Introduction to Wind Energy, Micro-Hydro & Solar PV

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wind_turbine.jpgDomestic Electricity Production with Quentin Gargin

Wednesday-Thursday 11 - 12 March | 7pm - 9pm | Cultivate Centre | Essex St West | Temple Bar | €60 | 10% discount for ÉASCA and Cultivate members | Bookings: 01 674 5773

This course (two evenings) explores the various options available for creating your own electricity. The primary fuel used to produce electricity at the power station can be as much as three times the power you get from your socket. That’s why Part L of the building regulations requires 10kw/m2 solar heating, or just 4kwhr/m2 for electricity production.

Producing clean electricity may be feasible in many one-off houses in Ireland, and this course will discuss how to unlock this untapped potential.



Factors dealt with in this course include:

·        How to assess a site for wind potential (it is be a big mistake to use them on inappropriate sites)

·        Different turbine systems – upwind, downwind, vertical axis and their pros & cons

·        Estimating the output and feasibility of domestic wind turbines for a particular site

·        Electrical Theory – D.C., A.C.. power, volts, ohms, amps etc.

·        Requirements for ground-work and foundations

·        Grid-tie –vs- battery systems

·        Turbine raising and lowering

·        Different PV systems and how to estimate their annual output

·        Micro-hydro systems – brief introduction, including site assessment

·        Demand side management to minimize grid usage