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Wisdom Teachings for the Practically Orientated

Presented by Cultivate & Oscailt

Thursdays Oct 23rd to 13th November 2008 | 7.30 - 9.30pm | At Cultivate Centre | €20 per workshop | Bookings 01 674 5773 or Online

Details of the evenings and teacher bios follow (click on Read more ...)

'Wisdom teachings for the practically orientated'  is an experiment as part of Cultivate's strategy for emphasising sustaining the individual in a sustainable environment.  We have created a brief four week forum for kindred spirits to gather, commune, and share with four experienced local teachers in Mind-Body therapies: Dr. Anthony Sharkey, Mary O'Callaghan, Sheila De Butiler and Sarah Bird.  

So, how about injecting some Light into these early Autumn months?

Keep yourself inspired, healthy and on the path!


Oct 23rd | Dr. Anthony Sharkey | Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) | Why wait until the latest developments in Medicine trickle down to your GP's surgery? Did you know that you can learn some of the most potent self-help techniques known on the planet in just a few minutes? Read more about EFT in a recent Irish Times article: Free your mind of pain

Oct. 30th | Mary O'Callaghan | Mindfulness Meditation | Sustainable ecology emerges from a heart connection to myself and the world around me.  The practice of mindfulness and mindful meditation is a powerful pathway to a truly embodied ecology that enhances our felt awareness of the connection between our inner world and our environment.  Mindfulness is a simple practice that connects us to our natural sense of presence. Learning and practicing mindfulness helps us come to our senses in a very real way and live more fully in the present moment.  Mary's influences include Thich Nhat Hanh and Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Nov 6th | Sheila De Butiler | Transcending Ego and Fear Calibri (Body) |  Eckhart Tolle and Don Miguel Ruiz inform this workshop about connecting to our being, letting go of judgements and distorted perceptions and breaking free from the incessant babbling ego mind which is based on fear and separation.  Sheila suggests that awakening to the truth of who we are is the only chance we have for true happiness and freedom. This awakening can only happen in silence where love is born, where everything is born. 

Nov 13th | Sarah Bird | Nonviolent Communication | “The objective of Nonviolent Communication is not to change people and their behaviour in order to get your way: It is to establish relationships based on honesty and empathy which will eventually fulfil everyone’s need.” - Marshall Rosenberg - The Center for Nonviolent Communication


Workshop host Biographies

Dr. Anthony Sharkey

Dr. Anthony Sharkey (MB BCh BAO DCH) is Ireland's only medical doctor who specializes in the use of Energy Medicine to help people with serious illness whether this is on the psychological or physical level. He was the co-founder of the Dublin Meditation Centre and has introduced several thousand people to the practice of Meditation and Yoga. He has appeared on RTE and been featured in Ireland's national papers.  




Mary O'Callaghan

Mary O'Callaghan (MA) is a Mindfulness Trainer and Psychotherapist.  She spent 8 years (many of which were spent in India) undergoing training in Eastern philosophy and meditation practices.  She is Director of Oscailt Integrative Health Centre , dedicated to the promotion and practice of Mindfulness. 



Sheila De Butiler 

Sheila De Butiler inspires individuals in their quest for creating a life of true authenticity and emotional well-being by demonstrating how to create a supportive and life-affirming relationship between mind and body. Sheila has trained in the lineage of Don Miguel Ruiz (author of The Four Agreements).  She holds workshops, teacher trainings and sacred journeys to Peru, Mexico and Egypt.  She is the Life Coach for Dublin People Newspaper and is also the Life Coach for Pigs .





Sarah Bird

Sarah is a leading practitioner in the field of Energy Psychology. She is the regional co-ordinator for the world-wide Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP). Sarah works across a broad range of healing therapies, with both the private sector and the state sector, using the model of Nonviolent Communication in her work with individuals, groups and communities. She specialises in working with PTSD and trauma and has assisted with a broad range of humanitarian efforts throughout the world. Sarah works with individuals who want to change and live their lives to their full potential.

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