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Green Building Seminars


Tuesday Nights until 10th June | 7.00-9.00pm | Individual seminars are €30 with 20% discount for Cultivate & EASCA members | Book 5 online for €135

A 10 week series of Green Building Seminars.

Following on from the popular Green Building Forum, Cultivate in association with EASCA is pleased to announce this series of Green Building seminars.  Each week will explore a different topic from renovating period houses in an ecological way to building passive houses.  The lectures will be taken by a range of green building experts including Duncan Stewart, Lars Petterson, Jay Stuart and Patrick Waterfield.  

Passive Solar Design • Renovating Period Houses • Timber Frame Houses • Building for Community • Passive Houses • Renewable Energy Options for our Homes • Intelligent Green Buildings • Natural Building Materials • Airtightness and Insulation • Natural Ventilation

Renovating Period Houses – 1st April

Colm Murray (Heritage Council)

Look at ways of retrofitting a period building in an ecological manner without compromising its original features.

Timber Frame Houses – Thursday 10th April

Duncan Stewart - Architect

Explore the benefits of building with timber frame and the options available to people planning a new build.

Building for Community – 15th April

Brian O'Brien (Solearth Ecological Architecture)

Explore the ecological gains that can come from planning ecologically for an entire community including district heating systems, reed bed sewage systems and public transport.

Passive Houses – 29th April

Tomas O’Leary (Mosart) & Lars Petterson (Scandinavian Homes)

Learn about the elements needed in passive house construction, including insulation, ventilation, materials etc.

Renewable Energy Options for our Homes – 6th May

Quentin Gargin (Ecologics)

Investigate the range of renewable energy options available for homes including solar thermal systems, photovoltaics, wind turbines, micro-hydro and heat pumps.

Intelligent Green Buildings – 13th May

Richard Webb (IG Ireland)

Consider how intelligent systems can enhance the energy efficiency of green buildings.

Natural Building Materials – 20th May

Marcus McCabe (Hempire) & Henry Thompson (Old Builder's Company)

Explore the properties of a variety of natural materials available for building including straw bale, hemp, cob, and rammed earth.

Airtightness and Insulation – 27th May

Niall Crossan & Peter Smith (Ecological Building Systems)

Improve your building’s energy rating by exploring ways to achieve airtightness and learn about a range of natural insulation materials.

Natural Ventilation – 3rd June

Jay Stuart (Delap & Waller Ecoco)

Discover innovative designs to ventilate buildings passively.

Passive Solar Design – 10th June       

Patrick Waterfield - Chartered Engineer

Examine ways of both maximising and minimising heat gains from the sun through design and orientation of your building


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