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Hatha Yoga Mondays


Mondays - Ongoing | 7.00 to 8.30 pm | €8 per session | Enquiries 086 168 4980 | Cultivate at The Greenhouse, St Andrew St, Dublin 2

Cultivate hosts drop-in Hatha Yoga classes for all levels - beginners welcome!

For further details, call Sam on 086 168 4980.   Sam is a qualified Hatha Yoga instructor.

Details of class:

1. The class follows a series of postures, warming up the body for deeper stretching.

2. We sit in each Asana (yoga pose) breathing deeply into the belly. By breathing in fresh new air and expelling old stale air we revive the body with new oxygenated blood.

3. The glands and organs are also given a deep passive massage as we breathe so that they work to their fullest extent.

4. By focusing on the deep breathe the mind is stilled, the body is refreshed, and your general outlook on life improved.


By practicing yoga regularly

1. the aging process is delayed
2. less sleep is needed
3. you have more awareness of diet - keeps you mindful of what you feed your body
4. your digestive system works more efficiently
5. your metabolism is rebalanced
6. your posture is re-aligned
7. you stay Young, Vibrant, and Energised!

Class Suitability:

1.  All those over 16 years can join the class.
2.  Beginners and advanced practitioners are welcome

Contact Sam Elliott 086 168 4980 for more information.