Summer in the City 2 - Basic Tango Course

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Tango Dancing for anyone!

Last day: Monday 20th July 2009 | Cultivate Centre | €20 | 7.30 - 8.45pm | Bookings 01 674 5773

Kristina Chaloir and Julian Brigatti of Tango Essence present this course in Tango dancing for beginners and those continuing on from the first course in May. 

Tango is an intense dance of feeling and passion. It is suited to everyone, no matter what the age or body
type. Tango Essence invites you to learn this beautiful dance.  Join our fun and exciting classes and experience the magic, the mystery and the romance of Argentine Tango for yourself.

The basis of Tango is in the “caminar ” or the walk. To put it simply - ‘If you can walk, then you can Tango.’
Tango expresses every colour and mood of the human spirit. The fire of passion demonstrated through the intensity of Tango, The beauty and refinement is presented by the elegance of the Tango waltz, and the joyful delight is released through the humour of the light and vibrant milonga.

There is a Milonga (or tango dance club) in almost every major city in the world where you can dance Tango . When you enter the world of Tango you begin to learn a new and enriching language of discovery and creation which you can communicate with new friends all over the planet. Tango brings people together transcending, language, creed, colour and beliefs. Above all, Tango is a true expression of the soul through movement. This expression is made all the more special and intimate because it reaches its fullest potential by merging in harmony with you partner and with the music. When rhythm and music collide, the essence of tango is born.