A Celebration of Water with Dolores Whelan and Friends

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Wednesday 25th July | 7.30 - 9.30 pm | A donation of €5-10 to cover costs would be appreciated | For further details be in touch with Dolores at 042 – 937 1901
or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Join us for a celebration of water to coincide with The World Day To Send Love and Thanks to Water (initiated by Dr. Masaru Emoto. See website ). Water will be gathered during the day from many holy wells and rivers in Ireland and used in a ceremony to celebrate water in song, dance and other ways.

“Hado creates words.  Words are the vibrations of nature.
Therefore beautiful words create beautiful nature.
Ugly words create ugly nature.  This is the root of the universe.”

                                            by Masaru Emoto

Water is a central component of all life on this planet accounting for at least 70% of all living matter. The health of the planet is significantly linked with the health of water. Dr Emoto, a Japanese scientist, has discovered through his research, that water responds to the different vibrations present in words, thoughts and music. Having photographed the water crystals from many sources, he discovered that the most beautiful water crystals are formed when water is exposed to the words Love and Gratitude.

Many concerns have been raised about the water quality in Ireland in recent times. So perhaps it is time for us to come together to celebrate the gift of water and to express our Love and Gratitude to the waters of this island.

Why not join us in Celebration and Gratitude for the gift of Water.

We will celebrate the gifts of Water, in song, movement and image. We will bless the water with our prayers  to raise its vibration.

Please bring:

  • A small amount of water from your favourite Holy Well, Lake, River or Stream to be included in the Water Blessing Ceremony

  • A Song or Poem celebrating water

  • Some photographs or images from a magazine  to create a Collage of water images

  • Yourself and all your wonderful water molecules