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Lecture & Workshop w/ Aba Aziz Makaja, KOMAJA

Part of the 3rd Health & Yoga Day

Saturday 6th June 2009 | Lecture from 12:45 - 2:00pm in Classroom 4/5 & Workshop from 3:30 - 4:45pm in Classroom 4/5 | €Included in ticket for 3rd Health & Yoga Day | Cultivate Centre | Book online or ring 01 674 5773

For the first time in Ireland, the world famous and acknowledged spiritual master Aba Aziz Makaja will present aspects of his teaching concerning the ennobling and spiritualisation of sexuality in his lecture "A Model of a Sexually Healthy Society” and in the workshop "Love Meditation"

About the lecture and the workshop:

Studying statistics of marriage and divorce as well as deceit in marriages/ cohabitations, it becomes obvious that “speaking one thing” and “living another” has become a feature of our Christian-civil culture concerning love and sexuality. People speak about monogamy and eternal fidelity “… till death do you part”, but live what their hearts and other organs desire. Where is the way out of this hypocrisy or religious and worldly blind alley concerning sexuality and partnership?

In his lecture “A Model of a Sexually Healthy Society” Makaja will show a way, which can be taken by all people – no matter of their sexual orientation, Weltanschauung or religion. This path is based upon the development of competences, above all love, falling in love and elation. In addition there are love-erotic and physical skills which enable the practitioner to intensify these competences and develop them further. For this purpose Makaja offers a great variety of original methods, as for example the Love Meditation, which he will demonstrate in his workshop, that are based upon his “Theology of Sexuality”. Makaja says: “Sexuality is something holy, given by God, something, with the help of which we can develop in the direction of an ever greater and livelier life – up to divine ecstasy and bliss!”


Komaja means "Radiant Love" and it describes a spiritual/philosophical system as well as an international community which has been founded by the world famous and acknowledged spiritual master Aba Aziz Makaja in 1978.  Knowledge is its connecting spiritual thread, radiant love its principal virtue.

Komaja offers a deep and non-dogmatic access to spirituality. Every area of human life and co-existence is rethought, new concepts are worked out, tested and, ultimately, lived. Whether you are interested in issues of health, partnership and the "art of love-eroticism", or long to develop love and consciousness, Komaja offers an extensive program of ongoing education – in other words, a profound spiritual schooling. You can come out of this schooling with a diploma and preferably, of course, with your own self-realization!

About Makaja:

Aba Aziz Makaja, born in 1953, studied law before he undertook an intensive (and also practical) study of far eastern spiritual traditions (Yoga, Tantra, Vedanta). The results were fundamental changes in consciousness. Makaja began to teach and people began to follow him. His teaching, which he developed from following Tantric Kundalini Yoga, the Christian spirit and his own spiritual experiences, became every more distinctly crystallized. He called it KOMAJA. At the core and center of it is the development of love: “Bringing about this devotion, this disintegration of the self through love is actually the greatest and only spiritual endeavour. There is no other.”
For over two decades Makaja has led tantric courses and groups. Along with the guidance in the art of erotic love, he teaches an involved system which uses sexual energy for spiritual development.

Many international organisations have been established in Makaja's name, both to expand his teaching and for the help and “caritas” for those in need. During the war in former-Yugoslavia, for example, Makaja founded two humanitarian organisations and accompanied deliveries of relief assistance into the war zones under grenade showers.

Makaja's teaching and methods are scientifically accredited: four of his international organisations are members of the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS), which cooperates with and is supported by the WHO. He won the renowned American Sexual Intelligence Award, his successful methods for overcoming drug addiction are privately and state financed.


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