; and plain white paper or artist’s block.

Paul Stang is a former engineer, student of art and culture, and now teacher-artist-author; making bridges between the two hemispheres, for himself and others, particularly in the beautiful “Science” of mathematics.

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