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Tantric Hatha Yoga with Marc Allen

A Talk & Demonstration 

A Part of Cultivate's Second Health & Yoga Day

Saturday November 22nd  | Workshop from 15:15 - 16:15 | €Price: included in Health & Yoga Day

Nowadays yoga is famous rather than known. Only few people genuinely understand yoga and even fewer practice it correctly obtaining benefits from it. We can say that the original secret and primary keys to this system have been lost.

For example, the physical postures (asanas) of the Hatha Yoga practice are often considered merely as bodily exercises but in Tantra it is known that the asanas are very accurate and complex procedures of accumulating certain types of energy at specific levels of our being (read more).

In this workshop we will briefly outline the fundamental principles upon which Hatha Yoga, as it was traditionally taught, is based upon allowing a deeper insight into how Yoga actually works. From this perspective we learn that it is the harmonious energising of all the chakras which is the fundamental key for having perfect physical and mental health, for awakening the latent powers of the mind and for accelerating the spiritual evolution. In this way, one realises a complete opening towards the Universe and total access to the energetic environment. And from then on, the human being participates in the Eternal Life of the Universe in the same way that a drop of water participates in the life of the ocean.

An ancient text of ageless wisdom says:

“Above those that are ignorant (about yoga) are those who read books and get some information.
Above these, are those who memorise.
Above those who memorise the information, are those that understand it.
Above those who understand the purpose of yoga are those who practice it.
Above those who practice yoga are those who get positive results.
Above those who get positive results are those who develop siddhis (paranormal powers).
Above those who develop siddhis are those extremely rare individuals who realise the permanent and beautific fusion with the Supreme Consciousness, the causal source of Wisdom.”

- Kaula Tantra

About Tara Yoga Centre

Our School initially began running classes in London,1999 though soon opened courses further afield. The course was opened in Dublin in 2004. Tara Centre is a co-founder of an international group of yoga schools known as ATMAN The World Federation for Yoga and Meditation, - comprising of more than 35,000 students world wide. Each member school is a non-profit organisation committed to the same goal - to promote classical Yoga and Tantra, and to unite and integrate the spiritual practice with the commitments of the modern social life.

The course offered by Tara Centre is a step by step approach to Yoga in the secret oral tradition of the Tantric schools of India and Tibet. It points out the coexistence and complementary nature of the apparently different yoga philosophies, which in fact are complementing rather than excluding each other.

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