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Sanskrit Chanting with Richard Stone

Part of the 5th Health & Yoga Days

Sunday 13th June 2010 | 10:00 - 11:00 |  Area 1 - Fitzwilliam Square | €Included in ticket for 5th Health & Yoga Days | Buy online or ring 01 674 5773

Ease yourself gently into the day with a Sanskrit Chanting class, and set up your day of rest with positive vibrations! In this class, we will use sound as the medium to take us quickly and deeply into a meditative state. A variety of mantras will be used, and we will observe how they each affect us in the moment.

Suitable for anyone who wants to explore the effects of sound in the body. You don’t have to be a singer to enjoy chanting, and no prior experience of chanting is required!

The word "mantra" means "that which protects the mind". And what we are protecting the mind from are the habitual, distracting thoughts that, for most of us, make up the larger part of our day-to-day awareness.
Using mantras helps to calm and still the mind, opening us up to experiencing deeper states of awareness and a deeper connection with being, which nourishes us.

For this reason, sound is a particularly effective tool for those that have trouble quieting the mind, or are new to meditation. We sit in silence for only a brief period of about 2 minutes after each chant, to observe its effects.

The familiarity you develop with the different effects of the various mantras can guide you in their use, providing a simple and powerfully effective tool you can use to change how you feel in an instant: to become calm, or focused, or more in touch with your creative energy, or whatever you require, as appropriate to the situation. The changes in your daily life experience become much more profound if you practice the chants more regularly.

Sound also has an amazing quality of deeply connecting us with our bodies and keeping us grounded and present. When we chant together as a group, we create a harmonious space where we can really feel, hear and embody the sounds we make, even while we experience expanded states of being.

We start with simple toning to clear and energise the chakras, then move on to simple and beautiful melodic chants in Sanskrit.

Feedback from previous participants:
"It was so freeing and the space inside my head seemed to expand to the size of the room - just empty space without any thoughts! Wow I can imagine that it's addictive." - Jennifer.

"I really enjoyed the last group of classes - it felt like my consciousness was being fine tuned. The healing power of sound continues to be a source of amazement to me..." - Antoinette Hannon, artist and poet.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

“ The universe is made of joy. Relax, release, receive, breathe. ”

Call Richard on 086 365 7609 for more detail if required.

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