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Integrated Area Planning

tipperaryinstitute.jpgTipperary Institute will host a day-long conference and book launch on Integrated Area Planning (IAP) on Monday 26th May 2008. The IAP Conference, which will be free of charge, will take place in the TI Conference Centre in Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

This conference will explore the idea that planning for rural areas is a multi-faceted process that ideally should address all aspects of rural community life; that should seek to have regard to the needs of all sectors of society including the marginalised; and that should make more use of participatory processes.

As you know, planning within a Local Government context has traditionally focused on the spatial aspects of development as reflected in the planning legislation. Increasingly however it is being recognised that a successful plan for an area’s development cannot deal with spatial aspects in isolation from the social, environmental and economic issues that are crucial elements of community life.

Over the past number of years Tipperary Institute has worked with many local authorities, communities and state organisations on the issue of planning and on ways of fostering collaboration and methods for addressing a broader range of focuses within that process.

We believe that we have learned a variety of lessons from that experience and we would love to have the opportunity to share and discuss these with you and your colleagues on the day. As another means of disseminating our experiences, the Institute is publishing a book on the topic of Integrated Area Planning, which will be launched at the conference.

While one purpose of the day is to provide an opportunity to disseminate the TI experience of IAP, we also wish to explore the idea of creating a network of those with an interest in exploring this approach to decision-making within a community planning context. It is hoped that such a network would promote the adoption of a more collaborative approach to planning in local authorities, other public sector organisations, and within the voluntary, political and other relevant environments.

We would very much appreciate your presence on the day in order to explore these issues. The event will also offer the opportunity for you to meet colleagues from the local authorities, those engaged in partnership processes and a number of experts in the field of collaborative policy making in different parts of the country and abroad.

For further information contact Una Johnston, IAP Conference Organiser on

T: 0504-26488, E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.