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Learn to Lucid Dream

Mindful Gossip presents an exploration of consciousness...


Saturday 30th May 2009 | 10am - 6pm | Cultivate Centre | Essex St West, Temple Bar, Dublin | €75 | Book online, ring 01 674 5773 or buy in the Cultivate shop | Ticket includes 'consciousness pack' (value: €150+ - see below).  

This day-long event includes:

  • Brainwave Entrainment Experiment – Experience the effect of driving your brainwaves and enjoy a non-ordinary state of mind harnessing the latest advances in psychoacoustic vibrational sound therapy.
  • Bija Mantra Chant – An alternative technique for driving brainwaves. Using the vibration of your voice to induce powerful meditation states has ancient roots and powerful effects.
  • Lucid Dreaming Tools – A cutting edge lecture on the fascinating technique of becoming conscious in your dreams. Leading teacher in the field, Marc Van de Keere, USA, is appearing in Europe for the first time to share the tools needed to experience this most exhilarating faculty of the mind.  Marc is a consciousness researcher,  leading expert on lucid dreaming and the author of The Ultimate Lucid Dreamers Manual - Basics and Beyond.

Consciousness pack (valued at over €150) includes:  A copy of The Ultimate Lucid Dreamers Manual - Basics and Beyond, Lucid Dream software - an advanced dream training programme, and a selection of state-of-the-art psychoacoustic products that you can use for all forms of inner work. 

What is Mindful Gossip?

The aim of mindful gossip events is to facilitate a fun loving exploration of consciousness. Whether you are interested in psychology or spirituality, angels or atheism your psyche is without doubt the most complex equipment you carry around. Leading international teachers and thinkers are invited to present techniques for navigating your neurons. An experiment is set up drawing on the very latest discoveries from modern consciousness research. You experience this as a member of a group and afterwards you get to share what happened (if you want to).....easy!

Running Order............... easy as a, b, c

10 am
A.    Arrive, relax, meet like minded psychonauts
B.    Brainwave experiment – This fun experiential session is facilitated by the creator of Brainwave mind voyages; Pioneers in the field of vibrational sound therapy
(1hr 10mins approx)
C.    Converse with others about what you experienced

2 pm
A.    After lunch acclimatisation
B.    Bija mantra chant – This is a powerful use of sound frequencies to shift brainwaves. This experiment will be facilitated by our very own Richard Stone. A very experienced chanting teacher  (1 hr 20mins approx)
C.    Converse with others about what you experienced

       Lucid Dream Lecture
The event will close with an inspiring lecture designed to give you the the tools needed to live out your wildest dreams....... literally every night simply by placing your head on your pillow.

The realm of lucid dreaming is a realm of nearly unlimited potential.  Here is a list of things you could experience in one of your lucid excursions:

  • practice flying
  • summon a friend, loved one or famous person
  • climb a mountain
  • go skydiving
  • explore the moon or Mars
  • go scuba diving
  • put your hand through material objects
  • walk on the ceiling
  • summon a dream guide or a dream teacher
  • visit the past or the future
  • write a poem, compose a song or create a painting
  • communicate directly with your subconscious

If you want to use lucid dreaming for spiritual development, for creative excursions, skeptical enquiry or purely for entertainment purposes that is entirely up to you. We will be focusing upon getting your wings and preparing you for flight. Whatever way you choose to soar on your path is your decision.