Ecological Renovations - Public Lecture

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moyer.jpgRenovating period houses for energy efficiency and a healthy environment

Thursday 19 March | 7pm | €25 |10% discount for Cultivate & ÉASCA Members | Cultivate Centre | Essex St West | Temple Bar | Bookings: 01 674 5773

Architect Frank Cooney speaks about his experience refurbishing an existing semi derelict 19th century house in Moyer, Co Cavan to achieve both A2 energy rating and International Passivhaus standard. 

Architect Joseph Little follows on with an exploration of the best practice for extending and renovating a house to improve its energy efficiency and to create a healthy environment in which to live.

The details specified for the Moyer renovation include: 

  • Highly insulated warm roof construction using recycled slate achieving a U-value of 0.1
  • 200mm of rendered external insulation applied to existing 600mm walls to achieve a U-value of 0.15
  • Triple glazed airtight windows with a U-value of 0.8 across both glazing and timber frame
  • Careful detailing at all junctions to minimise and avoid cold bridging
  • Air tightness membrane in roof and all junctions with openings
  • Breathable internal wall finish using traditional like plaster
  • Highly insulated floor slab with under floor heating partially provided from solar panels
  • Careful consideration of wall, floor and roof build up to ensure no penetration of air tightness membrane by service installation
  • Provision for small windows on east and west facing elevations, with optional future shading to large sough facing window to avoid over heating in summer
  • Blower door airtightness tests