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Welcome to Transition Town Tramore T3

It seems like it all happened long before it did. As it happens it began during the summer of 2008.  Some like minds came together inspired by the Transition Towns movement and the urgency to move on issues such as food and energy security and not least global warming.  We have approximately eighteen transition members with a central steering core. The group has had several successful events since we formed.  The following are what we have achieved to date.

Back to the Future | A heritage week 2008 event | 26-8-2008

This event was our visioning tour. We invited people to walk with us around Tramore with ‘Time Travel’ glasses to envision sustainable initiatives that had been set up in our Town in the year 2030.  These initiatives  included a 3 Megawatt wind turbine, an Eco Innovation Park, a community allotment/hydroponic growing area and a large indoor market to name a few. 


Skilling Up For Powerdown | Presented by Davie Phillips | 8-9-2008

This event was hosted by Davie from Cultivate.  Davie gave an excellent presentation which included the first showing of one of the episodes in the Power down show series. Following the show the audience was invited to take part in a Scenario Planning exercise. This involved the groups seated at various tables designing the front page of a local newspaper in the year 2018. This was very buzzy and some great ideas were born

The Power of Community: How Cuba Survive Peak Oil |16-10-2008

The group showed this excellent docufilm to allowed the audience to view the initiatives that the citizens of Cuba put in place to allow them to become resilient following the emergency.  The film was followed by a S.W.O.T (Strenghts, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Treats) analysis to ascertain if the Cuban model could be translated to Tramore.  This event was also attended by the local Scouts

Perennial Edible Food Forests With Graham Strouts | 21-11-2008

Graham gave an excellent presentation on how permaculture principles can be used to create a perennial food garden with trees, bushes, climbers and ground cover plants. We held this in our new community hall. 


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