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Self Discovery Worshop with Catalina Mari Cardona, Spanish Shaman

A Two Day Worshop Exploring your Inner Self

Have you a reached a stage in your life where you are ready to move further? 

Do you feel something has to change but don't know how? 

We invite you to meet Caty. Her teachings are simple, clear and will focus on raising Self-Awareness, overcoming Pride and the Ego and reaching a balance in one’s life. Her tools include intuition, sensation and sensitivity to overcome the boundaries to our personal, emotional and spiritual growth. 

When/Where? 31st October & 1st November 2009 | 10.00-18.00 | Cultivate | Andrew St D2 |  €200 includes light lunch on both days & refreshments | 10% concessions for Cultivate members, students & unwaged | Book early to avoid disappointment | Bookings: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or  01 674 5773 | (for more info) 

This unique weekend seminar is being run for the first time in Ireland. The time will be shaped and conducted by Caty and the participants depending on each individual’s life experience, their own energy and the collective spirit emerging from the group. 

Caty is a wise and perceptive Spanish shaman who has organised workshops and retreats in Spain, Italy, France, Belgium and Switzerland over the last 10 years. Her teaching and her knowledge are based on the ancient shamanic tradition. She has gained her awareness and wisdom through years of traveling and living in ancient communities with spiritual leaders and shamans.  

For more information:

Individual Session with Caty

On Monday 2nd November, Caty Mari will receive anyone (participants and non-participants) who wishes to book an appointment for a private session. You can book for that individual session before or during the seminar, but be aware that there are a limited number of places. Cost: €60

Important: Caty Mari speaks Spanish, French and Italian but not English.  Therefore the workshop will be translated by Siobhan who speaks Spanish fluently. Having said that, Caty Mari is using very simple and clear expressions and terms to refer to feelings, experiences, and understandings rather than highly complex, spiritual or technical terms.

"For me a workshop with Caty is a special and unique chance to look within yourself and take some time to explore your deepest desires and aspirations. It is also a time to discard long held beliefs and patterns holding you back. After each seminar or workshop, I feel more balanced in myself, more deeply rooted, stronger and calmer. I have fewer doubts and more determination. I feel more driven and more confident. It's like getting back on the path I had wandered away from over time. It's surprising! Caty is an exceptional person, a woman of knowledge and humility. She is not trying to influence or convince people but is continuously expressing the core or essence of things."

- Cecile Seron, Psychologist

“After many years, I have finally found the teaching I had been looking for. So simple that it was hard to believe. The purpose of Caty’s work is to enable people to free themselves from all inner boundaries and self-created limits in order to be happy. She’ll push you to use your sensation and intuition as tools. She taught me how to stop using my head and my rational mind full of preconceived beliefs in order to start feeling things deeper inside and to become more aware of my sensations. It's only when I do this that I understand where my inner truth lies, what is good and what is not good for me, what my deeper aspirations are and how I can finally understand the roots of my problems.”

- Genevieve Mansion, Psychotherapist and Teacher

“I met Caty 6 months ago. I had reached a turning point in my life and needed more than a change of scene. My friend told me he was going on a shamanic retreat in Ibiza with a group of 9 other people. I had never taken part in this kind of holiday before and didn’t believe it would be for me. I decided to go. I just needed to get away and empty my head. So I went with an open mind and no expectations. I noticed straight away that Caty wasn’t an ordinary person. The energy I could feel when I was talking with her or standing next to her was very unusual, very powerful. Caty is an extremely generous, loving and very soft-spoken person but she can also be quite firm in conveying certain truths that you may not wish to hear. She doesn't tell you things you want to hear or try to make you see life through rose-tinted glasses… and that really struck me. Very quickly she made me confront certain decisions and thoughts I had been trying to avoid for a long time. First I found it quite destabilising but then I quickly realised what this could trigger inside of me. This experience opened up a completely new perspective, a faith in my future and in myself.”

- Clarence Nihon, Finance & Operations Coordinator -  Cultivate Centre

For more information and bookings, please contact Clarence on:
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 01 6745773

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