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BER Building Energy Rating Assessment

altThursdays & Fridays, 22 March - 13 April 2012

This 6-day course is focused on the DEAP software and its practical application, using hands-on workshop-based instruction. This programme covers both new and existing dwellings.

| 22, 23, 29, 30 Mar, 12, 13 Apr | Express your interest | €550 including tuition, materials and assessment - Pay Online | Official Building Energy Rating Assessor course that leads to possibility to register with SEAI

Successful completion of the course with a 70% or higher qualifies the student to sit SEAI's National Examination. Following a 70% or higher pass of the National Exam, candidates can then register with SEAI as a BER assessor.

Why take this course? If you want to work as a BER Assessor or if you want to work in the construction industry generally this course will give you key skills for calculating the energy use of buildings.

Requirements (further detail at bottom):  Before booking, applicants should be certain that they are capable of successfully completing the course and that they meet the course entry requirements.  In addition to the application guidelines from SEAI, applicants are encouraged to review the BER Assessor Course pre-test.  See on SEAI website:  How do I become a BER Assessor for Dwellings

The BER module is designed to produce competent assessors capable of producing Building Energy Rating Assessments in accordance with the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).

Training is based on the current official version of the Building Energy Rating software (DEAP, supplied by SEAI).

The Preferred Entry Level as stated in the FETAC module is a Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Craft or Construction or other relevant discipline, or equivalent qualifications and relevant life and work experiences.  Additionally, learners must have adequate information technology skills before undertaking completing the BER training programme.

The entry as stated on the SEAI website is as follows:  As a pre-qualification for entry to all dedicated BER courses, successful applicants must have an appropriate construction related qualification, at least a Level 6 Award (Advanced Certificate/Higher Certificate) in construction studies or other cognate discipline or equivalent. Equivalence may be determined as a combination of an appropriate construction-related qualification and significant relevant experience. All candidates must have adequate Information Technology skills to at least European Computer Driver Licence START standard or equivalent.

If you don’t directly comply with these criteria, the follow may happen:

  • You may not be able to successfully complete the course
  • NICER Training may not be able to put you forward to SEAI as a BER Assessor
  • SEAI may not accept you as a BER Assessor, even if you are put forward by NICER Training

Laptop Requirements:  The course activities require that learners bring a laptop with them to class, with the current version of the DEAP software loaded (version 3.2.0 - Nov 2011).  The software is available at no cost on the SEAI website

DEAP is not supported and will not run on a system with Mac or Linux operating systems.  The recommended system requirements are as follows:

  • 256MB of RAM
  • 200MB of available hard disk space
  • Monitor that supports 800 x 600 resolution or higher
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or later
  • Windows XP SP2 or later or Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • 32 bit or 64 bit PC

Further requirements/timing:  To register with SEAI as a BER Assessor, candidates must successfully complete a recognised BER course from a listed BER Training Provider and obtain a minimum 70% pass mark.   Once you have completed the BER course and received your FETAC certificate (which can take up to three months based on the FETAC assessment periods), you will need to sit the SEAI Domestic BER Examination, which is booked through the SEAI website.

Registration (from the SEAI website):  SEAI will register any person who has the relevant pre-qualification of a Level 6 Award (Advanced Certificate/Higher Certificate) in construction studies or other cognate discipline or equivalent, subsequently been certified as having successfully completed a training course for BER Assessors, passed the SEAI Domestic BER Examination, has completed the application form, accepted the Code of Practice, submitted the required certified ID along with the application form and paid the registration fee by direct debit.

Assessor Statistics:  Total number of registered assessors for all dwellings: 2179 (Oct, 2010 from SEAI website);  Number of certified assessors (including registered assessors): 6,893 (Jan, 2010 from SEAI monthly status report); SEI estimates that the equivalent of 1,000 full-time active BER assessors would be required to meet the demands of the residential BER market.

Accreditation: FETAC component certificate, Building Energy Rating Assessment, D30189 | Level: 6 | Credit: 1 | Read more:  Download the FETAC module descriptor

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