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Chakra Dance Active Meditation with Richard Stone

Part of the 5th Health & Yoga Days

Saturday 12th June 2010 | 13:15 - 14:15 |  Area 3 - Fitzwilliam Square | €Included in ticket for 5th Health & Yoga Days | Buy online or ring 01 674 5773

Feel alive in your body, expand your energy, feel joyful, be present!

This is a free expressive dance , guided by the energies of the chakras, and inspired by Osho exercises and tantra techniques.  We feel into the qualities of each chakra in turn, guided by the music, allowing the body to freely express these energies as they arise in the moment through spontaneous dancing. It is preferable to have your eyes closed, to allow yourself to enter more deeply into your body and the experience.  40 minutes of dancing leads into 20 minutes of stillness, where we lie down and simply witness the sensations and emotions arising in our body, staying present with them.

Osho recognised that it is difficult for us to still our minds and simply be , particularly with the effects of our current hectic pace of life, so he utilised active meditations, such as dance, to allow expression of our excess energy, so that we may then come into stillness and presence.

The seven chakras hold the secret of how to attain awakened consciousness or spiritual liberation. By clearing energy stagnation from the chakras through dance, we start to open each chakra to its refined potential. Once all the seven chakras have been cleared, the seven different frequencies from the chakras merge, in the same way that the seven colours of light from the spectrum merge to create white light. Then the human being no longer relates to the world through a fragmented energy system, but experiences the world through a sense of being one with all that is.

Tantra is a holistic approach to life , which offers methods of meditation for the awakening of refined consciousness. It supports the opening of the chakras into a flowing energy system, uniting heaven and earth inside your being. When you have awakened the dynamic energy of each chakra from sex centre to crown, a vertical channel is made available for universal life-force energy to flow through you, from crown to sex. This flow infuses life with sensuality, love and spiritual wisdom. The tantric mystical path consists of myriad ways to open up this channel.

If you are interested in further information or have any queries, please give me a call on 086 365 7609.

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