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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with Dr. Anthony Sharkey

‘Why wait until the latest advances in Medicine trickle down to your GP’s surgery?’

A Part of Cultivate's Second Health & Yoga Day

Saturday November 22nd | Workshop from 2.30 - 4.00 pm | €Price: included in Health & Yoga Day

"Just drop in to see people being healed...

It really goes right against the grain to say this as a Doctor, but that is what you are going to see on the day, it's as simple as that. My fellow Doctors are calling it miraculous. I call it Mindful EFT. This is a Combination Therapy and it would seem to have a higher success rate than just EFT on its own. We have always had success with everyone who comes forward on the day. That's what has happened on each occasion so far, Seminar after Seminar"

Dr. Anthony Sharkey (MB, Bch, BA0, DCH, Trinity 1982) is Ireland's only medically qualified doctor specialising in the use of EFT for serious illness, including chronic pain,  depression, anxiety disorders, addictions, relationship difficulties, panic attacks and phobias (especially fear of flying and public speaking).

 Since University, he has continued to train and has qualified in a number of  healing modalities. These include; Solution Orientated Brief Therapy,  Kinesiology and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).

Mindful EFT is a subtle combination of these modalities informed by an intensive twenty year study of Mindfulness Training at the level of an ordained Buddhist practitioner. His main modality is the application of Mindful EFT in the context of his medical practise as an orthodox Doctor.

EFT is a technique for facilitating freedom from troubling emotions. Emotional Freedom Technique evolved from new discoveries involving the body's subtle energies, pioneered by Dr. Roger Callaghan the founding father of this approach. It is painless and has no side effects.

EFT has been clinically effective in thousands of cases for trauma. abuse, stress, fear, Children's Issues and hundreds of physical symptoms including  headaches, body pains, asthma, and other breathing difficulties. When EFT is properly applied with Mindfulness, it results in either substantial and clinically measurable improvement, or a total cessation of the problem entirely.

In this workshop we will explore how to use EFT to deal with physical pain, emotional trauma, and cravings within minutes. You will learn, step by step, in this proven approach, how to create measurable and lasting change. This is a results orientated workshop in which you can expect to see results on the day:

 "Results should really be the ultimate standard by which we compare things, and EFT helps a lot of patients, long term...You don't hear the word 'cure' very often in Standard Medicine" - Dr. Eric Robins.

"EFT offers great healing benefits." - Dr. Deepak Chopra

Watch the 7 minute introductory video at

Read more about EFT in a recent Irish Times article:  Free your mind of pain

Dublin EFT Clinic Tel. 086 254 3762

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