The One-Moment Master: Stillness for People on the Go

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A Lecture/Demonstration with Author Martin Boroson

Thursday June 28th | 7 - 9pm | €15 | Bookings 01 674 5773

In busy, modern Ireland, how do we find time to re-source ourselves?

Surely you have a moment to spare …

No matter how busy you are, you have at least one moment. What if, in that  moment, you could reduce stress, make better decisions, prevent accidents, have a wonderful new idea, become more responsive to change, and live in a  more sustainable way?

In this lecture/demonstration, based on his new book, The One-Moment Master:  Stillness for People on the Go, Martin Boroson teaches a simple technique,  based on meditation, that enables you to notice the moment, be in the  moment, and harness the power of the moment.

Meditation is often considered esoteric and time-consuming. But this radical  and playful new approach takes almost no time at all: it only takes a  moment. With moments of meditation, peppered throughout your day, you can  find timelessness in time, and stillness even when you're on the go.

Martin Boroson studied philosophy at Yale and earned an MBA from the Yale  School of Management. He facilitated Holotropic Breathwork workshops in  Ireland with the Transpersonal Group for many years, and was founder of the  Temenos Project. He is the author of the interfaith creation story, Becoming  Me, now a short film on YouTube. He now works as an organizational  consultant. The One-Moment Master is published by Random House. Visit .