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Dublin Culture Night

Friday 19th of Sept | Cultivate Open Until 10pm

Shop until 10pm; Tour Cultivate's Learning Garden at 6.00pm;  Watch the first two episodes (20 min. each) of The Powerdown Show, Cultivate's new TV show, in the spectacular main hall (Ss. Michael & Johns) repeating until 10pm.     

Cultivate’s Powerdown TV Show is a series of ten twenty minute programmes which includes interviews with Richard Douthwaite of Feasta, Rob Hopkins of Transition Towns, George Monbiot, author of 'Heat' and Guardian journalist and many other leading thinkers in the fields of Climate Change and Peak Oil. The shows also include other interesting segments such as animation which will both inform and entertain and comedy sketches which take a slightly different look at the issues and include such characters as the Oil Junky, the Eco-Preacher and the Peak Beer Party People.

Enjoy Episode 1 - 'The Challenge Ahead' and Episode 2 - 'The Power of Community.'

Enjoy cultural activities all over town until late!  See