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Mandala Painting Workshop

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Workshop 8th - 9th November | 10.30am – 5.00pm  | €180 (materials not included) MUST PRE BOOK

This two-days workshop will introduce you to the ancient art of Mandala, a painting technique that allows you to meditate and create colourful drawings representing ourselves.

Mandala is an ancient form of art that comes from Tibet. Mandala is a sanskrit word that means 'circle'. Mandala is a painting technique that uses forms and colours to represent our energy or the process we are going through in the moment when we paint. But Mandala is also a powerful instrument, a precious gift, a meditation that can be our friend for life.

For booking and more information, contact: Francesca | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | ph.01-6745773

benares.jpgEntering the space of mandala means getting in touch with the depth of our soul, of our Being, and letting all that's hidden or unconcious emerge. The Mandala creates itself through the symmetric repetition of its forms and colours. This allows the mind to rest, to be silent while painting. From that silence comes the Mandala, as from that very silence our hand is free to draw any shape that at the end mirrors our energy in a particular time, emotions, sensations and memories that permeate the moment we are living.

Every element in the Mandala reveals a particular emotional state, or a quality of its creator: the choice of the colours, their combination, their position and their relationships, everything becomes an expression of the inner self.

Mandala also allows to get in touch with our creativity, a particular quality everyone has, and that is not only connected to our ability to draw and paint, but also to our capacity to create our life moment after moment, in joy and freedom.

This workshop is an extraordinary journey in a unique circle of colours that through meditation, opens the door to a different perception of our creative abilities.

Through the two days you will have the opportunity to experience different meditation techniques, and a lot of painting!

To attend the workshop it's NOT necessary to have any painting skills.

Materials to bring:
 pencil HB and rubber
 compass and ruler
 watercolours or guash
 brushes n.1, 3, 5
 container for watercolours and one for water

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