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Biodanza with Gillian Gavin

Dance into the Heart of Life w/ Gillian Gavin and Eileen Flanagan

A part of Cultivate's Being Human - A Day of Dance

Saturday, 2nd May 2009 | 12:00 - 1:30pm  | Classroom 1/2 
€Price: included in Being Human - A Day of Dance

Practiced all over Europe and South America, Biodanza (Bio meaning life, and danza meaning dance) is an unforgettable experience In Biodanza the focus is on living in the body, the contact with others, the joy of dancing and the ecstasy of music. 

The technique has specific exercises and music aimed at key human experiences reawakening our Vitality: Our vital energy; our impulse to face the world. Sexuality: an appropriate sense of respect for the body and intimacy that is beyond biology; a recovery of pleasure and innocence. Creativity: The element of renovation that we must apply to our daily lives. Affectivity: Emphasis on feeling; solidarity love, tenderness and respect among human beings and Transcendence: Spirituality; Going beyond our own ego in order to reach higher levels of integration within humanity, nature and the universe.

Gillian Gavin has just completed her three year intensive training and is now a Biodanza facilitator, teaching under the supervision of Claire Lewis, director of The Rolando Toro School of Biodanza in Ireland.


Through Biodanza we experience fully our  I AM presence. If we live in our presence, in the here and now, life becomes wonderful and every moment will become a moment of true joy! 

Music connects us with our biological rhythm and the rhythm of life. Music can create a world of coming home to ourselves- to each other with Unity.

Biodanza helps us to rediscover Love, to access the love within us and the Love of humanity.

Please wear loose/comfortable clothing and bring some water to drink. No dance experience necessary. We normally dance in bare feet.

Also, Gillian has drop in classes each Wednesday 7.30pm-9.30pm Starting Wed 25th March 2009
Cost: €20 / €15 for unemployed. Venue: St Anthony’s Church, Clontarf  Road, Dublin 3. Just past Casa Pasta.

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