DIY Solar Thermal Workshop

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Sunday 5th April 2009 | 10am - 5pm | €120 | Cultivate Centre | Essex St West | Temple Bar | This course is FULL 

How to make your own high performance solar panel with Andy Wilson

This workshop will look at how to make a high quality solar thermal panel out of recycled materials. Contrary to popular perception, solar panels are not hard to make and the basic materials may cost as little as €50.00. The type of panel featured in this workshop has the capability to heat water to 50 degrees Celsius as early in the year as February and to over 70 degrees on a regular basis during the summer.

By the end of the workshop, a fully operational (and very professional looking) solar panel will have been built, weather- proofed, mounted and plumbed in.  This workshop is aimed at people with little or no previous experience who want to learn how to make their own solar panel.

About the course provider

Andy Wilson is editor of Sustainability magazine and has written many articles on small scale renewable energy. He currently lives outside Westport on a site powered mainly by solar PV and micro wind. Andy works as a renewable energy and sustainable building consultant and has a particular interest in low cost DIY projects.