Energy Literacy Workshop

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Sunday 7 March | 10am - 5pm | €120 | 10% discount for Cultivate and EASCA members | To book call: 01  674 5773 | Cultivate at The Greenhouse, St Andrew St, D2

Plenty of people are computer literate these days but how many are energy literate? How many people have sufficient knowledge to make their own independent assessments of  renewable energy technologies or government energy policies, or have the ability to properly evaluate payback times, carbon footprints, food or biomass energy yields or domestic energy use?


This one day interactive workshop demystifies energy for the layperson, and helps debunks some of the big myths surrounding energy technologies. For example, crunching the numbers soon demonstrates, conclusively, that renewable energy will never, ever, replace fossil fuels at current levels of energy consumption.  Equally, life cycle analysis reveals that some renewable energy devices (cheap domestic wind turbines for example) take more energy to manufacture than could be delivered during their entire working life. In order for society to be able to make the best choices towards long term sustainability, it must become energy literate.

The workshop draws upon a wide range of practical examples and case studies in domestic, national, and international energy use, energy technologies, greenhouse gas emissions and food production.

Detailed workshop notes are provided in digital format (students should bring a memory stick)