Connecting to the Universal Heart - Anusara Inspired Yoga with Frank Brooks

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frank and joss Part of the 4th Health & Yoga Day(s)

Saturday 9th January 2010 | 11:15am - 12:30pm | 1st Floor  | €Included in ticket for 4th Health & Yoga Day(s) | Cultivate | Tickets available from Cultivate and most participating organisations and teachers

 This method of yoga is often described as a "heart opening" or a "heart oriented" practice.  We begin the practice and each pose by remembering the universal energy that surrounds us and supports us.  We align our bodies in physical postures to open up the energy around our heart space and to release anything that no longer serves us.  We let go of anything that blocks us, anything that prevents us from being fully who we are.  When the energy around our heart opens up we start to live from a place of the heart: decisions that we make are made less from our head and more from our heart, more from a place of love.

In addition to opening up our own hearts, we can connect in to the energy of the universal heart.  Instead of seeing ourselves as isolated, as doing and achieving everything by ourselves, we experience ourselves as part of and integrated into a greater whole.  Just as we have a heartbeat that pulsates through our body, so too does this greater whole have a heartbeat.

Hridaya is a Sanskrit word meaning "heart" and shakti is a Sanskrit word meaning "energy".  We can think of the energy of the universal heart as hridaya shakti.  In this workshop we will plug in, connect to and experience the energy of the universal heart - hridaya shakti!